How Much Is The Net Worth Of NELK Boys 2022?

nelk boys net worth

Wondering what is the net worth of Nelk Boys? Check out here, his net worth, career and more.

NELK, also known as NELK Boys is a Canada-based YouTube channel. The entertainment company has a huge viewer and subscriber base that is highly attracted to its vlogs, prank videos and its very popular brand known as Full Send Entertainment.

In referring to the founders of the NELK group, Kyle Forgeard and Jesse Sebastiani, The Toronto Star wrote, they are “two of the most recognizable personalities for young people in North America”.

NELK’s vlogs and prank videos are centred on the North American college culture. NELK’s videos fuse the region’s partying lifestyle with footage of pranks. 

The slang term “Full Send” (used as FULL SEND) coined by NELK became one of its popular brand names. Forgeard explains this term by defining it as “any activity you do, give it your absolute best”.

NELK group has also popularized several such terms like “Rona Season,” referring to the group’s indulgence in consuming Corona beer. Sebastiani refers to the trademark words used by NELK as “Canadian-influenced slang.”

How much is the net worth of NELK Boys?

NELK Boy’s, the combined net worth of the group is an estimated $4 million. NELK is a Canadian-American YouTube channel and entertainment company.

NELK has its own clothing line under the brand name Full Send, which is put to one-time sales, the selling strategy described as Supreme-style “drops”.

The clothing styles sold in this method have limited availability and will not be available more than once. Customers cannot purchase Full Send clothing once a given “drop” is fully sold out. With every “drop,” newer styles are made available. Happy Dad is the hard seltzer brand that NELK owns.

NELK also has a podcast called Full Send Podcast. In each of its episodes, there is a guest, usually a very renowned personality. Some of the notable celebrities who made their appearance as guests in these episodes were Donald Trump and Mike Tyson.

The net worth of Nelk Boys: Quick Summary

Company NameNELK
State of OriginMissisauga, Ontario, Canada
Main BusinessOnline Entertainment
Official Website
Channel Link
Company LocationNewport Beach, California
Years active in the industry2010 to present
GenresLifestyle, Pranks
Network NameFull Send Entertainment
Associated ActsKyle Forgeard, SteveWillDoIt, Jesse Sebastiani, Lucas Gasparini, Salim The Dream
NELK 7.3 million subscribers
Full Send 800 K subscribers
Full Send Golf 201 K subscribers
Full Send Podcast 1.32 million subscribers
Full Send Podcast clips 115 K subscribers
SteveWillDoIt 4.43 million subscribers
Creator Awards received2019: 100,000 subscribers
2020: 1,000,000 subscribers

Net Worth Of NELK Boys 

NELK boys are seen making a decent living these days thanks to their stunning income from their different ventures. The combined net worth of the group is an estimated $4 million in 2022.

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The notable figures pertaining to the individual net worth of the group members include $1.5 million ascribed to Kyle Forgeard, around $2.55 million owned by Jesse Sebastiani, around $2.55 million owned by SteveWillDoIt and around $800 thousand ascribed to SalimTheDream.

NELK Boys has become a very big name on YouTube today. They have been able to achieve this status through their crazy lifestyle videos, hilarious pranks, and connections with some celebrities.

Net Worth Of NELK Boys

The group has a full-blown empire in the media. They are making a huge amount of money through their YouTube channel, sponsorships, merchandise sales and Happy Dad Seltzer.

NELK is on the upward curve of the group’s exponential growth. The group consists of some extraordinary talents including those that are facing the camera directly and those that are working in the background.

Timeline of Important Milestones

2010: Along with Niko, Marko Martinovic, and Lucas Gasparini, Forgeard launches the YouTube channel first known as NelkFilmz.

2014: Jesse Sebastiani joins the group

2015: NELK posts a controversial prank video that remarks that the police officers in Los Angeles have coke in their car, which is misunderstood as cocaine and police brand the prank as illegal. 

2017: Gasparini leaves NELK and joins it once again in 2021.

2019: In January Sebastiani is arrested for disorderly conduct.

2019: In May, Forgeard recognizes Stephen Deleonardis and inducts him into the group.

kyle nelk net worth

2019: NELK’s “spin the globe challenge”, in Ireland staged in August goes out of control and the meeting is cut short. NELK moves to a residence in Los Angeles known as “Full Send House.” Salim Sirur and Cousin Jay join the group around this time.

2020: In May, Forgeard, Deleonardis, and Sirur record a prank at a Target store in Mississippi and get arrested for disturbing the peace and released later on bond.

2020: In September, the police department in Normal, Illinois conducts an investigation into NELK for violating Covid-19 regulations. YouTube demonetizes its channel meaning that they could no more earn from its videos.

2020: In October, the group members meet Donald Trump during his presidential election campaign.

2021: NELK’s attorney advises against uploading one of their videos on grounds of an arrest warrant filed against Forgeard in Texas. CBS says NELK was responsible for a line of physical assaults during a group meeting on March 15 in Fort Worth, Texas.

2022: On March 9, NELK broadcasts an interview with Donald Trump, which garners over 5 million views in less than 24 hours. YouTube deletes this video.

