Gina Loudon Net Worth 2024

Gina Loudon Net Worth

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Popular As Gina Gentry
Occupation AuthorCommentator
Age 59 years old
Zodiac Sign Aries
Born 21 March 1962
Birthday 21 March
Birthplace Missouri, United States
Nationality American

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Early life,

Gina was born on 27 January 1968 in Missouri, America. She get admission to a university but due to political reasons, she was excluded from university.

She gets his degree after a couple of years. She received two Master’s degrees and a PH.D, her subject is, Communications, psychology, and Design.

Gina is not only an educated woman she is also a great dancer. She loves dancing during her study in school she participates is functions and she was a cheer leader.

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Gina started her career as a writer in Tea Party with Andrew Breitbart. Gina is considered the founding 100-member, the conservative moment called Tea Party.

In a radio talk show, she works as a host on KJSL. After attending this show she get a job for WYDE-FM, as a host of a talk show on radio, and after getting the job she with her family shifted to Alabama.

In a short period of time, she hosts her most successful show ‘Dr.Gina’ which is the most selling show.

Later she host a TV show with her husband on ABC’s show wife Swap, but she did not like this and she hate this kind of lifestyle. Gina is the first person who left this show.

In 2016 Gina with her husband was National Delegates at the Republican National Convention for the current President of the United State of America Donald J. Trump.

Gina is also a book writer she wrote books, Mad Politics, and Ladies and Gentleman. She write her thought about politics. She was hired by the news as a commentator.

Gina’s second book was more famous and gets more sales.  She wrote the book ‘What Woman Really Want’ with Morgan Brittany and Ann Marie Murrell.

She writes Colum for and

Personal life

When she was in college she met first time John William who was her husband. In 1990 they got married and they live a happy life.


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They also have kids, the boys’ names are Robert and Jack, and their daughters’ names are Lydia and Lily, from Down Syndrome they adopted a kid whose name is Samuel. Now they are living in Southern California.

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Social Network

Gina is a very popular woman in the USA. She used many social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

She used Twitter and then other accounts and her Twitter account is the most famous, she has 79.1K followers.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Gina Loudon is 1.5 Million US dollars.


Gina was born in January 1968, in the USA. She studies Communication, psychology, and Design in St. Louis University.

Gina started his career by writing Novels and comments about politics when she is in the founding moments of the Tea Party. During this period she works with Andrew Breitbart.

When she was hired by WYDE-FM she with her family moved to Alabama, where she host a talk show on the radio.

She became famous with the title name of her show ‘Dr.Gina’ this is the most popular show she gets a lot of fame after success this show.

In 2016 for President of the United State of America Donald J. Trump, Gina and her husband were named National Delegates, at the Republican National Convention.

Gina wrote novels and books. She wrote the book what women really want with Morgan Brittany and Marie Murrell.

She lives a happy life with her husband John William, and also they have 5 kids.


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