Preet Bharara Net Worth

Preet Bharara Net Worth

How much is Preet Bharara net worth? How much does he earn?

Net Worth $1 Million
Profession Former Federal Prosecutor
Born On 13 October 1968
Origin Indian Born, American
Height 1.83 m
Last Updated 2022

Preet Bharara was born on 13th of October 1968 in India. His official name is Preetinder Singh Bharara but the world knows him by his name Preet Bharara. As for now, Preet is a lawyer in America, an author and a former federal prosecutor.

As of 2022 Preet Bharara net worth is estimated to be about $1 Million.

Early Life and Biography

As mentioned earlier, Preet was born with an official name of Preetinder Singh Bharara in

1968 in Firozpur, Punjab, India. His father was a Sikh by his religion while his mother was a Hindu. So both of Preet’s parents’ religion was different but they married as Sikhism and Hinduism are similar for them at some point.

When Bharara was in his childhood, his family moved to Monmouth County, N.J. And he was raised in Eatontown. As a child, he got his education in a private school named Ranney School. This was located near Tinton Falls.

Afterwards, Bhrara attended Harvard College from where he got his graduation degree in magna cum laude in almost 1990. Then he also attended Columbia Law School. He was a member of the Columbia Law Review after his graduation from this school in 1993.

Beginning Of Career In NY and Washington

Preet was in service with the chief Sen. Charles Schumer in New York. In this way he played a major role in the US Senate Judiciary Subcommittees investigations in the case of George W. Bush administration’s firing of the attorneys of the United States.

Preet Bharara was an assistant US attorney in Manhattan for five years from 2000 to 2005. His main actions were the prosecution of the criminal cases against the Gambino bosses and the Colombo crime family. He was also involved in the cases of Asian gangs who were causing trouble.

In his whole career, he prosecuted numerous cases involving racketeering, some securities frauds, money laundering of ministers and organized cases of murders and multiple thefts.

When Obama Names Him US Attorney

On May 15, 2009, US President Obama nominated Preet Bharara for the post of US

Attorney in the region of South District of New York. And in no time, he was confirmed by the US Senate. So he was in charge of the office with over 450 employees. These 450 employees also include about 200 attorneys.

May 2001 was the year when one of the biggest achievements or a victory was there for Bharara’s office. This victory came with the conviction of fund billionaire Raj Rajaratnam on the inside trading charges. According to this conviction, Bharara was certified as the top law enforcer on Wall Street.

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Later in 2012, Preet’s office settled a case of the civil fraud suit against CitiMortgage. With this he also targets the criminal activities of the poker operations. Against some internet criminals, Bharara used a complex fraud unit to crack them down.

On June 3, 2012, an opinion essay or the article was published in NY Times. In that article, Bharara makes noise about the gathering of cyber threats.

Summing Up

Bharara is a member of the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee and serving as the

Chair of its Subcommittee on white-collar fraud. Not just that, he is also the co-chair of the Securities Working Groups. Along with that, he also worked for the Commodities Fraud Working Group.

Preet Bharar became a citizen of the US in 1980. It was at the age of 12 when he got the nationality of the US. As he was just 12, so he didn’t give the neutralization test. But as for the fun he is fond of telling people that, “I think I could have done well in that too”.

Preet Bharar is also an author as we mentioned in the start. His first book was “Doing Justice: A Prosecutor Thought on Crime, Punishment and the Rule of Law”.

Net Worth $1 Million
Earning Source Former Federal Prosecutor
Annual Income N/A
Still Alive Alive

As of 2022, for being a law enforcer and a prosecutor, Preet Bharara net worth is roughly estimated to be about $1 Million. If you have any query about our entire article, Leave a comment below. Otherwise, our net worth planet team suggest you read about Lionel Shriver

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