Edgar Allan Poe Net Worth 2024

Edgar Allan Poe Net Worth

What is Edgar Allan Poe net worth? How much does he earn?

Net Worth $20 Million
Profession Professional Writer
Born On 19 January 1809
Origin America
Height 1.73 m
Last Updated 2022

Edgar Allan Poe, the master of macabre and one of the most influential figures in American literature, left behind a legacy that continues to captivate the imaginations of readers and scholars alike.

His gothic tales and haunting poetry have cemented his status as a literary icon, but his life was also marked by financial struggle and personal tragedy.

This article delves into the net worth of Edgar Allan Poe, offering a glimpse into the economic realities faced by one of the 19th century’s most renowned writers.

As we explore the contrast between Poe’s critical success and his often-tumultuous financial circumstances, we’ll shed light on the challenges he encountered in earning a living as an author during his time.

His story serves as a poignant reminder of the historical context of literary pursuits and the value placed on creative work in different eras.

Join us as we examine the net worth of Edgar Allan Poe, whose rich contribution to the arts belies the monetary hardships he endured, providing a deeper understanding of the man behind the celebrated name.

Early Life and Biography

Edgar Allan Poe was born on 19 January 1809 in the US. He was the son of David Poe and

Elizabeth Poe. Both of his parents were actors and there was also a coincidence that both of Poe’s parents died just after three years of his birth. Then the future poet was raised by John Allan and his wife Frances in Virginia.

In 1826, Edgar took admission in the University of Virginia, which was just founded by

Thomas Jefferson. But the education career of Poe was very unfortunate and he got addicted to gambling and alcohol at the same time. Then his foster father refused to pay his university debts. In this regard, Poe was kicked out of the university.

When he got kicked out of the institute, Edgar made his way to Boston somehow in 1827. There he convinced a bookseller to publish his book of poetry which was a short book entitled “Tamerlane and Other Poems”.

Later Poe decided to join the US Army in order to meet his financial expenses. While Poe was in the training academy, he realized that the rules and discipline were not for him. He was unable to pay attention and got kicked out from there too. So at the age of 24, he started his proper career as a writer.

Writing Career Of Edgar Allan Poe

Poet’s career started as a writer in 1831 in Baltimore. When he moved to Baltimore to live with his relatives, he used to write short poetical poems and short stories to get some success.

In the decade of 1830s, Poe took part in some of the writing contests which were held by different newspapers and magazines.


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From there Poe was able to win $50 and got fame for his writing skills. Then in 1835, he began to write and publish articles for an influential magazine in Richmond, Virginia in Southern Literary Messenger.

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The owner of Messenger was well impressed by the writing skills of Poe and offered him to be an editor. This offer was later accepted by Poe. But this position proved to be unlucky for him. When Edgar returned to Baltimore, he was heavily addicted to alcohol and got fired from the job as well.

Later Poe got married to her cousin Virginia Clemm. And the owner of Messenger asks him to get back and do his job but the condition is to remain sober. But he got fired again due to writing some controversial books which were not allowed.

But Poe worked on some detective stories like “The Gold Bug” and “The Purloined Letter”. A decent amount of revenue was generated by these detective stories.

While he was on death bed, Edgar Allan Poe net worth was $20 Million.


Poe is considered to be one of the best literature creators today. His horror and detective short stories were worth reading and these short stories got him fame and wealth.

Net Worth $20 Million
Earning Sources Professional Writer
Marital Status Married (Spouse died in 1947)
Still Alive Died (1949)

Edgar Allan Poe net worth was calculated to be about $20 Million at the time of his death.

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