Michael Crichton Net Worth

Michael Crichton net worth

How much was the Michael Crichton net worth at the time of his death?

Net Worth $175 Million
Profession Professional Author/ Writer
Born On October 23, 1942
Origin America
Height 2.06 m
Last Updated 2022

Michael Crichton also known as John Michael Crichton was born on 23rd of October 1942. Michael was an American author who was well known in the field and also a filmmaker of a standard.

If we talk about his family, John was born in Chicago and raised with his three siblings including two sisters and a younger brother in Long Island. The marital life of Michael was fun to watch. He got married five times and divorced four times. Also, John had one daughter.

Moreover, Michael attended Harvard College and got the degree in summa cum laude in 1964.

For his initial career, he was the lecturer in Anthropology at the University of

Cambridge in the UK. Also, Michael was the travelling fellow of the Henry Russell Shaw for a short time from 1964 to 1965. Crichton graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1969 with a medical degree.

Official Name John Michael Crichton
Spouse Joan Radam (1965-1970), Kathy St. Johns (1978-1980), Suzanne Childs (1981-1983), Anne Marie Martin (1987-2003), Shem Alexander (2005)
Children 2
Siblings 3

You surely know about the famous “Jurassic Park”. The story of it was written by Crichton in his book also named ‘Jurassic Park’ and further the story was taken for a film. Crichton was also involved in co-writing some famous screenplays like ‘Twister’.

He was diagnosed with cancer and died on November 4, 2008. Crichton was 66 years old when he died. At the time of his death, Michael Crichton net worth was roughly about $175 Million.

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‘Next’ By Michael Crichton

One of Michael’s most famous writings was ‘Jurassic Park’ which was like a storm in the 90s. In this regard, Crichton was considered the master writer of mixing the possibilities of modern things with old age things.

The book ‘Next’ was based on the genetic engineering of a human. Crichton points out some facts on the topic of testing of genetics experiments and ownership of humans. There were many pros and cons of the book which are given below.

Some Pros

  1. Crichton knows how to write a page and then a page turner following the previous facts. It did not matter even if the character was sloppy or the plot was sloppy.
  2. ‘Next’ was targeting modern research and criticizing it as it is like a corrupt business.
  3. The articles related to science were mixed with the novel and this was fun to read for the reader.

Some Cons

  1. The memorable and main characters were a talking parrot and a kind of chimpanzee mixed with a human. This thing was weird to see.
  2. The main plot of animals or humans involved those which are merely existent or totally non-existent. These kinds of animals were the topic to serve.

Also there are several descriptions of the book which are given below.

  1. Do you have a wish or a will to blame your genes on any of your bad behavior? If you were able to change the genes then how much can you pay for it? Or any corporation would be able to find a cure of this, but at which cost?
  2. A character, monkeyboy, a human or a chimpanzee? Would his father take the responsibility of raising him?
  3. Ever wonder if a talking parrot knows what he is speaking? Would you allow him to talk about everything and everyone he heard?
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No doubt, Michael Crichton was one of the most generic writers of all the time. All the credit goes to his works like ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Next’ which are some of the most famous books of the 90s. These writings are also taken for the movies. Jurassic Park is now a well known series among kids as it has been filmed.

Total Earning $175 Million
Earning Source Professional Author/ Writer
Annual Income Not Yet Verified
Still Alive Died (2008)

At the time of his death on 4th of November 2008, Michael Crichton net worth was calculated to be about $175 Million. Still an amount of revenue is going to some charity places that is still coming from his writings.

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