Joyce Meyer Net Worth

Joyce Meyer NET WORTH

What is Joyce Meyer’s net worth? How much does she earn?

Net Worth $10 Million
Profession Professional Author
Birth Date June 4, 1943
Origin America
Height 1.71 m
Last Updated 2022

Joyce Meyer is one of the famous American authors, a prestigious teacher of the Bible, and a speaker of Christians. Joyce Meyer is also known by her full name, Paulina Joyce Meyer. She was not limited to the author profession, rather Joyce was popular because of her multiple appearances on the radio show and television in the US.

Moreover, Joyce Meyer is also the president of the “Joyce Meyer Ministries”. This is the project made of various ways to study the Bible, conferences on study of Bible and TV shows to some extent.

As of 2022, Joyce Meyer’s net worth is approximately about $10 Million which is huge.

Early Life and Biography

Joyce Meyer was born on June 4, 1943, in Saint Louis, Missouri, US. There is a little bit of information about her family is available. Her younger sibling served in the US Army and died soon during his service.

He was found dead in an abandoned building by an unknown man and the reason for his death is not yet known.

Paulina’s father was also a World War II veteran who fought fearlessly in World War II. In an interview with Joyce, he accused her father of sexually harassing her after returning from the war.

For early education, Joyce attempted the O’Fallon High School which was located in her hometown. Moreover, she dropped her first name “Paulina” before she became twenty for some reason. After high school, Mayer graduated in 1961.

In 1962, she got married to a car salesman and this marriage lasted for five years and the couple got separated. Later in 1967, she met with Dave Meyer who was an engineering draftsman of that time. They got married in the same year and now Joyce has four children. Two of them are daughters and two are sons.


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Siblings 1
Children 4
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How Did Joyce Get So Rich?

Joyce was one of the New York Times best-selling authors who have earned a bundle of money from their books. Not just that, a massive revenue of her was generated from her company. In the early 1970s, she became part of the “Our Savior Lutheran”. Initially, she was teaching Bible at local shops of food or cafeteria types.

Later Meyer became the associative pastor of the church and was able to start a broadcast on a local radio station. These broadcasts were usually 15 minutes long.

In the next decade of the 1980s, she resigned from the post of associative pastor and started her own business.

At that time, Joyce started her ministry by the name, “Life in the Word”. When the foundation was completely formed, Meyer managed to air her radio show on the six radio stations. These radio stations were from Kansas City to Chicago.

In the last decade of the 20th century, Joyce started a TV ministry by the idea of her husband. This was on the air from the Chicago’s Superstation WGN-TV and BET Television. These shows are still airing successfully.

Moreover, The Christian TV series and the radio show are still on the air. Both of these things were started in 1997. Joyce was also able to sign a contract with Syndication Network, by which she is still earning $3 Million per year.

As of 2022, as a professional author and the famous TV and radio personality, Joyce Meyer’s net worth is estimated to be about $10 Million.

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There is no doubt that Joyce Meyer is one of the most influential personalities who belong to America. She was best known for many of her publications and the various ways to teach the Bible.

Also, Joyce managed to make her ministry and ruled her for a long time in the past. Still many of her books are generating decent revenue and a great amount of money is also coming from her businesses.

As a professional author, Joyce Meyer’s net worth is about $10 Million in 2022. There is a fact that the amount is growing because of her company and other businesses.

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