Philthy Rich Net Worth

Philthey Rich Net Worth

How much does Philthy Rich worth?

Net worth$0.8 million
Full namePhilip Beasley
Date of BirthJanuary 30, 1983
Place of BirthOakland in California

There are various rappers in the world with different characteristics of singing. One of them is surely Philthy Rich who is known for his controversial career and interesting life. There is no doubt that he is a famous rapper and all his elegant qualities have made him be admired by his fans. Due to the brilliant career, Philthy Rich net worth is also worth considering. The considerable estimate about his net worth is around $0.8 million, as of 2021.

Early life and Biography

Philthy Rich is best known as Philip Beasley. He was born on January 30, 1983, in Oakland in California. There is no doubt that he is a famous rapper and had a very rough and tough childhood. When he was in 3rd grade, he was kicked out by his mother and he used to live in shelters and even in jails.

Philthy has two sons: Lil Ant and Lil Phil. There is no doubt that he had a hard time and therefore he had to do some different things in order to support himself. Paul had also done some illegal things to live his life fully.

There is a talk about Phulthey that he was shot in 2012, but he managed to check himself. All these things could not stop him from rapping. After some time, he became a part of the streets and he became very famous among his fans.

Similarly, Remy Ma and Chief Keef gain a lot of fans from a singing career because at an early age they survive very difficult life.

Because he was very famous in the streets, so he was able to be recognized as the best and good rapper in the world. It took no time to recognize him as the best rapper. Having a bad childhood, he decided to share his story with other people who had problems with the same kind. He also used to write about his hardships of childhood.

There is a rumour, perhaps true, that he used to smuggle young girls with his partner Jason. He used to send them to different parts of the country. Philthy was accused of tempting the girls to have sex for the sake of money.

Career Development and Achievements

When Philthey convinced his fellows including Mistah F.A.B. and J.Stalin, he was able to start his career in 20107. He convinced them to join him on tour. The tour’s name was “Stan Bizzness BG’s” and it was cancelled because he was accused of being involved in selling cocaine. Due to all these addictive qualities, he was sentenced to one year in prison.

Due to his involvement in the selling of drugs, he was accused of being the youngest dealer in the area he used to live in. His parents were accused of this behaviour because they did not nurture him well. Philthy could finish his schooling and start his career in any other profession.

How much is Philthy Rich net worth?

There is no doubt that Philthy is a famous rapper. But his bad qualities like selling cocaine and smuggling girls to the different parts of the world made him an accused person. The considerable idea about Philthey Rich’s net worth is around $0.8 million, as of 2021. He can become a good rapper if he continues his career with full honesty.

Some amazing Facts about Philthey Rich

Philthy was treated very badly in his childhood even by his mother. There is no doubt that he is a famous rapper with an interesting life. Philthy is very famous because of the 50 albums that he has produced in the last 10 years of his career.

Due to his release of this album, he was able to make himself famous in the career, but his smuggling and drinking qualities made his career very dull and murky.

There is a talk that he was arrested 2 times, once when he was smuggling Bentley in 2001, and once he was actually sentenced to jail for 6 months in 2009. There is also a talk that he was shot three times in 2012, but he could make himself safe from all the injuries.

Philthy was not only limited to himself but he also made his brother Jaso A.Beasley in criminal activities. They all were accused of kidnapping girls and smuggling cocaine. So we can say that, although he is a good rapper his inner desires made his career very bad and murky.


Philthy Rich is 38 years old.
Philthy has two sons: Lil Ant and Lil Phil.
Philthy Rich is known as a successful rapper
He is now 38 years old. Philthy Rich was born on January 30, 1983.
No information about his affairs relationship.
No Information about Martial Status.

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