Brandon Sanderson Net Worth 2024

Brandon Sanderson net worth

How much is Brandon Sanderson net worth? How much does he earn?

Net Worth $7 Million
Profession Professional Author/ Writer
Birth Date 19 December 1975
Origin America
Height 1.75 m
Last Updated 2022

Brandon Sanderson is a titan in the realm of fantasy literature, renowned for his intricate world-building, innovative magic systems, and prolific writing pace.

As the author behind critically acclaimed series such as “Mistborn” and “The Stormlight Archive,” as well as for completing Robert Jordan’s epic “The Wheel of Time” series, Sanderson has secured his place among the greats in the genre.

This article takes a closer look at Brandon Sanderson’s net worth, offering insight into the financial success that can accompany literary acclaim and a dedicated fanbase in the world of modern publishing.

As we delve into Sanderson’s journey from an aspiring writer to a bestselling author, we’ll explore the key milestones in his career, the impact of his works on the fantasy landscape, and the various avenues through which his stories have generated income.

His story is one of creativity paired with a strategic approach to the business of writing, illustrating how talent and hard work can translate into both widespread readership and substantial financial rewards.

Join us as we examine the net worth of Brandon Sanderson, a master storyteller whose contributions to fantasy literature have not only enchanted readers around the globe but also carved out a lucrative niche in the competitive world of book publishing.

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Early Life And Fame

Brandon Sanderson was born on 19th of December 1975 in Lincoln, Nebraska, US.

Sanderson was raised by his parents along with his three siblings, Jordan, Jane and Lauren. As a teenager, his hobby was to read drama books and fantasy novels, which led him to become a passionate reader.

Official Name Brandon Sanderson
Spouse Emily Bushman
Siblings 3
Children 3

With the great passion of reading, soon he became a writer too. During the decade of 1980 to 1990, he tried to write some of his own novels as his passion. But after high school, he got admission in Brigham Young University in Biochemistry as his major subject. During the university session, Brandon took a break of 2 years in order to serve as a volunteer in the Latter-day Saints’ Church of Jesus Christ.

Later in 1998, Sanderson came back to the university and changed his subject to English literature.

In 2000, he got the degree of Bachelor in English Literature and got a degree of Master in English Literature in 2004. While he was studying English literature, Brandon joined the “Leading Edge” as a writer. This was a magazine related to fictional novels.

How Did Brandon Sanderson Make Such Net Worth?

Initially, Brandon got success because of the original trilogy. This trilogy includes ‘The Final Empire’, ‘The Well Ascension’ and ‘The Hero of Ages’. These three novels were published in 2006, 2007 and 2008 respectively.


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After the success of this trilogy, Brandon then decided to make ‘Wax and Wayne’, which will follow this original trilogy. So the first book out of the three books was released in 2011, ‘The Alloy of Law’.  Then the other two books of this series were released a little late in 2016,

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‘Shadow of Self’ and ‘The Bands of Mourning’. By 2010, Brandon was able to make $3 Million because of the sales and the commercials of the books. That was the time, when his career was at the peak position and his future plans of books were also going well.

In 2012, Brandon created his own Youtube channel and as of 2020, he was able to generate more than $100,000 per year just by his videos.

On his Youtube channel, a total of around 200 videos are being uploaded, Most of these videos include the writing techniques lectures and some live streams on writing sessions. A total of 10M views are now on the channel. So, Like Stephenie Meyer and Philip Pullman, Brandon became the richest Author in the world.

Besides all of this, Sanderson is one of the best creators of the fictional universe. His writings like ‘Elantris’, ‘Mistborn’ and ‘White Sand’ were among the best selling books of all time. As mentioned earlier, Brandon is a man of multiple talents. Besides being an author and a Youtuber, he is a teacher too.


Salary $7 Million
Earning Source Professional Author
Annual Income Over $100,000 (2020)
Still Alive Alive

Without any doubt, Brandon Sanderson is one of the most popular writers in the sense of creating fantasy stories and other stories of science fiction. Many of his books are the best sellers ever. As an author and a professional teacher, Brandon Sanderson net worth is estimated to be about $7 Million.

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