Robin McGraw Net Worth

Robin McGraw Net Worth
Name Robin McGraw
Real name Robin Jameson
Date of birth 28 December 1953
Place of birth Los Angeles
Gender female
Age 67 years
Height 1.93 m
weight 54 kg
Nationality American
Sexual Orientation Straight
Name of husband Dr. Phil McGrew
Profession Actor and author
Net worth $50 million


A woman of America who was an author, Philanthropist, and actress Entrepreneur in Angeles in California who’s named was Robin McGraw.

This actor becomes popular by the name of his husband Phil Calvin McGraw who is also the most popular psychologist and celerity of Television.

Robin take part in many TV shows for his awesome acting in his acting career. The best-selling author’s name was given to the lady McGraw. She was a great author and she wrote many books in his life.

The first book which is written by her is “Inside My Heart” and this book was published in 2006. A great Philanthropist who worked in the Phil foundation was Robin.

The main purpose of writing this article is that you know the in-depth information about Robin McGraw wife of Phil McGraw. If you want to know all the information about her, read this article we specially prepare this for your Knowledge.


The real name of a great author and very famous personality Robin is Robin Jameson was born on 28 December 1953. The parent of her were very nice people and the name of her parent are Georgia Jameson and Jim Jameson. They did not know about the talent of their daughter that one day she become a great author and actor.

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In her life, she spends his babyhood days in Oklahoma City. The Duncan High School is the great school from which Jameson got his early education.

After this, she studied in another great school whose name was Elementary school. She makes many friends in school life some friends names are Cindy, Karin, Roger, and Jamie.

Dr. Phil who was a very famous author and psychologist and Robin Jameson got married to each other and then the name of Robin Jameson was converted in Robin McGraw.

They have two sweat children from which one names is Jordan McGraw and the other son’s name is Jay McGraw.

The son of Robin and Dr. Phil, Jay got married to the most beautiful actor Erica Dahm. They become grandfathers and grandmothers because their son jay was born with two children.

The foundation of Dr. Phil runs many programs like regards of Physical, Mental, and Spiritual to families and children who need them. In many events of Women of Faith, she works as a speaker.

Age, Height, and weight:

The age of Robin Jameson is about 67 years 5 months and 17 days. They height of her is about 1.93 m tall and her weight of her is about 54kg.


She start her career in 1981. In the start, the people knew her from the magazine “Entertainment Tonight”. After this, she work in a famous TV show “The Insider:” in 2004.

She act like JCPenney Jam in the performance of America’s kids in 2006. She was invited in his husband’s show to discuss many women’s issues. As with time, she appeared in many shows of Dr. Phil.

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They perform many shows together but some shows become very famous like “Ask Dr. Phil and Robin”, “Valentine’s Day Giveaway” and “Aging gracefully”

She became co-host in many shows like the show White House which is live on HGTV and the shows like “The Early Show” and “The Hour of Power” with Robert S.

In 2009, she was invited as host in the show “The Bold the Beautiful” and in “The Doctor”


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Awards and Achievements:

The best-selling author was Robin Jameson in his life career and he got very much fame in his life through his awesome acting and his great and new writing style.

She wrote many books and her two-book was published in New York Times as Best Selling Book in his whole writing career.

Net worth:

The net worth of Robin McGraw is about $50 Million Dollars. She works in TV shows and these TV shows pay her for all episodes and she makes more money for the books that she wrote in his life.


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