Philip Pullman Net Worth 2024

Philip Pullman net worth

How much is Philip Pullman net worth?

Net Worth $20 Million
Age 74
Birth Date October 19, 1946
Country United Kingdom
Profession Author, Novelist
Last Updated 2022

Philip Pullman is a literary luminary whose rich tapestry of works, most notably the acclaimed “His Dark Materials” trilogy, has enchanted readers across the globe.

His storytelling prowess has not only earned him a place among the giants of contemporary literature but has also translated into commercial success.

This article explores Philip Pullman’s net worth, providing a window into the financial dimension of a career that has been both artistically rewarding and economically fruitful.

As we delve into Pullman’s literary achievements and the adaptations that have broadened his appeal, we’ll consider the various revenue streams—from book sales to film and television royalties—that have contributed to his wealth.

His narrative is a celebration of the written word and its power to captivate the imagination, as well as a case study in how intellectual property can yield significant financial returns.

Join us in uncovering the story behind Philip Pullman’s net worth, where the realms of fantasy and finance converge, highlighting the potential for authors to not only craft compelling universes but also build substantial legacies in both cultural impact and economic success.

Early Life and Biography

Sir Philip Pullman was born in Norwich, England on October 19, 1946 and the son of RAF pilot Alfred Outram Pullman and Audrey Evelyn Pullman. The family went with his dad’s work, including to Southern Rhodesia, however, the majority of his early stages were spent in Llanbedr in Ardudwy, Wales.

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When he was seven years old, His dad was killed in a plane accident in 1954 in Kenya. Pullman stated in 2008 that as a kid, he considered his dad to be a legendary and heroic character who devoted his life to his country and was awarded a medal by the British Government.

Pullman went to Taverham Hall School and Eaton House in his initial years, and from 1957 he was taught at Ysgol Ardudwy in Harlech, Gwynedd.

Around this time Pullman found John Milton’s Paradise Lost, which would turn into a significant impact for His Dark Materials.

From 1965, Pullman went to Exeter College, Oxford, getting a Third class BA in 1968. He found William Blake’s outlines around 1970, which would likewise later impact him extraordinarily.

Pullman showed low maintenance at Westminster College, Oxford, somewhere in the range of 1988 and 1996, proceeding to compose kids accounts. He started His Dark Materials around 1993.

The main book, Northern Lights, was distributed in 1995 (entitled The Golden Compass in the U.S., 1996). Pullman won both the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize and yearly Carnegie Medal, a comparative honor that creators may not win twice.

Philip Pullman was happily married to Judith Speller in 1970. Philip Pullman net worth is estimated to be $20 Million as of 2022.

Official Name Philip Pullman
Father’s Name Alfred Outram Pullman
Mother’s Name Audrey Evelyn Pullman
Sibling N/A
Spouse Judith speller (1970 to present)

Why Is Philip So Famous?

While Pullman is essentially known for his fantasy in His Dark Materials, he’s likewise composed plays, picture books, realistic fiction, mystery thrillers, historical fiction and numerous speeches.

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Of every one of his books, Pullman composes that his #1 series is The New Cut Gang, two books about a pack of road imps who experience a wide difficult situation in London, in 1892.

In 2008, Pullman drove a campaign against the presentation of age bands on the fronts of kids’ books. More than 1,200 writers, book retailers, artists, custodians and educators joined the mission; Pullman’s own distributor, Scholastic, consented to his solicitation not to put the age groups on his book covers.


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In 2014, Philip led and drove the Let Books Be Books mission to revoke kids’ books being named as “for young ladies” or “for young men”. No distributor should declare on the front of any book the kind of perusers the book would like. Allow the readers to choose for themselves.


Pullman has been a vocal campaigner on numerous political and book-related issues.

Throughout his career, he was one of the most influential and remarkable personalities, who led many campaigns to support his ideology.

His professional career is full of many successful and top-selling novels and plays. He has critical thoughts against religion and the Existence of God.

An Agnostic being implies the “I’m not sure”  category. Some writers criticized him for his killing God’s thoughts and labelled him as an anti-religious individual.

Sir Philip Pullman’s net worth is $20 Million and probably increased over time due to his investment and social services.

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