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A famous American drug dealer convicted and spending his life in prison, Demetrius Edward Flenory is famously known as Big Meech. 

He is the co-founder of the Black Mafia Family (BMF), one of the largest drug trafficking and money trafficking businesses predominantly dealing with cocaine in the US. Big Meech founded BMF around 2000, along with his brother Terry P.O. Lee “Southwest T” Flenory, who was born two years after him.

BMF distributed cocaine on a large scale across the US in states like Alabama, Florida, California, Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina, Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio. 

How much is the net worth of Big Meech?

Big Meech’s net worth is estimated to be $100 million. He is a famous American drug dealer and is also the co-founder of the Black Mafia Family (BMF). 

An investigation lasting for two years by the federal government revealed that the national membership of this organization could have been more than 500. A schism between the brothers in 2003 resulted in Terry moving to Los Angeles to found his own organization, while Big Meech remained in Atlanta’s main center.

During the early 2000s, Big Meech created BMF Entertainment, an agency to promote his business as well as a record label for hip-hop music. The brothers were already familiar with some big hip-hop musicians like Shawty Lo, Trina, Fabolous, and T.I., Jay-Z, who were all ready to contribute to their album. 

Demetrius wanted BMF Entertainment to serve as the legitimate way of earning a second income as well as to launder the cash generated through their illicit businesses.

 Net Worth of Big Meech : Quick Summary

NameDemetrius Edward Flenory
Popular NameBig Meech
Birth DateJune 21, 1968
Birth PlaceDetroit, Michigan
Sources of EarningDrug Trafficking, Money Laundering, Hip-Hop Music Album, and others
OrganizationBMF ( Black Mafia Family), founded during late 1985 and the name given around the year 2000
Place of FoundingDetroit, Michigan State, US
ActivitiesDrug Trafficking, Money laundering
Number of persons in the networkOver 500
Years active in the industry1989 to present
Net Worth$100 million

Net Worth of Big Meech 

Big Meech net worth in 2022 is estimated at $100 million. The convicted drug dealer’s main source of income is their illicit business Black Mafia Family, the American drug trafficking and money laundering business. 

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It is said this business alone brought him around $270 million in profits and had given employment to more than 500 persons. This business is said to have distributed several thousands of kilograms of cocaine with a huge network across several US cities. BMF operated from two hubs in the US; one in Los Angeles and the other in Atlanta.

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Big Meech also earned a considerable income through his album producing and selling hip hop music. This album promoted many renowned artists, helped legitimate the money earned through their illicit business and also gave him a second source of income.        

When he was arrested for drug trafficking, Big Meech had earned a huge wealth through drug trafficking and money laundering. He had in his possession a Ford F150 truck, a 2004 Bentley Continental GT, a 2005 Dodge Magnum, and jewelry worth more than $700 thousand. He owns a huge mansion in the US and also has a fleet of high-end cars. 

Career Highlights of Big Meech

The Flenory brothers, Demetrius Edward “Big Meech” Flenory and Terry P.O. Lee “Southwest T” Flenory started their drug trafficking careers during the 1980s when they were in high school. 

By 2000, they had established a huge organization and a huge network of people known as the Black Mafia Family and were coordinating with multi-kilograms of cocaine distribution in the many US States. A federal investigation that lasted for two years estimated that BMF could have had more than 500 members across the nation.

A schism between the members resulted in a feud and Terry Flenory moved to Los Angeles to run the drug trafficking organization he had newly founded. Big Meech continued to remain as the main distributor from Atlanta. 

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Terry’s recorded conversation with his brothers that DEA caught on wiretap later revealed that Terry was worried that his brother Big Meech was inviting the wrong kind of attention to their business due to his elaborate partying.

In November 2007, the Flenory brothers pleaded guilty to operating a criminal enterprise that was still running. In 2008, the Flenory brothers were given 30 years of imprisonment for running a countrywide cocaine distribution ring between 2000 and 2005.

Demetrius Flenory is presently serving the sentence at Federal Correctional Institution, Sheridan, who is expecting his release on May 5, 2032, when he would be turning 64 years old.

On May 5, 2020, Terry Flenory got his compassionate release on health grounds and was confined to home as part of the measures by the Federal Bureau of Prisons to release some inmates for the sake of limiting the COVID-19 pandemic spread within the portals of prisons.

Big Meech also applied for his release under the same kind of guidelines. Nevertheless, a federal judge overruled the move under the claim that it was premature to authorize his release as he was seen continuing the drug operations besides violating a number of prison disciplinary rules by possessing weapons and cell phones and using drugs.  

Big Meech established BMF Entertainment during the 2000s for the sake of promoting his business and also providing a record label for hip-hop music. He too used this album to legalize the money he earned through his illicit businesses. 

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Big Meech had a big network of hip-hop artists who willingly came forward to contribute to his label. In turn, the label started promoting several artists. Around this time, his drug business which was not named till then came to be known as Black Mafia Family (BMF).

In 2005, BMF released Bleu Da Vinci’s album titled World Is BMF’s, which got its nomination for a Source Award. BMF also figured on a lot of hip-hop DVD magazines, most importantly in several issues of The Coming Up and S.M.A.C.K. The most conspicuous appearance BMF could bag was known as The Raw Report, which provided a detailed insider look at their organization. 

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The May 2006 issue of BMF featured the DVD on its cover article. It also got wide praise from DJs for the song “Streets on Lock”, produced by SoundSmith Productions and headed by Bleu Davinci, a BMF affiliate and featuring Young Jeezy and Fabolous. For this single, a music video was also produced, but not released to networks.   

Investigations, Raids and Arrests Related to Big Meech

During the 1990s, police investigations into the BMF started even before the organization created by the Flenory brothers reached its peak distribution or got its name. October 2005 indictment was preceded by several seizures of large quantities of drugs and the testimonials given by BMF members. 

On October 28, 2003, an investigation known as ‘Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force’ started and was codenamed as “Operations Motor City Mafia”.

On April 11, 2004, BFM’s 40-foot motor home was searched for revealing around 95 kilograms of cocaine and 572 grams of marijuana. In 2004, a wiretap on a crack dealer Rafael “Smurf” Allison revealed that his brothers were members of BMF and distributed several kilograms of cocaine on a regular basis.

Independent testimonials gathered during different trials revealed to investigators that BMA had five stash houses in Atlanta. Once every 10 days, vehicles delivered between 100 and 150 kilograms of cocaine secretly packed in compartments. 

They were selling cocaine at the price of $20,000 per kilogram. There was a well-organized process for the distribution of cocaine and collection of money from the buyers.

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In October 2005, over 30 members of BMF were arrested in a DEA organized drug raid, when $3 million in cash, a lot of weapons and around 2.5 kilograms of cocaine were seized. The investigations found out that BMF was moving around 2,500 kilograms of cocaine in a month all around the US.

The Flenory brothers were charged under the Continuing Criminal Enterprise Statute for possession and distribution of cocaine and possession of weapons. In 2006, 16 more BMF members were charged with conspiracy pertaining to cocaine distribution. 

In 2007, 16 more members of the network were indicted and were charged for participating in the nationwide cocaine distribution conspiracy. The indictment awarded 10 years of imprisonment and $4,000,000 as a fine.

The last suspect remaining of the network was arrested on July 17, 2009, in Atlanta. By 2015, all the indicted members of BMF numbering around 150 were arrested including key figures of the organization, distributors, transporters, and stash house operators. 

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