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Doublelift Net Worth

Doublelift Net Worth

Doublelift Net Worth: Doublelift is a famous American professional player in the ‘League of Legends.He is also referred to by his previous name Yilian Peter Pang. At the age of 24 years old, Doublelife get the brand opportunity with his career in playing for Counter Logic Gaming.

From a teenager, he played in a great professional league of Legend AD Carry Player. He is very passionate about gaming which was the lengthiest career in the field of sports. Therefore, he plays for the ‘Team Liquid’ from the Netherlands.

About his profession, he announced that has become involved in the Top three in North America’s premier AD carry. If you want to know about his current net worth 2022, biography-wiki, Early life, Experience life, Private life, Hobbies, Dreams, Achievements, Awards, his girlfriend, how his height and weight, double lift kicked out as well as a few more facts? Well, if you are ready, let’s start now.

Early Life

On 19 July 1993, he was born in the famous city of California in the United States as well as an honorable citizen of America. Earlier, he was born with the previous name of Yilang Peter Pang. His first brother’s name is Yiliang Peter Pang who is older than him by seven years.

Doublelift belongs to the Chinese nationality as well he is passing early life in China. After the passage of time, he got an education from his college known as the University of California’. That was much popular in California.

Also, he went for the DreamHack Summer in 2011. Moreover, he was also kicked out of his own house by his parents. However, he spends the most difficult time in his childhood without his parents. As you know, he was born on 19th July 1993, also he had become twenty-seven years old according to the date of 20th December 2020. Doublelift becomes 5 feet or 5inches, also his weight is 70 kilogram.

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How Much Has Doublelift Earned from Career Life?

At the beginning of his career life 2011, he played his first game chance where he gained a lot of confidence from George’s HotshotGG’. HotshotGG offered Doublefit a big chance for playing in the Counter Logic Game.

That has become a golden chance for him. Finally, he recognized the suggestion happily with the joyful. After a few times, he left his opportunity of AD Carry without any restriction. Therefore, the entire team was purchased by a new branding team known as ‘Curse Inc.’ Hence, the restarts play in the College as a beginner of AD Carry.

When the golden time started in his career life. At last, he learned a lot of professional skills to play gaming in college. Over time, he has become the most valuable player on his team with strong determination and passion.

Moreover, he played with dedication for his team, also by facing various challenges and struggles in the years of best practice performance. In a short period of time, he gets the position of stardom with a unique brand name, success profusely as well as famous celebrity.

At the start of the year 2013, he participated in the greatest All-Star Tournament, also he played in North America in the year 2013. He tried to keep maintain a low profile playing particularly in the Spring Split season.

Personal Life

On 19th July 1993, Doublelift was born in Mission Viejo who is a commuter city located in Orange Country, also grew up in career life in California. The double lift has an older brother in the family member.

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In the month of April 2018, his mother was murdered and his father injured after an argument outside of their houses. He was best friends with esports journalist Travis Gafford. Also, gives an interview to the media with Team Dignitas.

Gafford mentioned that when he was met the first time when he posted on Reddit that he was homeless and then Gafford offered for him to live on his couch till he earns money for paying rent of any home as well as flat.

In the interview, he mentioned his starting career life, in which he said “Travis really helped me grow up as a person because when I’m playing games and focusing on my job you don’t have basic social skills or an understanding of the world.

When I go outside I’m like ‘how much money am I supposed to spend on food? How do I do my taxes? How do I get a bank account?’ I didn’t have a credit card, all I had was my wallet with cash and a PayPal account. He helped me set up a bank account, he helped me set up my life.”

Awards & Achievements

  • From July 5th, 2017 To July 8th, 2017, he won the awards of “League of Lagend” Rift Rivals which are at the top level of the professional league of Legends in the state of America. Also, he played for Counter Logic Gaming Team.
  • He has professional experience in most of the games held at the ‘NA CLS Summer tournaments.
  • Again, he gets the 1st prize on Mid-Season Invitational Group Stage, also that was the fourth edition of the Mid Season Invitation in the league of legends Tournaments.
  • Moreover, he gained prize money estimated at $ 174,782.03 as the month of August 2018.
    Also, he gets success to win games in 4-5 securing their 4th straight LCS trophy and also getting the 7th championship as a whole.
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Doublelift Favourite Quotes

I know a sausage when I see one
Money in the bank, pimpin’ ain’t easy. Wait, what are you doing? What the hell you’re recording? Oh shit. Naw don’t record me, what the hell?

There was a line in the old IEM cologne interview where he says

You think you’re better than me? No, you’re not.

I’m pretty sure it’s out of context but it’s still a pretty cool line.

Kasing! KASIIIIIIIING!… Oh shit, no. I meant, not Kasing.

How Much Is Doublelift Net Worth?

In the month of December 2022, Doublelift gained an estimated net worth is around about $3 Million in the United States. Maybe you know he is a very young personality, as well as a dynamic player in history. Moreover, he extremely holds a top position in the League of Legends. Also, he has played games with a very focused mind. In the game, he used wonderful tips or tricks which give strength to the team for getting success in-game.

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