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Lil Xan Net Worth

Lil Xan Net Worth

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Modern stars are very chic and very sumptuous amongst the spirits from their individual manners. They pull people by their celebration of assisting the people. In this article, you will read about Lil Xan Net Worth, Early Life, and Career Life.

He is one of the most famous which has Latin roots. In his past, he was a drug addict. Also, there are so many interesting things that great rappers have their own.

Early Life And Biography

Lil Xan was born as Nicholas Diego Leanos was born on September 06, 1996, in Redlands, California. He is now 24 years old young boy.

He spent his childhood in many difficulties. Because his parent was very poor and they were not able to manage all those things which a child wants.

His parents have come here from Mexico. And if we can say that he is a popular musician and rapper who has Latin roots. He is not a much-educated boy. He left his school at low-level studies.

When he left school so he stayed at home freely. But his home situation was not very stable. So he decided to do something which helps him to some living. 

During Study, Skooly and Slim Jesus start their career life because they belonged to a middle-class family. Similarly, Lil faces problems at an early age.

In depression, he addicted to drugs. And he was going to the destruction road of his life. After it, he does a job as a cleaner in the streets. Then he has done a job as a Photographer. But he quit it soon. Later, he chooses that he has to become a rapper. And he works on it.

How Much is Lil Xan Net Worth?

Lil Xan is a poor boy from his childhood. Because his parents were very poor and they did not afford those things which a child wants. So, he left his school and stayed at home.

When he left his school he was free and not do anything. So, he starts using drugs. After this serious situation, his friends help him to get rid of this thing.

How he start a Professional Singing Career?
Lil Nax was a very poor boy, he was kicked out from school.

And he decided to live with mom. But later he starts using drugs, so his mom kicked him out from home too. He starts his work on his career and got his familiarity.

Later, he starts working on his rapping career and starts released his songs and albums. Also, he has released his mixtapes which makes him more popular among the people.

Lil Xan Net Worth is $3 Million. All secrets which make him popular and wealthy, we are discussed with you. And we are presumed that the great superstar will raise his familiarity and wealth as with the entrance of time.

How Much has Lil Xan Earned from Career Life?

In 2016, he decided to come into the music industry. And he starts on his debut projects at that time. When he enters it his friends gave him the nickname Lil Xan. And now this is his brand name and he is much popular among the people by his this nickname.

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Because when he left his school he used drugs and one of them was Xanax. So from this drug which he used his friends were given him the nickname Xan.


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In 2016, he released his first debut song titled “Xanny Montoya.” 

Extended Plays:

After gaining success from this great collection he starts working on his next projects. In the same year, he released his first debut EP. called “CITGO.”

When he released his EP. CITGO gained huge popularity among the people. In June 2017, he released his second EP. named “Tootache.” This was a great hit that recognized his talent.

He got his fame from his first releases which makes him popular among the people. Later he released his Extended plays called “Fireworks.” And this song released in 2019.

Album List:

Later in summer 2017, he published his first music video called “Betrayed.” This music video gave him great fame. And he reaches the peak of success.

Especially this song was very famous on Youtube and Soundcloud. And till now this video has more than 254 million views on Youtube. And this video has is on the way to success.

In 2018, he released his first music collection of songs titled “Total Xanarchy.” This was a great video which makes him more popular among the people. This song released under the care of the “American Record Label known as Columbia Records.

Also, he named the album “No Love”, because he makes a song with his own name on this album. Later he changed the name of this album to “Total Xanarchy.”

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He makes collaboration with Diplo. Diplo is also a great and very famous American DJ, who has worked hard to gain his fame. By their hard work, the album has gone on 10th position in Billboard 200.

His second album is not delivered yet but we are expected that his second album name will be “Be Safe.” Because a great American rapper Mac Miller told these words to Xan so he decided to take these words as the name of his recording.

Mixtape List:

In 2018, he released the mixtape named “Heartbreak Soldiers.” After it, in 2019, he released his second mixtape called “Heartbreak Soldiers part 2.”

These are both of the mixtapes which earned great fame for Lil Xan. Both of the mixtapes were released under the Columbia records. And both were gained huge popularity among the people.

Also, Rae Sremmurd and Kevin Skinner launched a lot of albums because they want to become a famous singer. So, they upload many songs on Youtube and earn some money from Youtube.

Annual Salary $140.7K
Earning Point Rapping
Working in Industry Will Update
Still Alive Yes

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