Rich Piana Net Worth

Rich Piana Net Worth

How much is the Rich Piana net worth? How much does he earn?

Net Worth $4 Million
Profession Professional Bodybuilder
Birth Date 26 September 1970
Origin America
Height 1.85 m
Last Updated 2022

Rich Piana is a well known professional bodybuilder and a stunt actor too in American industry. Moreover, he is an author of some books about fitness and a businessman with a lot of investments. His career began in the 1990s and went on well. Piana was a Youtuber too and used to upload vlogs of his workout routines on his channel.

Besides his fame, Piana was the most controversial bodybuilder in the American history. There was a charge in him to use of anabolic steroids and human growth hormones. Many people said that his sudden death is because of the use of anabolic steroids and insulins which he used for muscle growth like mutants.

The estimate of Rich Piana net worth is about $4 Million which was calculated in 2017 before his death.

Early Life and Biography

Rich Piana was born on September 26, 1970 in Glendale, California, US. His father was from Italy and her mother was from Armenia, so he got the traits of both. Bodybuilding career of Rich Piana was started when he was just six years old and his family moved to

Sacramento at that time. He was a student of Encina Preparatory School and got his degree in 1988.

After his education, he got stuck into bodybuilding as for his passion. Then he started to workout on a daily basis in order to compete in contests. He just started weightlifting at the age of eleven and at the age of 16, Piana started to compete in bodybuilding contests.

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When Rich was in high school in his senior years, he used to live with his father in La Crescenta. At this time he won a lot of titles already, just at the age of 18. Most famous title for Rich Piana was Mr. Teen California which he won in 1989.

How Did Rich Piana Make Such Net Worth?

There is a long way how Rich Piana became a millionaire. By winning a lot of bodybuilding contests and NPC (National Physique Committee) and collaborations with many other bodybuilding organizations, he managed to be a millionaire. He got the title of NPC Mr. California after her two major wins in 1989 and 1998 contests.

Throughout the next two decades, the 1990s and 2000s, he continued his win streak by winning multiple competitions and championships by top positions as a result.

He won the NPC competitions as part of the 2003 Los Angeles Super Heavyweight which is one of the major wins.

He also won the title of 2009’s Sacramento and Border States Super Heavyweight divisions. To add more to his fame, he became the cover face of magazines like Ironman, UK Beef and Muscle Sport.

In the early 2000s, Piana was already earning more than $1 million from his positions in bodybuilding. He also started working as a stunt actor in the film industry. The first film that he had a stunt role in is “Planet of the Apes” in 2001.

A few years later, he got some supporting roles in the television series “Scrubs” and “Malcolm in the Middle”. From his work as a stunt actor in these and in many other television productions, Piana was able to make approximately $20k.

At the end of his career, Rich Piana became an author and started writing books and scripts for the TV series. Later in 2013, he became writer for the TV series “Mutant: Leaving

Humanity Behind”. All of the 6 long episodes were written by him and Rich was a star too. Apart from all of these films and web series, Piana also worked in many famous documentaries such as “Too Big for the World”, “Generation Iron 2”, “Rich Piana: The Final Season” and “SUPPS: The Movie”.


At the end of 2017, Rich Piana net worth is estimated to be about $4 Million which is huge. But he’s not anymore in this world to spend all of that. By the use of anabolic steroids in vast amounts, he died in 2017 with a heart attack.

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