Faze Jev net worth


How much does Faze Jev have Net Worth?

NET WORTH $700,000
Full name Jason Eugene
Date of Birth October 18, 1993
Place of Birth New Jersey, USA
Parents N/A
Siblings N/A
Spouse N/A
Profession YouTuber
Height 170cm
Weight 65kg

As of 2022, Faze Jev Net Worth is $700,000 USD. Many people know about the “Call of Duty” game which is being played by a variety of players around the world. If people know about this game, then it becomes necessary for people to know about the players who play this game.

Nowadays, it has become necessary for different people to know about the players and their lives and net worth. In this article, we are going to tell you about a famous player called Faze Jev. You are also going to get information regarding Faze Jev’s net worth and some amazing facts about his life.

It is said that Faze Jev is a famous “Call of Duty” player in the position of snipper in his Faze Clan. He also got his fan following through the use of his comedy videos and some most interesting commentaries of games he plays.

Due to some extensive and good skills at games, he has become very famous in the field of games. Through his use of different gaming skills, he is becoming more and more famous, and he is also earning more and more money.

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Early Life and Biography

The full name of Faze is “Jason Eugene” who was born on October 18, 1993, in New Jersey, USA. There is not much information regarding his surname, and he does not like to reveal much information about his personal life. It is much famous about him that he is of Indian, Puerto Rican, and African American descent.

During his childhood, he used to play various games, and when he found a real job then still he used to upload some videos on his YouTube channel.  he gives commentary on the videos, and he also edits the videos.

As it is always in the genes of every individual that he/she likes to play video games, and he also liked to play basketball but he never enjoyed it so much because he was more interested in video games.

Due to some bad conditions in his home, he started living with his grandfather, but later in 2017, he started living with his girlfriend. In 2017, he moved out of his house. His girlfriend is Alexis, who is an avid player of video games, and she is also very popular online. The online name of his girlfriend is “SoAr AbstractSweater“. They are both very vigilant about their posts on Twitter.


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Awards and Achievements

He launched his own YouTube channel by the name “pokertLWEWT” in 2009. At the initial stages, the channel did not get much attention from the people, but later in the period the channel became very much famous and it got the attention of a large audience. His first commentary video was called “Modern Warfare 3” and it was uploaded in 2012. In the later period of life, he started sharing his strategic ways of solving tough levels.

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Due to his good skills at games, he was recognized by Faze Clan, which is an e-sports clan that fights over the net in playing computer games. Jev is also famous for the hilarious shouts which he makes while playing his video games.

Due to this reason, all his raging videos start with a caution saying “HEADPHONE USERS BEWARE”. His best “RAGETAGE” videos are very much famous and he uploaded these videos on his two channels and on “CoDKarnage”. He also used to play CoD online with his friend in those days.

How did Jev become so famous and How to make net worth?

The best question to ask is why are those videos so interesting? The reason is quite simple and it is due to the desk smashing, screaming, squealing, and very loud complaining. An incident also happened to him when one of his friends punched a hole in his TV because he was very angry at the game. There are also some different vlogs on his channel. The estimated idea about Faze Jev’s net worth is around $700,000, as of 2022.

What makes it so successful?

From the room where he started playing games, he is still playing in the same room which shows that he is a modest guy. Because his channel is very famous, so is campaigning against alcohol and drugs, and he talks about these abusive things in his videos.

By playing different difficult games also brought him much popularity and he became much famous because of his good skills at games. His net worth is due to the collaboration of several endorsements, and a lot of income from his YouTube channel.

He is earning a very good net worth through the use of this media platform. He is a very big pizza fan, and this can be recognized through Twitter which was tweeted from Pizza Hut and they wished him a 21-st birthday. There is also a collection of different knives and swords of all kinds which were sent to him by his fans.

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