Wally Amos Net Worth

Wally Amos Net Worth

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Name Wally Amos
Real Name Wallace Amos
Date of birth 1st July 1936
Place of birth Tallahassee in Florida
Age 84 years
Nationality American
Net worth $ 30,000



The most very famous person of America who is work as an American Businessperson, Television personality and a great author is Wally Amos.

The main reason of his getting fame is that he is the father of cookies brand. First, cookies was made by that person and this become sensational news on TV.

Now, these brands like popular Amos Chocolate-chip cookies, “The Cookie Kahuna” and the main one “Aunt Della’s Cookies”.

He was very famous and got his fame from this brand. After this, he was invited by many companies. Currently, he works as a host in a very general program company “Learn to Read”.

If you don’t know about Wally Amos. Don’t worry! We tell you to all the information about your common pinup. We talk about Wally and tell you all how old he is and how much tall he is and his weight.

Early Life and Biography:

The father of cookies was born on 1st July 1936 in Tallahassee in the area of Florida the main city of America.

This popular person Wally grew in Tallahassee very clean area of Florida. His childhood history was very sad because his father and mother passed away when he reached the age of 12 years.

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After this, he moved to a new city to start a new career in Manhattan the most amazing place of New York.


Amos get his early education from a very standard school “Food Trades Vocational High School” because he loved cooking very much from a little age.

Later this, he completes his graduation from a great school. Instantly, he join the America international air force in Honolulu in 1954 and stay in this field only for three years to 1957because he want to be a chef in his life.


Amos comes back to his hometown from New York. In this city, he work as a college assistant and got a degree. After this, he works in the precise company William Morris Agency.

Wallace worked in many companies like “Roll n Roll”, an American-African agency, and many so more. He want to be a famous personality and make his name in high peoples. So, he left all the companies and start his own work.

Their aunt of Wallace was making very delicious cookies and he like these cookies very much. He want to make cookies like that so he decided to learn how to make cookies from his aunt.

After learning, he was making very tasty and delicious cookies. Once he made cookies for his friends. All friends were much wondered and then one give him idea to make cookies his own business.


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Amos Brand Career:

After this, he starts his own cookies brand and give him the name of Amos Cookies. The location of his business is Los Angeles in California.

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For this store, his two friends Marvin Gaye and Helen Reddy gave him a very big amount $ 25,000 million as loan. This amount change Amos’ life and his bossiness was on the top in very short time.

The brand of Amos cookies becomes well-known in whole country. This brand is now available on every store of America. His name was very famous for his cookies brand “Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies”.

Wally worked in many ads like “taxi Series” and “Latka cookies” to make more famous his Cookies brand in 1981.

Achievements and Awards:

The successful life of Wally Amos gives him a very easier life. With his business, he won many awards in his life career.

The most famous award President Award that he won for his short and successful business skills. We see his interest in entrepreneurship so in this we know many facts about Wally.

He won a great and most popular award Entrepreneurial Excellence in this field of his life. This makes him more famous among people.

After this, he got many awards for his superb and successful business skills in his life. The awards like “The Outstanding Business Leader Award” and the most popular award “The Horatio Alger Award” are won by the Wally Amos.

Net worth:

The net worth of the founder of the most common cookie brand Amos Cookies is about $30,000. In words, his income is Thirty thousand.

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