Roger Staubach Net Worth

Roger Staubach Net Worth

Roger Staubach is a professional football player. And, also he is is the chairman of the investment management company. Also, his company named Jones Long LaSalle. Roger and Captain America are nicknaming because he wins the National Football League (NFL). So we are going to talk about Roger Staubach Net Worth. 

If you are interested in sports, then you read my article. Because we tell all the answers, will you ask in the section? If you know that how to make a football player and how to starts a business. So we are going to talk about Roger early life.

Early Life/Biography

On February 5, 1942, Roger Staubach was born in Ohio(United States). He belonged to a German descent, and he lives with the family. Now, his family immensely loves because Roger is a good son and do work hard. When he was born, then he lives in Silverton, but after years he went to California.

Roger starts the studies at Evangelist Catholic School, and his reviews are very well. When he goes to school, then he gets training for football. Because in the beginning he was very loved in sports.

And, his dream, I make an international football player. So in the career, he works very hard. So Johnny Manzie is an overactive player.  As causes, he went to the football team and plays football.

In 1960, he passed the Graduation study in Catholic high school Purcell High School. Later, he went to college and got an education. So 1963, when he goes to the U.S. Naval Academy then he plays football.

In the match, his performance is amiable, and he gets the Heisman Trophy. Similarly, Ray Lewis is a great player in football games. The same game he made a junior famous football player in the world. So we discussed the net worth of Captain America.

Roger Staubach Net Worth 2020 and Income/Salary

Roger is an estimated net worth 600 million dollars. Because in 1978, he was the NFL Man of the Year award and made an international football player. In the league, earns much more money.

Likewise, he gets the awards and titles in his career life. In 2008, he received the $640 million from Jones Long LaSalle company.

Roger Staubach Net Worth : $ 600 Million USD
Captain America is the nickname because he wins the national football league in America. So mostly peoples also called Captain America. When he was playing football, then he earns the Heisman Trophy, Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award, Presidential Medal of Freedom awards. Similarly, he became an executive chairman of the Jones Long LaSalle company as causes his estimated net worth 600 million dollars and cames his career life. Also, he receives the $160,000 in salaries from NFL teams.

In 2007, he joined the politics, and some years later, he makes a president of Senator John McCain. Similarly, in 2013, his sister is making a Citi counselor and his named Jennifer Staubach Gates. Warrick Dunn is a famous football player in the world.

So he earns much more money from politics and makes the wealthiest Businessman in the world. So we are going to talk about Roger’s career life.


In 1964, when he passed the college study, then he starts his career life. Also, In the same year, he went to the National Football League(NFL) and played football. In NFL, he plays many matches and wins. In the NFL team, he receives the 160,000 thousand dollars. Because he is a great football player from the NFL.

In 1970, he played football against the Baltimore Colts team. So he wins this match and gets the first NFC title. In the first champion series, he wins the game, and his team reached grand finals. So he wins all matches and earns money.

In 1972, he played the match against the Miami Dolphins team. Likewise, he defeated the Miami Dolphins and won the game. Like 20  richest athletes players. During the year, he does the deal and his deal income 75,000 dollars per year. So he signs and earns the salary.

Rogers intensely worked in different business and earns money. And, his company named McDonald’s Corporation and Hospital Corporation of America. Similarly, Obafemi Martins is the richest footballer. Likewise, I mentioned above. Rogers is an international football player and Businessman.

Net worth USD $600 Million
Place of Birth   United States
BornFebruary 5, 1942
Full nameRoger Thomas Staubach
EducationUnited States Naval Academy, Purcell High School, New Mexico Military Institute
SpouseMarianne Staubach
Age78 years old
ChildrenJeffrey Roger, Michelle Elizabeth, Stephanie Marie, Jennifer Anne, Amy Lynn
OccupationAmerican football player
Height1.9 m
NicknameRoger the Dodger

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