Molly Bloom Net Worth

Molly Bloom NET WORTH

What is Molly Bloom Net Worth? How much does she earn?

Net Worth $700 Thousand
Profession Professional Author/ Poker Host
Born On 21 April 1978
Origin America
Height 1.65 m
Last Updated 2022

Molly Bloom is one of the most famous authors of all time who belongs to the US. Besides being an author, she is a professional speaker and an entrepreneur too. Molly got fame when her memoir “Molly’s Game” was released and for running a high stakes poker tournament as a host.

This act of hers was attracted by some of the wealthy sports persons and some of the celebrities too. Not just that, the most famous book of Molly, which was best selling too, was taken for the film adaptation in 2017. The film was starring Jessica Chastain who was in the lead role.

As of 2022, Molly Bloom’s net worth is estimated to be about $700 Thousand which is huge for such a pious author.

Early Life and Biography

Molly Bloom was born on the 21st of April 1978 in Loveland, Colorado, US. Her father’s name is Larry Bloom while her mother’s name was Char Bloom. Moreover, she was the third child of her parents. If we talk about Molly’s parents, both of them are professionals in their fields. Larry is a clinical physiologist as well as a professor at Colorado State University.

If we talk about her mother, she is a ski and snowboarder and an instructor too. Molly’s elder brother is a surgeon while her younger brother is an NFL football player and also a part of one of the best teams, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Official Name Molly Bloom
Father’s Name Lary Bloom
Mother’ Name Clar Bloom
Siblings 3
Spouse Not Yet Married

The early life of Molly was spent in her hometown and she finished her educational career here. In the beginning, Molly attended the Loveland High School and joined the University of Colorado Boulder after graduation from the high school in 1996.

Four years of her life were spent in the university and in the end, Molly got the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Political Sciences in 2000. She started her career in two ways, as a writer and a skier as her younger brother.

How Did Molly Get So Rich?

As we know, many ups and downs are a part of our life. During the 1988 Winter Olympics,

Molly injured herself in a training session and this was the end of her ski career. Afterward, Molly moved to Los Angeles in 2004 and decided to start a career in business. Initially, she became a barmaid in a bar in Los Angeles.

After a few years, she met the owner of The Viper Room nightclub, Darin Feinstein. Also at the same time, she met Tobey Maguire who was an actor. This was the reason for Molly’s interest in the poker games. At first, Darin hired her to cater to the poker players and to manage the games. By doing this, she was earning around $10,000.

As we all know, Molly’s main career was hosting poker games. In this regard, she started her own company in 2008 and registered it with the official name “Molly Bloom Inc”. Molly managed to sign contracts with many catering companies and some other companies of related kinds.

Just in a few years, she went as high as $5 to $10 Million and many of the poker games hosted by her took place in mansions and the most expensive hotels. All of this gave Molly about $100,000 in a few months.

Not just that, by doing such a job, Molly now has connections with many of the big celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Macaulay Culkin, and many more celebrities.

From all of this work, Molly Bloom’s net worth is about $700 Thousand in 2022.


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Molly gained the title of “Poke Princess” in return for the passionate work she did at poker tournaments. Also, she is best known for this title. In the 2000s, she created her own company as she became a sensation of that time. Molly Bloom will always be remembered whenever the poker tournament happens.

As of 2022, Molly Bloom’s net worth is roughly about $700 Thousand which is huge and will grow more in the future.

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