Rick Dale Net Worth

Rick Dale Net Worth

What is Rick Dale’s Net Worth?

Name Rick Dale
Real Name Rick Dale
Date of Birth December 13, 1970
Place of Birth Las Vegas, America 
Age 51 years
Nationality American
Net worth $ 4 million



The man who is very popular for his craft and antique rebuilding masterwork is Rick Dale. He also work in a very popular shoe of that time and the name of the channel is an acclaimed American channel.

The person who is famous to show his skills in history is Rick who performs many TV shows and acts like many characters on this channel.

We know that you know all about this amazing person but there are some facts about Rick in this article. The main purpose of writing this article is that you all know all the information about your idol. In this article, we talk about the age, weight, and height of Rick.


The most famous and beautiful person Dale was born on earth in Las Vegas in the city of America on December 13, 1970. The full name of your idol is Rick Dale.

There is some information about his father which we share with you. His father was a car and bike modifier in his city and he modified cars and bikes only for races.

The father of Dale is a professional racer and he won many races with a big prize pool. There is no more information about his father and his mother but soon we upload this information only for increasing your knowledge about your hero.

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Age, Weight, and Height:

The age of the most popular and amazing person Rick is nearly about 50 years. As, he was born on December 13, 1970. Now, we talk about your favorite person’s height and weight.

The weight of Dale is about 75 kg in kilograms and his height is about 181 cm tall. Now we discuss the education journey of your favorite person.


Rick got his early education from his uncle’s school. The name of school Local High School is very common in that area.

He completes his graduation from that high school. Their father of Dale is very ill in those days so he decides to leave his study and help his father with his work.


He works with his father as a mechanic. The work of Rick was very amazing and his father encourage him. With great confidence, he made the 1st very advanced bicycle in his life. This bicycle was very amazing People like this bicycle very much. This bicycle makes him very famous because he made this bicycle when his age was only 15 years.

After this, he becomes so famous and he starts working to make many more things like that. The search for Rick in the engines of cars shocks people and this makes him more famous all over the city and maybe in the whole country.


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A most popular History Channel invite him to perform in their very famous show. The show’s name is “American Restoration” and he accepts the invitation and performs in the show.

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In this show, he tall the formula to change the metals to gain things. With this, he perform this task and won the hearts of people.

This show makes him really famous all over the country and makes him a Celebrity. Now, we discuss the personal life of your beloved person.

Personal life:

The most well-known person Rick loved with a girl. They got married to each other in 1990. With this, they both live together happily and spend their life with joy.

The girl cheat on the most celebrated man Dale and they divorced each other. Now, he was very depressed for 3 months then he decided to be single his whole life. This makes his work very developed and focuses much on his work. This makes him a more standard man around the country.

On a journey, he met with a very stunning girl Kelly. They both start dating each other. They make their relationship for a small time and then got married to each other.

Net worth:

The net worth of a very remarkable man and the most talented one is about $4 million. The main source of his income is his talent of Rick. His talent makes him so general in public.

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