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Ashlie Walker NET WORTH

How much does Ashlie Walker worth?

ashlie walker
Source: Instagram
Net Worth$1 – $4 Million
Real NameAshlie Walker
Date of BirthJune 1976
Birth PlaceCalifornia
Age42 years old
Height1.53 m
CountryUnited States of America

Get to Know Ashlie Walker

Ashlie Walker is the sister of a late actor in America who is well known for the best acting in the Fast and Furious series. Also, her brother makes many films that are popular all over the world, and this makes Walker Family world famous.

Ashlie Walker’s net worth is about $ 1 million, which she earned from her profession of nursing and acting. 

paul walker sister
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Her family is popular all over the world because of her brother, who is a world-famous actor for his work in She’s All That, Joy Ride, Takers and Into the Blue, etc.

This talented girl started her career as a nurse, and she was gone from her family, who had chosen a unique profession. 

Further, she is a market partner in “Monet,” a company of skincare, shampoos, and conditioners for the hairstyle of all Americans.

All her brother’s fans saw this girl Ashlie on the stage and off-screen. So, many of Paul’s fans want to know about her sweet girl and all the siblings of Paul walker. 

Here, we write all the information and facts about this nurse, like personal life and career.

Early Life, Family, and Biography

Ashlie Walker is a girl who was born into the Walker family in June 1976. 

Her parents and family moved to California when she was born, and she grew up with all the children. So, she spent most of her life in Glendale and got an education to move forward in the future.

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Her father is Paul William Walker III and she is the third child. She has an older sister, Amie, from her father’s previous relationship, and then the actor Paul. Her father used to be a sewer contractor and was also a two-time Golden Gloves champion.

She grew up with four siblings, Amie Walker and Paul Walker, in California, and they all got the same chance to become successful people. Amie is her half-sibling, and the rest of her siblings were Caleb and Cody.

walker family photo
Source: Twitter

Details about Amie are unknown, while Caleb is a restaurant worker, and Cody is a paramedic. Of course, we all know Paul, who is a famous actor.

The Walker brothers and their family have been working for their late family member’s charity organization, Reach Out Worldwide, for many years. 

Reach Out Worldwide is a disaster relief nonprofit organization that was created by Paul Walker after he visited Haiti in 2010. 

The organization provides relief for first-responders and other professionals in the medical and construction fields during times of natural disasters.

The Walker family is dedicated to helping others in need, and they continue to work hard to make a difference through Reach Out Worldwide.

Body Measurements

Height5’2” / 1.53 cm (1.5 m)
Hair ColorLight brown
Eye ColorHazel

She was born in 1976 and is just 46 years old. The weight of this star is just 66 kg, her height is about 5 feet and 2 inches, and her hair color Amie is brown.

Her grandfather is also a well-known boxer and the champion of that time. Like her grandfather, her father was a sewer contractor and former boxer at his time. Later, he quit boxing after receiving the Golden Gloves Champion award two times in American history.

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So her birth mother’s name is unknown, but her stepmother’s name is Cheryl, who is well known as the fashion model of her time. 

Very little information about her background life is available, but we upload all the facts and information about this girl.


School N/A

The Walker Family After Paul Walker’s Death

Shortly after the tragic death of Paul Walker, some people believed that he and Rodas, his friend and driver, had been racing through the Santa Clarita neighborhood. 

Ashlie later came forward and said that this was a complete lie. She angrily denied that his brother had been racing before his fiery death. She added how the ‘irresponsible’ rumors at the time made her family’s grief worse and more painful.

paul walker's death
Source: Twitter

After Paul’s death, his brothers Caleb and Cody served as his stand-ins so the film could finish its production. Ashlie said after the production of the film, Caleb, a restaurant owner, and Cody, a paramedic, would get back to their regular jobs.

Ashlie explained that her brothers are not actors, and this was all just temporary. 

She also said that their family wanted to help finish the film for the fans of Paul, as many people loved it. She then explained that it was a natural decision.

Ashlie also mentioned that diving into their brother’s world is a bit emotionally and logistically challenging, especially for her brothers, Caleb and Cody.

She also said that their family’s faith in the Mormons helped them with their brother’s death.

I Am Paul Walker is a documentary produced by Paul’s brothers, Caleb and Cody, in 2018. It narrates the life of their deceased brother, featuring footage of him dating back to his childhood, as well as excerpts from interviews with Walker’s friends and family.

The Career and Personal Life of Ashlie Walker

Ashlie Walker is a professional nurse who is also known as the sister of the late actor Paul Walker. She works at Medcor.

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Aside from being a registered nurse, Ashlie is also a wife, a mother of four children, and a Monat market partner. 

She started working at Monat in 2020. Monat features skincare, hair care, and wellness products.

ashlie walker monat
Source: Instagram

Ashlie Walker is married to her husband, Jeffery Herod, an interior designer at Jeffrey Herod Interiors. 

Jeffery is a graduate of La Canada High School.

There is no information about how these two started dating, but we know that they wed on February 4, 2010.

ashlie walker husband
Source: Instagram

The couple has a son, Jericho. They split their time between Huntington Beach and La Canada Flintridge, California.

ashlie walker son
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Ashlie Walker, co-owner of Monat, was married to someone else and had three children before she had a son with her current partner, Jeffrey Herod. 

Her first child, a daughter named Caitlin Ashlie, was born in September 1996. Caitlin is a Vegas-based blogger, YouTuber, and aesthetician. 

Ashlie has not revealed much about her daughter’s father and two sons.

Ashlie Walker’s Net Worth and How did she become Popular?

After getting an education, her whole family decided on her profession, so she also is a nurse. 

But her brother Paul chose the film industry, worked hard and became a popular actor through his amazing acting skills. 

But Amie decided to marry and leave her profession.

This star is much closer to her brother than her other sister, and they all live like a loving family. They love each other and spend a lot of time with each other.

So, both sisters become very sad and feel much alone after hearing the news of her beloved brother’s death. She did not believe the news of her brother’s death. 

Earnings and Savings

Ashlie Walker’s net worth is about $ 1 million, which she earned from the nursing profession. Also, her brother helped her in every aspect of life, and she became popular with her brother. But she is still doing work to make her income high.

Net Worth$ 1 Million
Earning PointNursing
Working in IndustrySince Unknown
Still ActiveYes
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