The Net Worth Of Supa Cent (2023 Edition)

Supa Cent Net Worth

Wondering about the net worth of Supa Cent? Well, check out here to find out her net worth and more below.

Supa Cent named at birth as Raynell Steward is an American social media entertainer and entrepreneur. She founded the cosmetics brand ‘The Crayon case’ which bagged some sales records of huge volumes.

After her brand went viral, cent became a household name in 2018 in the cosmetics domain.

Supa Cent was born on February 2, 1988 in Louisiana, U. S. and grew up in the 17th uptown of New Orleans in Louisiana, enjoying a close bond with her sister.

Her middle school life was a highly troubled one as she had to stand up to bullying. Nevertheless, she invented ways to create jokes out of her harassing experiences. She became adept in roasting style comedy which made her very popular among her peers.  

How much is the net worth of Supa Cent?

Supa Cent’s net worth is estimated at $5 million. She is an American social media entertainer and entrepreneur.

 Supa could make a huge difference from the other stars of Instagram in being a social media comedian than just a vlogger.

She posts engaging stories from her personal life and daily happenings in a humorous way and this has made her a favorite internet personality and a startling character in the vine community.

Supa is one of the most inspiring examples for empowered women as her success is the result of sheer hard work and persistent efforts. Here is an account of Supa cent’s net worth, road to career success, how she makes a huge money, and how she spends it.   

Supa Cent Net Worth Quick Summary

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NameRaynell Steward
Popular NameWuzzam Supa Cent
Birth DateFebruary 2, 1988
Birth PlaceLouisiana, U. S.
Career RolesEntrepreneur, Social media entertainer
Net Worth in 2022$5 million
Facebook Account
Instagram Account
Twitter Account

Supa Cent Net Worth

Supa’s net worth in 2022 is estimated at $5 million. The primary source of Supa’s earnings is her cosmetic brand, The Crayon Case Cosmetics, which is very popular among the leading makeup artists.

In addition, she too makes a decent amount of money from her social media creations. Supa is an inspired entrepreneur and social media personality and she never seems to stop anywhere. So, we can see her wealth growing in the future too.

Supa Cent Net Worth

Supa’s rise to financial success was not a straightforward path. She had to put in a lot of struggles during the early years of her career. Supa initially did a few jobs like waitress and housekeeper.

Eventually she landed on some interesting entrepreneurial ideas which led to the founding of some lucrative startups.

Cent served Bayou Scooter Rentals, the Nola-based firm as its CEO. Later she too acted the same role with the famous entertainment firm “Watch My Smoke Ent”. However, she got her dreams fulfilled through her cosmetic brand “The Crayon case”.

In 2018, Cent rose to the heights of her popularity with her cosmetic brand generating over $1 million in revenue alone in just two hours of online sale on a Cyber Monday. In 2019, she broke her own record by making a revenue of $1.37 million within an hour in 2019.

Supa Cent is very active on social media, especially Instagram, with 2.6 million followers. Her YouTube channel is also quite popular with a huge following known as “Wuzzam Supa”.

Supa is not seen making a lot of videos on YouTube. The last video she posted is dated May 19, 2020 and is titled as Lea and Supa #FruitSnackChallenge.

Early Life and Career Highlights of Supa Cent

Named at birth as Raynell Steward, Supa is also known as Wuzzam. Supa grew up with her sister, ably raised by her mother and their father was never seen with the family.

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Becoming an object of bullying at her middle school, Supa had a troubled childhood. Cent learnt to stand up to the harassment, learning to turn it into humor.

She tweaked her personal life experiences into jokes and posted them on Vine and her funny videos soon became very popular among her fans on this platform. 

After passing out from school, Supa pursued her bachelor’s program in the Public US State University. Eventually, she took up a line of jobs like a waitress or housekeeper.

Her hardships continued with her life as an adult, but she never gave up hopes to land on success. Supa continued to produce engaging videos on Vine gradually expanding her fandom.

When Vine was shut down, Supa followed many of her fellow creators on Vine and landed on YouTube. The main topics of her YouTube videos were Q&As, recipes, make-up tutorials, story time videos, and videos of her personal life and those of her family and friends.

Early Life and Career Highlights of Supa Cent

Her YouTube channel has a massive following of more than 190 thousand subscribers, while her Instagram account has attracted over 1.8 million followers. 

Supa has always been a make-up freak and her passion turned into a business venture when she founded ‘The Crayon Case’ cosmetics. During those days, she was an amateur herself in cosmetics.

Therefore she innovated never before ideas in cosmetics supplies manufacturing in a way her products could be used by amateurs. Not many entrepreneurs had tried this way before she did it.

The huge following she had on social media channels helped her market her products so easily. She too offered some video tutorials on make-up tips further adding to the sales in a phenomenal way.

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Her cosmetics brand invited a lot of positive criticism from users and several leading make-up artists started using her products besides recommending them to others too.

In 2018, her brand offered a Cyber Monday sale when she could earn more than $1 million within 90 minutes of opening the sale.

This was a shocking surprise to the media which published several news articles on this single sale. Many beauty Gurus wondered who this Supa was, with a massive capacity to take the cosmetics supplies industry to storm.

Once Supa hosted a podcast titled “Da Supa Kitchen”, which discussed the current events and interesting situations from the lives of Supa and her friends.

As it became evident on her social media works, Supa is also admired for her parenting skills. Supa is said to have taught her son Tre on dealing effectively with bullying at school. She introduced him to techniques like ‘roasting’ and ‘ribbing’, which she could successfully employ during her school days.

Supa Cent’s Social Media Presence

Supa is not only an entrepreneur, she is a highly active social media personality. As a social media influencer, she has a verified Instagram account and publishes a lot of content on it on a regular basis.

The most popular topics of her social media channels include her business and children. She has a massive number of 2.7 million followers on Instagram. She has been active on twitter since 2011 and her tweets are followed by over 88.7 K users.

Houses and cars of Supa Cent

In 2021, Supa bought a huge mansion in Florida paying $2.6 million. In one of the episodes of IGTV Cribs, she gave a tour of her property. This tour premiered on January 19, 2020 on the YouTube channel “9MagTV”.

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