The Net Worth Of Erin Napier 2023?

Erin Napier net worth

Wondering what is the net worth of Erin Napier? Check out here, her net worth, career, and more. 

Erin Napier is an entrepreneur and TV show host. Along with her husband Ben Napier, Erin is now hosting the HGTV series titled “Home Town”.

The show has contributed to the couple’s fame besides building the brand image of their home renovation firm.

Erin is the co-founder of Laurel Mercantile Co., which she manages along with Ben.

Erin was born on August 30, 1985 in Mississippi. She grew up in the small town of Laurel and at present she films the HGTV’s shows in this place. Her father was a physical therapist and her mother worked as a real estate agent.

Erin completed her graduation in graphics designing from the University of Mississippi. She met her husband Ben at college and married him in 2008.

How much is the net worth of Erin Napier?

Erin Napier’s current net worth is estimated at $5 million. She is an entrepreneur and TV show host. She is also the co-founder of Laurel Mercantile Co.

HGTV aired the first episode of Home Town on January 24, 2016. Hosted by the couple Ben Napier and Erin Napier, the show brought the duo instant fame overnight.

This reality show showcases the most wonderful home renovations the duo has together accomplished.

The show has helped highlight the multi-talents of the couple and showed the audience how the inimitable skills of Ben in woodworks and furniture making and Erin’s talents in graphic and interior designing have helped the couple convert old and outdated properties into homes that ravish.

In their journey together as home renovators and TV show hosts, Erin and Ben have accumulated an enviable amount of wealth.

The road to their success and how their firm has become a household name in the home renovation industry is a marvelous story to share here. 

Erin Napier Net Worth Quick Summary

NameErin Napier
Birth DateAugust 30, 1985
Birth PlaceLaurel, Mississippi
Husband’s NameBen Napier
Career RolesGraphics Designer, Entrepreneur, TV show host, Author, Businesswoman, Interior Designer
Net Worth in 2022 (combined with her husband)$5 million
Facebook Account 231,640 followers
Twitter Account 62.1 K followers
Instagram Account  1.3 million followers
Official website

Erin Napier Net Worth

Erin Napier’s net worth in 2022 is valued at $5 million. Her fortune lies shared with her spouse Ben Napier. Erin’s participation in the HGTV show “Home Town” has significantly contributed to her wealth. Erin has also authored a book “Make Something Good Today”.

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Industry views say Erin Napier could be making roughly about $30,000 per episode of “Home Town”, which has become highly popular among the viewers over its five seasons.

Erin Napier Net Worth

Along with Ben, Erin Napier has earned a huge wealth due to the couple’s success in the home designing, redesigning and renovation industry and their combined net worth is valued at $5 million. When the pair met in their college, Erin was design editing the yearbook. 

In an interview on the podcast “Biscuits and Jam”, the host and co-host of the show “Home Town”, Ben and Erin stated that Ben is not a contractor. As seen in every episode of “Home Town”, he is a talented woodworker and spends much of his time developing furniture.

Erin is an expert interior designer who has made an immense contribution in transforming homes in all the contracts the couple landed. In the process, they ended up earning a huge amount of money.

The different sources of Erin Napier’s earning include television shows, home renovation projects, designing and other avenues. Erin and ben have not disclosed any details of their assets.

Taking into account the huge number of their home renovation projects, it is quite easy to postulate that the duo has earned a huge amount of money from their careers.

The show “Home Town” is in its fifth season and Erin and Ben are also running a number of stores in the city of Laurel, Mississippi. [2]

Erin and Ben are multi-talented personalities. The couple not only works on renovating homes, they too are bent upon transforming everything in their town and around like shops, restaurants, public spaces and historic homes.

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They never turn down the chance to work on any kind of challenging project. Surprisingly, they too love restoring old cars to their initial glory. In this way, the couple has been able to earn a phenomenal amount of wealth.

Career Highlights Of Erin Napier

Erin got her bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Mississippi in 2007. Later she got a job at the local church as a youth minister. For some time, she was working at the Laurel First United Methodist Church.

Leaving Ole Miss in the same year as Ben, Erin pursued a fine arts degree course in graphics designing, according to the information gathered from an alumni profile.    

Erin met Ben for the first time in her college during a college year book event. They both fell in love and got engaged in 2007, eventually sharing their wedding vows on November 22, 2008. In January 2018, the couple welcomed their daughter.

After her college days, Erin started a blog to showcase her skills in graphics designing. She posted an easy graphics design that could be used on wedding invitations and birthday party cards.

Career Highlights Of Erin Napier

One of her wedding announcement cards designed for her friend went viral and commanded a mass attention, soon popularizing her design works. Encouraged by its success, Erin started her own stationery firm under the banner, Lucky Luxe.

Erin designed custom-made wedding invitations and other cards using screen printed handkerchiefs and posted them on her blog. When orders started rolling, Erin quit her day job and started focusing fulltime on her freelance designing project.

Erin became very popular after she became the co-host of the TV show titled “Home Town” along with her husband Ben.

Around that time, Sarah and Ben were remodeling several properties in their hometown and around. Erin started sharing the mesmerizing pictures of the remodeling projects on the Instagram hashtag #ILiveInLaurel.

In 2014, Erin and Ben were featured on a blog called “Southern Weddings”, which pushed them to the limelight. Their creative works on their blogs and their appearance on Southern Weddings together aroused the interest of Lindsey Weidhorn, who contacted the couple regarding the hosting of a show called Home Town.

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HGTV premiered the show on January 24, 2016 and Erin and Ben hosted the show for the first time. While Erin took care of designing the show, Ben took charge of the renovations.

An announcement followed on November 13, 2019 that the show’s spin-off will premiere soon and the new season started premiering from January 2021.  

Erin Napier runs a number of stores along with Ben in Laurel, Mississippi. In December 2016, Erin and Ben opened their first store, Laurel Mercantile Co. In the same year, HGTV premiered the series Home Town.

When the couple purchased their first home, Ben took a keen interest in woodworks. Named Scotsman General Store &Woodshop, the couple run a store selling workwear and a curated range of gifts, sodas and snacks, which was started in 2018.

The woodshop serves as the location where the couple build their pieces of furniture and many of which are also featured on the show Home Town. Besides their work as show hosts, media personalities, store owners and creators, Erin and Ben also work on miscellaneous jobs.

In 2018, their book Make Something Good Today: A Memoir, was released. The couple also designed a line of exquisite furniture for Vaughan-Bassett. In partnership with Varsity Tours, the couple also offer online classes on woodworking.

Erin Napier Health Issues

Erin suffered a mysterious ailment for about a decade in her life. When she was 19 years old, she found out the cause of her discomfort.

Erin reported nausea and mild fevers for quite some time and several tests by medical professionals went in vain without surfacing the cause of the discomforts she was facing.

Erin Napier Health Issues

For further diagnosis, she was sent to a hospital in New York. The exploratory surgery she was subjected to revealed that many of her internal organs were bound together.

She too had several spinal cord injuries in addition to her appendix being ruptured and healed itself over several times. As a result, the scar tissues had grown covering her other organs.

The appendix and scar tissues were removed and since then, Erin had never had any more discomforts.

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