Lionel Shriver Net Worth

Lionel Shriver Net Worth

What is Lionel Shriver net worth?

Net Worth $12 Million
Profession Professional Writer
Born On 18 May 1957
Origin America
Height N/A
Last Updated 2022

Lionel Shriver was conceived by Margaret Ann Shriver on May 18, 1957, and is an American creator and columnist and Lionel Shriver net worth is about $12 million. Lionel Shriver was brought into the world in Gastonia, North Carolina.

Her folks named her Margaret Ann, however she lawfully changed her name to Lionel when she was 15 since she felt that a generally male name fit her fiery girl character better. Shriver’s dad was a Presbyterian minister, however, she didn’t accept Christianity.

Lionel Shriver is an American creator and writer who lives in the United Kingdom and has a total Net Worth of $12 million dollars, starting in 2022. Her book “We Need to Talk About Kevin” won the Orange Prize for Fiction in 2005 and was made into a film in 2011.

Shriver received her four-year certification from Barnard College and a Masters of Fine Arts from Columbia University.

Shriver lives in London. In 2012 she turned into a British resident. She is hitched to jazz drummer Jeff Williams. Columnists frequently get some information about a portion of her wellness propensities.

She runs 10 miles each and every other day and just eats one supper each day. She likewise bicycles around the city. Shriver is controlled in alternate manners too, for example, deciding not to utilize the warmth in her apartment.

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Writing Career

Shriver published seven books, beginning in 1986, preceding her eighth novel, We Need to Talk about Kevin, which became well known and acquired recognition. She alludes to the period before Kevin as a “virtual lack of clarity,” however has remarked on how those years were liberating in a manner since nobody minded what she was saying.

Shriver has additionally composed for The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The New York Times, and The Economist. She started composing a section for The Guardian in 2005.

Books By Lionel

  • 1986 – The Female of the Species
  • 1987 – Checker and the Derailleurs
  • 1990 – The Bleeding Heart
  • 1992 – Ordinary Decent Criminals
  • 1994 – Game Control
  • 1996 – A Perfectly Good Family
  • 1997 – Double Fault
  • 2003 – We Need to Talk About Kevin
  • 2007 – The Post-Birthday World
  • 2010 – So Much for That
  • 2012 – The New Republic
  • 2013 – Big Brother: A Novel


As the 2016 featured subject matter expert at the Brisbane Writers’ Festival, Shriver gave a questionable discourse about social allocation.

Shriver had recently been reprimanded for her portrayal of Latino and African-American characters in her book The Mandibles, which was depicted by one pundit as bigoted and by another as politically misinformed.

In her Brisbane discourse, Shriver challenged these reactions, contending that allegations of bigotry and social appointment were equivalent to control and that all authors should be qualified for composing according to any point of view, race, sex or foundation that they pick. The full content of her discourse was distributed in the British paper The Guardian.

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In June 2018, she condemned an exertion by the distributor Penguin Random House to broaden the writers that it distributed and better address the populace, saying that it focused on the variety over quality and that an original copy “composed by a gay transsexual Caribbean who exited school at seven” would be distributed “regardless of whether the said composition is an indistinguishable, monotonous, wandering and torpid heap of blended paper reusing”.

Penguin Random House advertiser and creator Candice Carty-Williams reprimanded the proclamations.

Because of her remarks, Shriver was dropped from passing judgment on a rivalry for the magazine Mslexia.

Activism And Summary

She censured the American wellbeing framework in a meeting in May 2010 while at the Sydney Writers’ Festival in Australia, wherein she said she was “exasperated with how clinical issues were run in my nation” and thinks that she is taking “my life in my grasp.

Most I consider in my grasp since, in such a case that I go astray on my bicycle and get arrived behind schedule by taxi, I could lose all that I have. She is a supporter of the UK populace development rate concern bunch Population Matters.

In a meeting on Newsnight on BBC Two on the evening of 17 December 2012, she was interrogated concerning the issue of whether the United States should change firearm control laws after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and she said the adversaries of weapon control feel that it is a way for the person to offset the force of the state, which she believes is a “dream” and a “craziness”.

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Lionel Shriver’s net worth is estimated to be about $12 Million as of 2022.

Annual Salary Under Review
Earning Source Former Federal Prosecutor
Start Career Year N/A
Still Alive Alive

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