Thomas Hearns Net Worth

How much does Thomas Hearns worth?

Net worth  $450 Thousand US Dollars
Place of Birth United States
Born October 18, 1958
Full name
the Hitman and the Motor City Cobra
Spouse Renee Hearns
Reach 78 in (198 cm)
Age 61 years old
Nationality American
Welterweight, Cruiserweight, Middleweight, More
Occupation Boxer
1.85 m
Siblings Billy Hearns

Thomas Hearns is an international and professional American boxer, who was a long career 29 years spends his life.

Now, During the time, he is a prominent player in the world. He does many fights in life and also wins money and titles. So un article we discussed Thomas Hearns Net Worth.

In the boxing world, he still wins the fights and gets medals. Because in his life, he faces many difficulties and problems, but he succeeded in all issues and made an excellent boxer player in the world. 

Peoples are very inspired for your career life, and peoples also called “Motor City Cobra” he is a professional boxer.

Thomas is one of the valuable fighters, he won the world titles from differents boxing weight divisions.  Also, see Freddie Roach and Vinny Pazienza how to earn money and awards. 

His fight very famous in the world because and his nicknamed “Motor City Cobra.” Now, in 2012, he was making a member of the International Boxing Hall Of Fame.

He knows he won all championships and create a beautiful career life. And, also he gets all the beautiful moments/achievements and makes a professional boxer.  

Early Life/Biography

On October 18, 1958, Thomas Hearns was born in Memphis, Tennessee(United States). Littler, his parents, knows that Thomas makes a famous and international sports player. 

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His parents are supportive of making a great athlete player because when he was childhood than he interested in sports.

Now, in starting life, first of all, he attended the school but where he mostly spends time on the sports ground. 

Therefore, he played many different games, but on television, he sees boxing then he interested in boxing.

He dreamt of making a professional boxer player in the world. Tyson Fury and Bernard Hopkins start career life as a boxer and earn money. 

His mother named Lois, and she was married twice. His first married Tommy was a child and the other three, And, also his biological father named John and Tommy lived wit father together.

Tommy has three siblings, and his family decides he went to Detroit in Michigan. Because they need the money and want to get a job.

Adrien Broner and Marvin Hagler are the great professional boxer, even most of the career time spend in boxing.

Thomas was a real dad name Jhon and a mother name Lois, and he was seven years old when his mother and father live alone.

As causes he faces many problems, Thomas wanted to enjoy life very stylishly, but due to financial difficulties, he survives life very difficult. Later years he does work hard and joins the junior boxing team. 

Mother Name Lois Hearns
Father Name John Hearns
Siblings Billy Hearns
Martial Status Married
Spouse Renee Hearns
Son Name
Ronald Hearns
Daughter Name Under Review

How Did Thomas Hearns Become So Famous and How To Make Net worth it?

Thomas is an estimated net worth 450 thousand dollars, who had a great boxer player and earned money from many sources.

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He is one of the best boxers, who had won the world championships titles from four different divisions. 

Thomas Hearns Net Worth : $ 450 Thousand USD
He is an ex American boxer, who had won many titles and fights. Now, recently he wins the world championship awards.

In 1980, he named Fighter of the Year by The Ring magazine and also in 1984 called the Boxing Writers Association of America.

He wins any knockout fights and earned money. So his estimated net worth 450 thousand dollars.

In his personal life, he faces many difficulties, and the main problem is financial problems because his parents live alone, and he did not survive life easily. 

In 2000 he did fight against Uriah Grant, but these fights he loses and worried about skills.

So later, he improves our skills and joins the many other championships. Mark Hunt and Sugar Ray Leonard gain many awards in his career and take a high position in the boxing field. 

Later he received a retirement, and then he wanted his son to make a professional boxer. So his son follows the father’s instructions and makes a famous and international boxer.

So Thomas feels proud of him. See Leon Spinks and Miguel Cotto how to gain awards and wins championships. 

What Makes It So Successful?

when he ten years old when he took this way and starting his professional career life, who had earned money and get titles from many championships.

He starts his career life, he gets the training from the coach and started training at Kronk Gym.


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Later some years he makes a professional player, he wins the National Amateur Light Welterweight Championship because in a match fights against Bobby Young, so he won and made a famous player. 

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Likewise, he was the winner of Golden Gloves in the same year, who had made a bright boxing career and also, he improves our skills.

His fighting speed higher, as causes peoples also called Motor City Cobra”. During their career path, he wins 155 and loses eight fights only. 

In the boxing world, he is a great and bright boxer. In 1977 he interested in boxing and joined the championships.

Now, boxing career life, he wins the 13th knockout fights.

Also, in 1980, Thomas does fight against Jose Pipino Cuevas, he wins the first welterweight champion and got the world title. 

So he engaged the two big boxing fights, but he loses these fights.

After losing a match, he does fight against world-famous Sugar Ray Leonard. But in the game, he does 14 rounds. And finally, he won and made a first world champion in the world. 

Similarly, in 1984, he does fight against Roberto Duran, he won the match by knock out. So later years 1987, he won the WBC middleweight title.

In 2016, boxing career ended: 61 wins and 5 lose the match. So he was a great ex American boxer player. 

Annual Salary Under Review
Earning Point Boxing
Working in Industry Since 1977
Still Alive Yes

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