Amie Walker Net Worth

Amie Walker NET WORTH

How much does Amie Walker worth?

Net Worth $1 – $2 Million
Real Name Amie Walker
Date of Birth February 18, 1982
Birth Place Unknown
Profession Singer
Age 52 year old
Height 1.52 m
Country United States of America

Amie Walker is the sister of the world-famous American actor Paul Walker who is well known for the Fast and Furious Series. Amie Walker net worth is not high like her brother but she is still doing her profession as a singer.

Her name was written in top singers of America but she lives a very simple life. She is the one whole revealed all the facts about the star of America. He real name of her is Amie Kaz Walker and her name was not considered in most popular celebrities.

She is a married girl but she doesn’t leave with her family and stay alone in a city in America. But she is one of the amazing singers from her family so all her fans want to know how did he have fame and what make her alone. Below you will find all the information about this star girl.

Early life and biography

A girl was born in the year 1967 in Walker’s family is Amie Kaz Walker. After her birth, both of her parents travel to a new city and she grew up here. So, the father of Kaz is Paul William walker who is also the father of American actor Paul.

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As she was born in 1967 so she is just 50 years old but she maintains her body to look like a young girl. The weight of this star is just 76 kg which is very little according to her age. Also, her height is about 5 feet 01 inches, and her hair color Amie is brown.

Body Measurements

Height in CMs 1.52 cm
Height in Ms 1.5 m
Height in feet 5 feet 01 inches
Hair Colour Light brown
Eye Colour Hazel

There is very little information is available about her background life but we upload all the facts and information about this girl. As her mother’s name is unknown but her stepmother’s name is Cheryl who is well known as the fashion model of her time.

Also, her father is a sewer contractor and former boxer at his time. Later, he quit boxing after receiving the Golden Gloves Champion award two in American history. As Amis’s father, her grandfather is also a boxer who was also the champion of that time.


School  N/A
College N/A
University N/A

She grew up with her siblings in her born city with family and got some chance to do big things. The father of Kaz take all the siblings to one school and they all got early education from a common school of her living place.

After getting an education her whole family decided on her profession but she did not choose any fine profession to live in. But her brother Paul chose the film industry and work hard and become a popular actor through his amazing acting skills.

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What make Amie Walker net worth and how did she become so popular?

In her life, she faced much up and down but she is still alive and living a happy life. This star is much close to her brother who is a well-known actor in America. They both love each other and spend a lot of time with each other.

In the same way, Amie Walker net worth is estimated to be $1 to $2 Million USD. I’m not confirmed but According to our team, she earns a lot of money from different sources. Which the reason his estimated earnings are between $1Million to $2Million USD. 

So, she becomes very sad and feels much alone after hearing the news of her beloved brother’s death. At this time she said that this news is unbelievable for me because this was never happening. Then, she told his brother fans that to charity if you want to give honour to him.

Later, she told many facts about her brother paul and decided to live alone. As we all know she is a married girl and has a separate family. After hearing the news of her brother’s death she forget all around the world.

Earning and saving

Amie Walker net worth is about $ 1.5 million which she earned for her profession of singing. But she left her profession after the death of her brother but her husband is still working to increase her net worth annually.

Net Worth $ 1.5 Million
Earning Point Family
Working in Industry Since update soon
Still Active Yes
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