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Terry Crews Net Worth

Terry Crews net worth

How much is Terry Crews net worth?

Net Worth $25 Million
Profession Bodybuilder, NFL Player, Professional Actor
Origin America
Birth Date July 30, 1968
Age 52
Last Updated 2022

Terry Crews is an artist, professional actor and a football player too. Also, he was well known for the show he hosted “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire”. That was a games based show and one of the most popular shows ever.

Crew also had appeared in many films including ‘Friday After Next’, ‘White Chicks’ and ‘Idiocracy’ etc. These movies were released in 2002, 2004 and 2006 respectively. But the main career of Crew was started as a football player in the NFL and after he decided to work as an actor for the rest.

Not just that, he is also well known because of her voiceovers in animated movies. These movies paid him a lot of net worth.

As of 2022, Terry Crews Net Worth is estimated to be about $25 Million which is huge.

Early Life & Biography

Terry Crews was born on 30 July 1968 in Flint, Michigan, US. His official name is Terry Alan

Crews given by his parents. He is the son of Terry Crews Senior while her mother’s name is Patricia Crews. Terry grew up in his mother’s hands and in a Christian household. His father was an alcoholic person, so his mother took the step to raise him on her own.

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Crews got a scholarship at the Interlochen Center for the Arts. His scholarship was followed by another, a football scholarship at Western Michigan University.

He was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in 1991 and started his football career after that before he started his career as an actor. His acting career was started in 1997.

Official Name Terry Alan Crews
Father’s Name Terry Crews Senior
Mother’s Name Patricia Crews

How Did Terry Make Such Net Worth?

His early career began as an actor in 1997. That was when he retired from his football career. Initially, he took the role of T-Money in the TV series named “Battle Dome” which was released in 1999.

Then the following year, he appeared on the big screen as he starred in “The 6th Day”. “Serving Sara”, “Friday After Next” and “Deliver Us From Eva”. All of these series were released in 2001, 2002, 2002 and 2003 respectively.


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Terry Crews’ face began to be seen everywhere on TV when he had roles in “White Chicks

(2004)”, “The Longest Yard (2005)”, and “Norbit (2007)”. One of the most famous roles of Terry is Hail Caesar in two sequels of Expendables and in a video game too which is based on this series.

Crews was also starred in three popular TV shows “Are We There Yet?”, “Arrested Development” and the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”. Last one is also his Golden Globe winning show. His entire family appeared on a show “The Family Crews”. That show was a reality show and he became a reality star by appearing in this show.

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In the same way, when he makes a Movie then Ice Cube help him to make an excellent movie.

The show “The Family Crews” was lasted for two seasons and started in 2010. This was started in collaboration with the BET Network. Moreover, Terry is also popular because of his voice overs. Most of his famous voice overs are in “American Dad!” and “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2”. Both of these projects were released in 2013.

He has also continued his game show hosting with Netflix on its reality-based series “Ultimate Beastmaster” which released on the screens in 2017. From this way, he had earned a huge net worth. Later in 2018, Terry appeared in the role of Bedlam in Deadpool 2. This role was performed alongside Ryan Reynolds who was the main star of the movie.

As a professional actor and a former footballer, Terry Crews Net Worth is approximately about $25 Million.

3  Success Lessons Given By Terry Crews

Now we have learned about his early life and the way how he achieved success. Now let’s have a look at 3 life lessons about success given by Terry.

1- Don’t Let Your Past Define You

Try to leave what happened in your past. We know better what our circumstances were at that time. We know ourselves better, this is the best thing in the world we have.

Just don’t let your past define you who you are. You are, what you are in the present and what you will be in the future. Your past is just a paper torn from the book of life. So through you sorrowful memories of the past in the bin like you throw a trash paper in the bin.

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2- It’s OK To Start Over

Just try to realize, if you’re moving the city, or have a break-up, or trying to start a business, if you realize that the change is not easy for you. Then don’t be worried, just recreate yourself in a while.

Your aim, the aim you want to reach, requires more of you, your potential to be fulfilled. Once you give more of you, you will make it happen what you want.

3- Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone (Work Out Of Comfort)

Getting out of your comfort zone means you have to do something risky. If you are not able to take the risks then how could you be successful in life? Question yourself before you have an aim.

By getting out of your comfort zone, you can do better things with your vast time. Bringing new ideas between the people and challenging yourself to be better more and more, is what you do. So don’t fear the change, just go with it.


Undoubtedly, Terry is one of the most influential people ever and one of the best actors in the industry. His collaborations with other superstars made him more popular and gained him a lot of net worth in the last two decades.

Annual Income Not Verified
Income Source Professional Actor
Still Alive Alive

In 2022, Terry Crews Net Worth is estimated to be about roughly $25 Million. In future we might see some increment in this wealth as of her businesses.

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