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Tariq Nasheed Net Worth

Tariq Nasheed NET WORTH

How Much Is Tariq Nasheed Net Worth?

Net Worth $3 Million
Real Name Tariq Allah Nasheed
Date of Birth July 01, 1974
Birth Place Michigan, America
Profession TV Celebrity/Musician/Entrepreneur/Film Producer
Age 47
Height 1.96 m
Country United States of America

Tariq Nasheed is a super great character pouring heavily for the rising outlook. This article will be about Tariq Nasheed Net Worth, Early Life, and Career Life.

During his all career life he has worked hard to attain his goals also he has his own company named Dollaz Unlimited.

Early Life And Biography

Accurately, a tagged American Entrepreneur and Film Producer was born Tariq Nasheed on July 01, 1974, in America.

He is a great American film producer, author, Entrepreneur, and Musician. With his mother and grandmother, he was shafted to Birmingham, Alabama. And there he completed his studies.

If we talk about his student life, so he has completed his education at West End High School. He completed his graduation degree from this college in 1997. After it, he jumped into the working industry and starts learning the skills which he wants.

Along with his film-producing work, he has written some great books about relationships.

And his all the fame comes from the authoring of the books and the film producing as producer.

This is not enough in his career life he is also a very great motivational speaker who traveled in North America. He visits various colleges of the state and speaks about sex and dating life.

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Hos all the speakings are listened by the students as in careful mode and they have created the best thoughts about his speakings.

From his little, he thinks big and wants to become a rich and popular person in his future life.

So at the age of 17, he made his own money for the plane ticket and he moved to Los Angelos. There he worked for his great career.

How did Tariq Nasheed Become So Famous and how to Make Net Worth?

Tariq is a person who struggled for a bright future from his early life. At the age of 17, he traveled to Los Angelos and learned his skill there.

After it, he starts working in the industry as an author and a great producer.

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Tariq Nasheed is a person who was a will power to attain his all the goals of the life. So, due to this reason, he starts his struggle at a little age and worked for a bright future.

Later he has written the books. All the books were about relationships.

 Also, he has produced great films which are much popular.

Tariq Nasheed Net Worth is $3 Million. He has an ability who has tried hard in the industry and collects all the wealth.

He wrote great books which makes him much famous among the people. In 2013, he write the film “Dark Medicine”. And this was a very great film of that time.

After it, he has worked for the great films producing industry. And he has made his name in this great industry,

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Tariq Nasheed Net Worth is $3 Million. He is quite operating for higher elevation in his field. Moreover will improve the income using the period.

What Makes It So Successful? 

Tariq traveled to Los Angelos at the age of just 17. So he learned all the skills there also worked for his bright future to attain all the goals of life.

At the start days of his shift to LA, he realized that he needs to work hard. And he thoughts that what he needs to make himself. So what he is now he realized at that time in LA.

Also, he has worked in films and wants to become popular. Along with them he has made his producing industry and worked as a producer.

In 2011, he has produced the film called “Hidden Colors.” Later in 2012, he has produced the film titled “Hidden Colors 2.”

After it, he has worked for the film “Dark Medicine” in 2013. And this was written by himself.

In 2014, he has worked on the film named “Hidden Colors 3.” And in 2016, he has produced the film called “Hidden Colors 4.”

Later in 2019, he has produced the film titled “Hidden Colors 5.”

Also, in 2022 he has worked for the film called “Buck Breaking.”


In 2000, he has wrote his debut book named “The Art of the Mackin.” So after this book, he writes more and more and gained fame among the people.

This book was sold out up to 250,000 copies at that time. And was the best-selling book of the era.

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In 2004, another book was released and this was about the relationship that how the women get the men well.

Later he has written some books about relationships and these all were about the great dating life.

In 2008, he has published his book named “The Art of Gold Digging.”

Later he has written the film titled the “Dark Medicine.”

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