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Redman Net Worth

Redman Net Worth

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Modern leads are very leading among beings. They reach the peaks of their success by entertaining the people. In this article, you will read about Redman Net Worth, early life, and Career Life. Redman is an American singer, rapper, and musician.

Along with his wealth, you must read about 21 Savage and Lil Xan, both are the famous musician.

Early Life And Biography

Officially Redman is his frame name although his real title is Reginald Noble. Born on April 17, 1970, in New York, America. Subsequent to completing the school-level studies he elected to go to the University level. When he fell out of university at that time he becomes choose to exist with his mom.

When he comes back home, he starts selling cocaine and his mom kicked him out of the home. Later at the age of 18, he starts working as a DJ at different parties in New York and New Jersey.

Erick Sermon was a person who can discover and recognized his talent first. And this person helps the Redman to make him famous.

So, Erick decided to support him because Erick knew that Redman is a very talented boy.

Erick Sermon is also a great rapper from America, and he has his own recording label named “EPMD.” And Redman joins them when the label went for a tour he works as they needed the work.

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Once Erick invites the Redman to perform his song. And this was his life-changing step and he starts his career officially after it. Also, Erick collaborates with Redman to record his first song. 

Mother Name Darlene Noble
Father Name Eddie Noble
Siblings Rosalyn Noble
Martial Status Married
Spouse Robert Glenister ​ ​ ( m. 1984; div. 1992)​ Damian Schnabel ​ ( m. 2010)​
Son Name
Najeé Stevenson’s
Daughter Name Will Update

How did Redman become so famous and how to make net worth?

Redman is a rapper from America. And he got his fame with the help of his great companion and his teacher named Erick Sermon. This was very kind to him and he helped him so much to attain this goal today.

He works with Erick under his musical band EPMD. After joining this group he has works as the band wants and needed. He got his fame under the working of this band.

How Redman makes Net Worth in his life?
Redman is an American great rapper and musician. He introduced by Erick Sermon.

Because in his early career he works with Erick’s band EPMD. And the group was helped him to get familiar with the people. Redman Net Worth is $10 Million USD.

Erick introduced him to the people and he realized that first that he will be a great rapper in the future.

Redman Net Worth is $10 Million. And he collects all of his wealth with the help of his great companion Erick, who has introduced him to the public. He is still working in the industry and will gain his wealth.

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What makes it so successful?

Redman is a very successful rapper in the industry. Erick Sermon is a person who is a very popular rapper in the industry.

He has his own music band named “EPMD.” This is a very popular band in New York, New Jersey. Redman joins them and starts working with them.

In 1990, he starts performing under the and EPMD hip-hop band. When Erick listens to his voice he realized that he will become a great one day. So he starts polishing him and starts working on his hidden skills.

Once Redmon was with the band and Erick invites him on the stage and he asks him to perform his song. So Redmon took a chance and performed well. From that time Redmon becomes famous among the people.

In the same way, Skooly and Slim Jesus earn a lot of money from several sources. Today they become the most famous musician. Redman is also the richest musician.

With a successful career life, he gets almost 1.5m followers on Instagram whose profile name is @redmangilla.

Album List:

In 1992, he released his first music collection called “Whut? Thee Album” and this was with the collaboration of Erick Sermon. Erick helps him a lot to get his familiarity. And he is the main reason for his success.

Later in, 1994, he released his second collection of the songs called “Dare Iz A Darkside.” And this collection gained great popularity among the people. The most popular single from this collection was “Rockafella.”

Later in 1996, he has been released another album titled “Muddy Waters.” This album from a great singer was very successful and he got many positive reviews at that time from the public.

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After this great release, in 1998, he released a collection called “El Nino.” And in 2000, he released another album known as “Doc’s Da.” Later in 2001, he released his great hit called “Malpractice.”

So, in 2007 he has released another music album called “Red Gone Wild; Thee Album.” After it, in 2009 he published his huge hit named “Blackout.” This album collaborated with the great rapper named Method Man.”

Later in 2010, he delivered his collection titled “Redman Presents: Reggie.” And after the break of five years in 2015, he published his album called “Mudface.” Along with it, he has released his collection of songs named “Muddy Waters, Too.” 

Annual Salary $825,000
Earning Point Rapping, Singing
Working in Industry Since 1990
Still Alive Yes

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