How Much Is The Net Worth Of Stu Feiner 2023?

stu feiner net worth

Wondering what is the net worth of Stu Feiner? Check out here, his net worth, career and more.

Stu Feiner is a U.S. based sports handicapper. As an innovator and a very popular pioneer in the sports handicapping domain, Stu Feiner is known for his accuracy, and enviable expertise that has earned him the title “The Source.”

Stu Feiner was born in Long Island, New York, United States on 31 January 1961. Stu Feiner had always described his father Howard Feiner as the toughest veteran of the world. His father had served in the army.

How much is the net worth of Stu Feiner?

Stu Feiner’s current net worth is estimated at $13 million. He is an innovator and a very popular pioneer in the sports handicapping domain.

Feiner did his schooling at the Farmingdale High School between 1976 and 1979. Joining the Nassau Community College in 1980, Feiner earned an Associate degree in Business in 1983.

Feiner had lost his mother and brother in 2002 and 2006 respectively and his father turned 85 on February 11, 2022. Raised by his father from a young age, Stu Feiner has always enjoyed a special bond with him.

Stu Feiner has achieved universal fame in sports handicapping and he calls himself an inventor of this industry. Feiner is considered as the face of sports handicapping for his immense contribution to this domain and in this regard, he is truly a bookmaker.

His dedication, hard work and capability in sports handicapping has also earned him a huge wealth besides worldwide recognition. 

Stu Feiner Net Worth: Quick Summary

NameStu Feiner
Birth DateJanuary 31, 1961
Birth PlaceLong Island, New York
Career RolesSports Handicapper, Sports Advisor
Net Worth In 2022$13 million
Facebook Account
Instagram Account110 K followers
Twitter Account 9141.9 K followers
Official Website
Stu Feiner’s Official Merch Store
YouTube Channel2.62 K subscribers

Net Worth Of Stu Feiner

Stu Feiner’s personal wealth in 2022 is an estimated $13 million. Feiner has an amazing success rate in his profession and he has handled millions of dollars in sports handicapping during his career.

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Merch sales are one of the main sources of his income. Feiner also owns a massive estate and has constructed around 11 houses.

Net Worth Of Stu Feiner

Stu Feiner was one of the few most popular personalities in sports handicapping before the internet era. In 1982, Feiner got started off as a sports advisor.

Feiner served as a sports handicapper and continual innovator for more than 30 years. He has failed several competitors who tried to tackle him.

Feiner was also seen in the world of professional gaming for quite some time during his career. After 1997, his sports handicapping business suffered due to the internet.

He still works as a sports advisor and his character has been made into a movie named “Two for the Money”, released in 2005. Stu has also hosted a radio show known as Stu for the Money and has also authored a memoir titled Betcha I Can. Sports handicappers have always considered Feiner as their source of motivation.

Career Highlights Of Stu Feiner

Stu Feiner enjoyed a powerful presence in sports handicapping before the start of the internet era. He is seen vigorously involved in handicapping since 1982.

Stu made his appearance in the national TV syndicated show titled “Sports Advisors,” which was intended to demonstrate gambling as one of the most indispensable organs of the financial market with a potential to generate lucrative returns.  

In 1991, Stu Feiner was featured in “1-900 Ripoffs,” a Sports Illustrated article, which made him popular. On his road to becoming famous in the sports handicapping domain, Sports Illustrated documented his NFL picks for about 4 weeks with his permission.

All of his predictions did not go right and his win rate was said to be 37% only. Sports Illustrated later exposed Stu for falsifying his records.

stu feiner list

Sports Illustrated made use of different stories to expose Stu Feiner. The sports media company wrote that Kevin Duffy, Stu’s brother-in-law, advertised on the New York Daily News, which had predicted the winner in Week-1. Nevertheless, the game did not start off when the advertisement was running in the New York Daily News.

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In 1997, the worth of Feiner’s sports handicapping business was estimated at $16 million. He had employed over 200 people in various roles to support his operations. Once the internet came to popular use, his business had to be shut down.

Stu Feiner’s personal life has been a happy and decent one. Feiner’s wife Santra was born on March 12, 1998. Feiner married Sandra M Feiner on March 12, 1998.

Both of them met on the same date, a decade back, eventually falling in love with each other. The couple has four sons and have lived their married life happily for more than three decades now. 

Two For The Money 

Stu’s real-life character is the theme of the movie “Two For The Money” released in 2005. In this film, AI Pacino has played Stu Feiner’s role. Brandon Lang, a former football star suffers an injury that ends his career as a professional sportsman. Therefore, he takes up the job of handicapping football games.

Lang’s adeptness and high success rate in choosing the winners captures the attention of Walter Abrams, who is the head of one of the most successful sports consulting companies in the United States. Abrams welcomes Brando to be part of his team and very soon they start making a huge amount of money.

Lang’s working with Abrams proves Lang’s profound knowledge of the game, players and leagues. This background helps bring in massive winnings and bigger clients to their portal.

stu feiner family

Abrams starts a show on cable television under the title “The Sports Advisors”, which quickly wins a huge audience thanks to the “John Anthony” persona that Abrams added to the desk which has a clear reference to Lang.

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The importance given to Lang soon after his entry into the company infuriates Jerry Sykes, who has been the in-house expert so far in Abram’s operations.

Lang gets a brand new image for him duly enhanced with a new car, new wardrobe and a renewed look accomplished on him by a hairstylist Tony, who is a friend of Walter’s wife.  

During a sharp turn of the events, Lang starts playing his hunches with a lesser focus on his homework. Lang’s professional advice goes wrong and a gambler who loses a big amount of money arranges thugs to physically assault Lang. The relationship between Abrams and Lang gets stained.

Lang projects a high-rolling lifestyle and his enviable ability to predict the outcomes of games seem to be failing very fast. Millions of gamblers come to a stake by the time Lang is seen placing his last bet.

Abrams grows highly unstable during his recovery from addiction to alcohol and gambling. Abrams loses all his money on the picks suggested by Lang and grows a suspicion that Lang has an affair with his wife.

In the last game, Lang’s predictions come true. In fact, he had determined the outcome of this game not by his insight, but by flipping coins inside the bathroom. The movie ends and Lag leaves for New York to take a job with a junior league football team as a coach.

As per a report published by Rotten Tomatoes based on 110 reviews of the film, only 22% of the reviews by critics were positive. The total budget of the movie was $35 million, whereas the movie earned only around $30.5 million at the box office.

While giving 2 out of 4 points for the movie, Slant Magazine remarked, “Substitute The Devil’s Advocate’s satanic legal scheming with unethical sports gambling practices and you’ve got Two for the Money.” Based on 29 critical reviews, the movie scored 50 points out of 100 on review aggregator Metacritic

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