Charles de Lint Net Worth

Charles de Net Worth

How much is Charles de Lint net worth? How much does he earn?

Net Worth $20 Million
Profession Professional Author
Born On December 22, 1951
Origin Netherlands
Height N/A
Last Updated 2022

Charles de Lint is one of the famous writers of Canadian nationality. He is best known for the writings of books having genres like urban fantasy, magical fantasy and mythic fiction. In simple words, Charles is the writer of novels, novellas, poetical books and short stories.

So if you are a fantasy lover, you probably need to have a look at his writings. Some of the famous works of Charles include a series of books, “Dreams Underfoot, The Blue Girl, Moonlight and Vines, Moonheart, The Onion Girl etc”.

Moreover some of the children’s books are “The Mystery of Grace, A Circle of Cats and The Painted Boy”. Charles de Lint got the inspiration of writing these kinds of realistic novels from some of the famous writers like E. R. Edison, William Morris and James Branch Cabell. Surprisingly, some of de Lint’s poetry is available for free on ‘Endicott Studio’ website, which is based on mythic fiction.

As of 2022, Charles de Lint net worth is estimated to be about $20 Million which is huge.

Early Life and Biography

Charles de Lint was born on 22nd of December 1951 in Bussum, Netherlands. But he got Canadian nationality as his family emigrated to Canada when Charles was just four months old. So he grew up in Canada and now has two nationalities, one of Canada and the other of Netherlands in which he was born. Charles also lived in the capital of Canada, Ottawa when he became 11.

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Later in 1974, Charles met MaryAnn Haris who is a music artist and they got married after some years of working together in 1980. If we talk about now, both of them are living in Ottawa. Not just a music artist but MaryAnn is a business manager and an editor too. This first editor was Harris who edited the first ever fiction of de Lint.

Official Name Charles de Lint
Father’s Name Under Review
Mother’s Name Under Review
Spouse MaryAnn Harris
Siblings Under Review
Children Under Review

How Did Charles Get So Rich And Famous?

If we talk about his writing career, Charles started writing in 1983. Since then he became a full-time writer and during his lifetime career, he published over 71 books, which makes him one of the richest and most popular writers of the century.

A total of 40 books were published between 1984 and 1997. Three of his novels which are horror were published under the supervision of Samuel M. Key. Also a famous book for children “A Circle of Cats” was published by Charles which was illustrated by Charles Vess who is a fantasy artist and writer too.

The most famous genre of Charles, modern fantasy, which is based on the combination of the real world with ‘otherworld’. This genre allows the natural things to combine with some of the supernatural or unrealistic fictional things.


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Recent works of Charles de Lint include some of the adult novels. Two of them are “The Mystery of Grace” and “The Painted Boy” which were published in 2009 and 2010 respectively. Both of the above novels were all set in the fictional version of the Southwestern US town named Santa Vado Viejo.

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If we talk about de Lint as a musician, he plays Irish and Celtic music with his wife. Moreover, he has mastered many of the musical instruments and he writes song lyrics too other than singing someone else’s lyrics.

The first music album of de Lint was released in 2011 with the name “Old Blue Truck”. This album was just released with the release of the “Crow Girls” album by his wife MaryAnn. The wife of Charles was the biggest contributor for him in the field of music.


So there is no doubt that Charles de Lint is one of the finest writers in the world. Most of his writings include the genre of fantasy and mythic fiction. To some extent he wrote adult novels like “Little (Grrl) Lost”. Charles also had proved his ability as a musical artist with the release of his musical album “Old Blue Truck”.

As of 2022, Charles de Lint net worth is estimated to be about $20 Million which is huge. There will be further increment in this wealth for sure in near future.

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