Connie Chung Net worth

Connie Chung Net worth

How Much Is Connie Chung’s Net worth Now?

Name Connie Chung
Real name Connie Chung
Date of birth 20 August 1946
Place of birth Washington, D.C
Age 74 years
Gender Female
Nationality American
Net worth $ 80 million


A journalist of America and Chain who was very famous and popular among people is Connie Chung. She lives with his husband in their house.

With this, she was a very famous actor, Newscaster, and a television producer in his life career. She spend his life as a ruler in his whole career and she work as an anchor and reporter on the United States TV networks NBC, CBS, ABC and so more.


A girl was born in Washington Dc on 20 August 1946. As a child, she want to be a doctor in his future life but she was very weak in medical study life.

Her friend invites her to join her news channel. The work Connie was very impressive so soon she was promoted to the next level and she became an actor. With this, she becomes very famous in her life.

As Connie was born their family faces some problems there so he migrate to china as her father transferred to china. Her father was work in the intelligence office of the Chinese Nationalist government.

The famous school of Silver Spring in Maryland is Montgomery Blair High School and Chung complete his graduation from this school. After this, she join the University of Maryland which were very popular in her city, and studied Journalism here and got a degree in Journalism.

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       Connie starts his acting career on a TV channel when her friend invites him to her channel. The work was amazingly performed by this the owner of this channel promote her to an anchor.

As an anchor, she interviewed many famous and popular peoples and this was the time when she got real fame and become the most popular anchor of that time.

In that time, many TV channels invite him to his channel and she accepts invitations from some TV channels like NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN.


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In her life, she was fired once from a TV channel job after taking an interview with a bombing fireman in Oklahoma and she was not sad after leaving the job but she also has many other invitations from other Channels and her confidence was very great.

Real Estate:

After this, she decides to work with her husband. They combine together to start real Estate work in the Kalorama neighborhood in D.C in 2009.

In this business, they both work very hard. They work them one day get success in their life and they were able to buy a house with a living space of  12,500 Square feet the price was really shocking $ 9 million at that time.

The most famous people who lived in New York for many days are Connie and her husband Povich and they grow their Business.

They both buy a very large property in which there is a pool and koi pond, gazebo, and extensively whose name was brick-style Construction in 1929.

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This property was very beautiful and the main point of tourist attraction because this building has a very high and beautiful trace on it. This trace gives us a beautiful view of the whole city. Many people want to see the whole city so this point becomes a tourist attraction point.

In the city Bigfork of Montana, they have a very beautiful house here and spend most of their time in that house and live the most expansive life.

Teaching career:

She was a very good teacher and many schools and colleges offer her a job in her schools but they teach in the school of Harvard University “John F. Kennedy School of Government.

She was a very great author. The book “The Get” is written by the famous Journalist Connie in his teaching career.

Personal life:

Chung loves a person during his anchor career. This person was a very famous host of a very popular talk show whose name was Maury Povich. After some months of a relationship, both Connie and Maury decide to marry each other. They have no kid naturally but they have a son named Matthew Jay Povich who was adopted by them.

Net worth:

The net worth of Connie was  combine with her husband is about $ 80 million.



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