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21 Savage Net Worth

21 Savage Net Worth

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Most people want to know about 21 Savage net worth and some amazing facts about his life. This article is going to answer these questions.

21 Savage is an American rapper who became very famous when he released his mix-tapes: “The Slaughter Tape” and “Slaughter King”. The expected idea about his net worth is around $1 million, as of 2022.

Early Life and Biography

The full name of 21 Savage is “Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph”, who was born on October 22, 1992, in Dominica. His mother’s name was “Heather”, who was also born and raised in Dominica, then she raised 21 Savage and his four brothers and six sisters.

We do not know very much about his father, and we only know that his father came from “Haiti”, and he was a crack dealer. Most people think that his mother raised her children, and she moved to America.

Whenever Shayaa talked about his father, he was very reluctant to share about his father because his father had never been a part of his life, and Shayaa used to claim that his mother has only been the one who always encouraged him.

Due to the violent behavior, he could not finish his school, and once he also entered a school with a gun. The most interest was in the music field, and he did not want to finish high school.

Awards and Achievements

When he was shot which almost ended his life, he decided to turn his whole attention to the music. Shayaa realized that it is the best way to be recognized.

The career was started by recording HD music at Patchwork Studios. At that time, he was noticed by a very important Atlanta rapper whose name was “Key”.

After that, he was introduced to some major producers, and at that time, his life changed very much regarding his career. In 2014, a producer called “DJ Plugg” released his debut single called “Picky”, and it made him very famous.


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The first mix-tape released his first single, and it became with the name of “The Slaughter Tape”. To attribute to a close fellow rapper “Gucci Mane”, he released an EP “Free Guwop”, and it collaborated with another rapper “Sony Digital”.

The aim of 21 Savage that he wants to become the best and successful recording artist in the life of Lil Xan and Kendrick Lamar.

Shayaa also became one of the members of “Freshman Class” by “XXL” was a very prominent American hip-hop magazine.

Another EP called “Savage Mode” was released with the collaboration of a rapper and producer Metro Boomin. This EP became very famous and a big hit on the Billboard 200 chart.

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How did 21 Savage become so famous and how to make net worth?

The expected idea about 21 Savage net worth is around $1 million, as of 2022.

Shayaa finished his first studio album called “Issa” and it became at the top of the US Billboard Chart-at No 2. This was all due to his new hit single from the album called “Bank Account”.

How he makes a Rapper Group for doing Shows?
As all people know that he was very genius and he pursued his career in the music field in a very good manner, so he was surrounded by a group of rappers who were also a very genius, and these were: Mookie Madri Ga, Young Nuda, and Lotto Savage.

They used to call themselves “Slaughter Gang”.

What makes it so successful?

There is a talk that he is a religious person, but not in the usual way. His beliefs are connected to his African roots.


The religion was known as the “Yoruba” religion because the roots are in Nigeria. Most information is on the Media that he is currently dating Amber Rose, who is an American model and an actress.

In her attitude, there is a lot of controversies, and it causes a lot of problems. When he was shot, then he hardy survived.

Shayaa has a very unique tattoo on his forehead. The tattoo of a dagger between his eyes is in the memory of his deceased brother “Quantivayus”, who also had a similar tattoo on his face. His brother died in a shooting and then decided not to pursue crimes anymore.

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On the other side, Savage has the best ever rappers to perform as well as Kevin gates and Skooly all-rounder the entire field as an Artist, singer and American rapper.

Some rumors are also there that Drake, who is a famous Atlanta rapper, bought him a red Ferrari for his 24th birthday. He did this all for the sake of signing a deal with him to produce a label called “OVO Sound”.

Annual Salary $6 million
Earning Point Rapping, various endeavours
Working in Industry Since 014
Still Alive Yes

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