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How much does KevOnStage worth?

Net Worth $1 – $4 Million
Real Name Kevin Fredericks
Date of Birth May 1, 1983
Birth Place El Paso, Texas, United States
Profession Actor, comedian & youtuber
Age 39 years old
Height 1.73 m
Country United States of America

Kevin Fredericks, better known by his stage name KevOnStage, is a multifaceted entertainer whose humor and relatability have won him a legion of fans across various platforms.

As a comedian, actor, and content creator, KevOnStage has mastered the art of connecting with audiences through his insightful observations and family-friendly comedy.

In this article, we explore the life and career of KevOnStage, charting his rise from a young comic hopeful to a prominent figure in the world of entertainment.

We will delve into the key moments that have defined his journey, including his early forays into stand-up comedy, the viral videos that catapulted him to online fame, and his ventures into film and television.

kevin fredericks
Source: Instagram

KevOnStage’s story is one of innovation, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of his comedic vision, which has led to both critical acclaim and commercial success.

As we examine the elements that have contributed to his net worth, we’ll also celebrate the authenticity and creative spirit that have made KevOnStage a beloved personality and a shining example of the power of digital media.

Join us as we uncover the story of KevOnStage, an entertainer whose career is a testament to the endless possibilities of humor and hard work.

Early life and Biography

The amazing comedy star KevOnStage was born on May 1, 1983, in EI Paso, Texas, United States. When he was born, the whole family rejoiced and celebrated that day. 

The nationality of this amazing star is American, as he was born in the United States of America. His family believes in Christianity, so he also believes in this. 

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He uses a channel name in his professional life, and his real name is Kevin Fredericks. This name was given when he was born in an African American family. 

kevin fredericks siblings
Source: Instagram

At a young age, he was arrested by the police for some illegal work. After this, he bought a home in California to live a decent life with his family, including his wife and children. Later, he started his career in comedy.

Kevin has a brother named Jason, who is also a Comedian. His brother worked for The Playmakers Entertainment. Unfortunately, Kevin’s brother passed away just recently, September 23, 2022, leaving his wife and two children.

kevonstage brother
Source: Instagram


Since there is no information about his educational life because he doesn’t reveal much about it, we are still trying to find out about his education. 

We will update you soon about his life as we get information about this star.

School  N/A
College N/A
University N/A

Body Measurements and Appearance

He was born in 1983, so his age is about 39 years, and the height of this star is about 5 feet 8 inches. The weight of KevOnStage is about 70 kg which is more than fathers. If we talk about his shoe size, then it is 8.

We write a lot of information about this comedian as his hair color is dark brown.

His body has many tattoos, but he never shows off.

Height 5’8” (1.7 cm / 1.7 m)
Weight 70kg
Shoe Size 8
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel

Who is the Wife of KevOnStage?

Kevin married Melissa Fredericks on June 26, 2004. Now, the couple has two children: Jo Jo and Zay Zay, both YouTube stars.

Kevin and Melissa met on May 15, 2000.

kevonstage wife
Source: Instagram
kevin and melissa fredericks
Source: Instagram

He and his wife also have a podcast called Love Hour. 

The Career of KevOnStage

KevOnStage is an actor, comedian, and YouTube content creator who is 1/3 of the entertainment company The Playmakers. KevOnStage got his start in comedy by performing at a church talent night and has continued to hone his skills by attending three different high schools in four years.

kevonstage studios
Source: Instagram

Kevin’s comedic skills were honed as he grew up as a military kid. Over time, his style was deeply rooted in family, faith, and relatability. He made a name for himself and became a social media star. He garnered hundreds and thousands of followers on different social media platforms. This allowed him to grow his digital company.

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Now he hosts several podcasts and independently produces The Real Comedians of Social Media tour, which sold out to more than 50 cities.

In 12 years, Kevin studied the internet and now has over 3 million followers. He had two standup comedy tours that were sold out and had three profitable podcasts. 

Kevin also consults for businesses and runs a merchandise company.

Currently, Kevin also has a master class on his website where he teaches courses.

He also has a new book with his wife called “Marriage Be Hard.”

kevonstage marriage be hard
Source: Twitter

In his youth, he worked very hard to complete goals and aims, but he did receive a good response from the public. 

Then he started a YouTube channel and successfully made his own channel when he completed his high school education.

After this, he starts uploading videos on this channel, and the channel grows up slowly. Now, his channel has 667,000 subscribers on that channel. 

Source: Instagram

On this channel, he uploads many comedy videos, and these videos show his sense of humor and good content.

Through the YouTube channel, he got much fame as many people liked these videos and subscribed to the channel. 

Then, he tried his luck as an author or in scriptwriting and got much in this field. Then, Major Deal and AwesomenessTV recognized his talent and gave him a job.

Later, his name was written in America’s top personalities, making him rich. 

In every industry, he gained much fame because of his talent and skills. This person was well known as a standup comedy king.

Kevin Fredericks as an Actor and Comedian

KevOnStage, also known as Kevin Fredericks, is an actor, stand-up comedian, entrepreneur, podcast developer/host, content creator, author, influencer, and filmmaker. His content has reached hundreds of millions of views across all platforms, with a large and engaged following on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and more. 

kevonstage comedy
Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

As a prolific creator, KevOnStage produces content that is entertaining and original.

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As an actor, Kevin has appeared on HBO Max’s A Black Lady Sketch Show, as well as being the host of Will Smith’s Dad’s Just Don’t Understand, produced by Westbrook Media for Facebook Watch. He also has a role on Black Love, which is available on Amazon Prime.

Kevin is an actor and stand-up comedian known for No Good Men, The Family, and Major Deal.

Kevin is a nationally touring comedian who performs in a mix of sold-out comedy clubs and theaters. His creative content and hilarious jokes have made him a favorite among college students and corporate audiences. 

kevonstage live
Source: Twitter

In 2020, Kevin created the streaming stand-up show “Keep Your Distance Comedy,” which has sold over 100,000 virtual tickets to date.

Kevin also produced his first Stand Up Special, “Funny In Real Life,” available on KevOnStage Studios – a streaming network he founded to share his own content and give a platform to up-and-coming stars. 

Aside from that, Kev also produced Will Smith’s Snapchat series Will From Home and has written or produced for AwesomenessTV, Nickelodeon, All Def, and MTV.

kevonstage tour
Source: Twitter

What is KevOnStage’s Net Worth?

KevOnStage net worth is about $150 thousand, as he earns $5 thousand every month from standup comedy. 

This amazing person gained much fame in the entertainment industry by participating in TV shows. 

His name was written as one of the richest stars of the comedy industry.

Net Worth $150 thousand
Earning Point Comedy and Youtube
Working in Industry N / A
Still Active Yes

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