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Yiruma Net Worth

Yiruma Net Worth
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Lee Ru-Ma is a South Korean performer whose stage name is Yiruma. He is one of the most growing artists in Asia and he becomes famous more and more. Yiruma Net Worth is $4 million.

He is often popular for his favourite music collections “River Flows In You” and “Kiss the Rain.” These popular albums are not only arrived on the TV but they also apply for many games and flicks.

Early Life and Biography

Yiruma was born on February 15, 1978. He was born in the capital of South Korea. He makes his interest in music from the age of just five years. A five-year-old child is not known weel about anything but the great artist showed his concern for music.

When he reveals his interest in this field. So his parents have bought him a Piano and he started his Piano classes. This step was a life-changing step for him. His family members were very happy to see that he is a very talented child.

Yiruma was got married to his girlfriend Son Hye-Im. Son Hye-Im is also a well-known personality in South Korea. She was won the Miss Korea Award. Yiruma’s wife is also a musician. And when they met after it, Yiruma knew that she is also a musician and he was very happy to see it.

Similarly, as a Yiruma, Icejjfish and Korede Bello survive a lot of problems at an early age. Today they are the richest singers and musicians on the planet.

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How Much Is Yiruma Net Worth?

In 2002, he was praised with an invite to MIDEM, the most notable global music performance designed for keys professionals. Where he intelligently presented all the classic songs but also his creations he made himself. This was a great honor for him that he was the sixth Korean singer that was invited to this global music event.

How to Yiruma wants to start his career life?
Music is very acknowledged in his country South Korea. So his parents were very happy at that moment to see his interest in the great field of music.

He was gain his appearance in this event for that he was declared his first music album in 2001. And after it, he became a great and biggest Piano star. He gained his fan following higher and higher during this journey.

In 2003, Yiruma has published his 3rd album titled “From The Yellow Room.” And later in 2005, he has published his 4th collection named “PoeMusic.” In 2006, he created a major project.

He has released his 5th collection named “H.I.S. Monologue: One Day Diary 19th September.” Later, he commences higher and higher music outlines. During this work, he was a great musician.

How Much Has Yiruma Earned from Career Life?

During his college life, he has published his very first collection titled “Love Scene.” He was very motivated by his teachers. And they all were very happy to see his great talent. From his school level, he started his tours in the whole of Europe. He worked hard to make himself a popular person.

In 1988, he went to London city, and he was going here just for studying in the music classes. When he reached the period of 18, he was chosen to be one of the singers who recorded their work on the school’s collections titled “The Musicians of Purcell.”

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In 1997, he was passed his graduation and starts his Piano work regularly. He was taken British citizenship lately. After it, he starts writing his own music lyrics. He works very hard to gain popularity in this field.

In 2006, he wanted to join the Korean Navy. So he gave up his British Nationality to serve in the military. After completing his military duty, he went on a unique tour “Yiruma Comeback Tour.”

In 2009, he worked as a DJ. And in 2010, he was signed an agreement with Sony Music this means that he was ended up an agreement with Stomp Music.

In 2016 Yiruma commenced his journey in the entire USA named “Spring Rain Live.” His musicology is said to be a mix of modern standard and current age music. In 2017 his last music collection was published titled “Frame.”

These are all the secrets that made Yiruma a wealthy person. 

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