How The NELK Group Makes Money?

The NELK Boys are among the most popularly viewed channels on YouTube. According to the reports published in New York Times, the group is earning over $70 million per year from their YouTube channels. However, strangely speaking, they do not receive any direct revenue from their site.

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Though the prank videos they post on their channel accumulates several millions of views, the YouTube authorities do not like the kind of pranks and parties their channel sports.

Therefore, they demonetized their channel in 2020. However, the biggest part of their income comes from subscriptions, merchandise sales and donations. 

NELK does not make a big money from YouTube. However, the group earns a lot through their long list of sponsored videos like the ones of Wizza and Roobet.

These firms have enabled the NELK group to generate a huge amount of money. The group also gives it out to fans and an example includes a Ferrari themed on Full Send.

Full Send Merchandise is the principal avenue for NELK to make handsome money. Their regular drops sell out within a few minutes and this is described as an absolute killing.

Happy Dad is the new hard seltzer that the NELK Boys’ Kyle and Steve launched officially in 2021. This initiative has experienced phenomenal popularity and growth and is bound to see immense growth in future too.

NELK Group YouTube Channels

The NELK Boys have several YouTube channels as part of their group bringing them a phenomenal number of subscribers.

NELK YouTube channel has around 7.3 million subscribers and this is where their prank videos, weekly episodic series, partying and travel videos are posted.

Full Send channel on YouTube has over 800 K subscribers and this channel is the principal face of their Full Send brand. At present, Jesse runs the series ‘SH*THOLE’ on this channel.

The channel on YouTube Full Send Golf has around 201 K subscribers and the group posts videos related to shorts content and short-form videos.

Though the channel named Full Send Podcast is still in its infant stage with 1.32 million subscribers, the channel is becoming quickly popular by showing up some top guests like Shaquille O’Neal and the soldier who slayed Osama Bin Laden.

With its 115 K subscribers, Full Send Podcast clips are one another noted YouTube channel of the group for watching the best clips of the Full Send podcast.

Managed by Steve, SteveWillDoIt is his main vlogging channel that has over 4.43 million subscribers. On this channel, Steve is seen hanging out with rappers and he spends his money over there to enthral his fans.

Members of NELK Group

The members on board and the recurring members of NELK include Kyle Forgeard, Stephen Deleonardis, Jesse Sebastiani, Salim Sirur, Lucas Gasparini, Jimmy Gambles (originally Arthur Kulik), Cousin Jay (originally Jordan Nwanne).

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Austin Ermes, the famous Canadian filmmaker is the director of content of the NELK group. All the members of the NELK group along with many of their filming and supporting staff reside in Newport Beach, California. Earlier, the group resided in Los Angeles and Ontario, Canada. 

nelk boys net worth

The founding member of the group is Jesse Sebastiani. Before joining NELK, Jesse was popularly known for the documentary he published under the title ‘Saved by the Status’.

He too starred in the MTV show Careless Teens. After joining NELK, he developed a disregard for the kind of lifestyle he and the group members at NELK were living through.

On January 29, 2020, he posted a tweet in which he stated, “I hate fame… I’ve lost almost everything I use to love about life”. Eventually, he was seen less active in the videos that NELK produced.

During 2020, Jesse was seen occupied mostly with the Full Send brand. In an interview, Jesse said in March 2021 to Bootleg Kev that he would return to NELK eventually. 

Others who were members of the group formerly were Marko Martinovic, Niko, and Jason Pagaduan. Marco and Niko were twins and they were associated with NELK during the early stages of its development. In 2015, they left the group to run their own independent YouTube channel.

Gasparini left NELK in 2017 on some concerns connected to the channel’s content. He thought the negative public image he is likely to develop by associating with the group might affect his career outlook and educational development. However, he joined the team once again in 2021 in Los Angeles.

Pagaduan, also known as ‘9-0’ or “905shooter” was expelled from the group for his misconduct and bad behaviour following some allegations related to sexual misconduct.

He was seen messaging the group’s fans with the content of graphic and sexual nature. Also, he was seen as incompetent and reluctant to do the tasks assigned by Forgeard.

Controversies and Legal Issues Of NELK Boys

In 2015, one of NELK’s videos titled “Coke prank on cops,” went viral commanding a huge number of views. After a few months, the LAPD said it was illegal to imitate it.

In January 2019, Jesse faced an arrest for posting a prank in which he is seen requesting people in a Barnes and Noble to cover him for a grave crime he had committed.

kyle forgeard net worth

Kyle, Salim and Steve were arrested in May 2020 over the charges related to a prank filmed in Target which accused them of disturbing the peace. 

In September 2020, the police department in Normal, Illinois investigated NELK after the group hosted a flash mob consisting of around 200 people on the Illinois State University campus.

On March 23, 2021, NELK was advised by their attorney against uploading a video on grounds of an arrest warrant filed in Texas against Kyle. In the same month, a CBS report claimed NELK was responsible for a few physical assaults that happened in Fort Worth, Texas during a group meeting on March 15.

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