FaZe Banks Net Worth

Faze Banks net worth

How much does FaZe Banks worth?

NET WORTH $3 Million
Full name Richard Bengtson
Date of Birth October 18, 1991
Place of Birth Lawrence, Massachusetts, US
Parents N/A
Siblings N/A
Spouse Alissa Violet
Profession YouTube Star
Height 6.5″
Weight 88Kg

Nowadays, it has become a trend to earn through social media and different platforms related to technology. There are many different YouTube Stars who are getting their fame through different platforms on Social Media.

People are getting millions of subscribers and followers on social media. A very young man and a popular YouTube star is also ‘Faze Banks’. Most people want to know about Faze Banks net worth.

In this article, we are going to tell you some amazing facts about his life and career. Faze is a famous YouTube star and Vlogger who loves playing video games.

Having earned over 5.4 million subscribers on the YouTube channel, he has become a famous personality on Social Media.

It is possible that you might have heard about Faze before this article, but this article is going to present a piece of interesting information about faze Banks.

Early Life and Biography

Full Name
Richard “Ricky” Bengston
Relationship Alissa Violet
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue

The real name of Faze Banks is ‘Richard Bengtson’, who was born on October 18, 1991, in Lawrence, Massachusetts, the US. His zodiac sign is ‘Libra’.

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He spent his early childhood in the birthplace, but then after some years, his family moved to Lowell, Massachusetts, the US. He also attended his high school in the town and graduated in 2010.

During his childhood, he used to play different games including Halo, NHL, and Madden. He was sure that his passion would not be only playing games, but rather he was interested in something else and he became a famous YouTube star.

There is not much information about his private life and his parents, because he does not share anything personal with the media.

School and College Info

School Name Lowell High School.
University N/A
Education Qualification N/A

Awards and Achievements

He is a famous leader of the famous gaming group known as ‘Faze Clan’. Actually, he is the operator of this group and he was the leader of a gaming group called ‘SoaR’ before he became the head of his own group.

In 2013, he originally became a member of the group. This video gaming group is very specific in playing a famous video game known as ‘Call of Duty.

Some other famous members of this group are Faze Adapt, Faze Rug, and Faze Rain. It is very interesting information that all the members have similar nicknames pertaining to the word ‘Faze’.

In 2011, he created his own YouTube channel known as ‘BankHasBank’, and he posted his first video in October 2011. The name of the video was ‘The single Greatest SoaRing in Style’.

The other videos’ names are Crashing Faze Temperrrs Car, and Logan Paul came to my house. He has also another nickname which is also very famous among his fans and it is ‘Ricky Banks’.

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He is also a songwriter and a composer. In his free time, he uses to write and compose songs.

In their career life, DJ Keemstar and Rosanna Pansino do very hard work. That’s the reason they get many awards.

How did FaZe become so famous and How to make net worth?

It has already been made clear that he has a couple of other professions and all these professions add much to his net worth. The estimated idea about Faze Banks net worth is almost $3 million, as of 2022.

What is the income source of FaZe?

The very most sources of his net worth are YouTube and his different activities pertaining to Faze Clan.

He is one of the most famous YouTube stars, and according to one survey he is earning more than 66,000 dollars per year.

The best hobby in his childhood has been playing games and now he has made it his profession and his source of wealth.

Yearly Salary $28.3K to $452.4 K
Earning Point YouTube
Working in Industry Since 2014
Still Active Yes

What makes it so successful?

Most people want to know about his personal relationship. He has a relationship with Alissa Violet, who is a famous YouTube star, a model, and an Instagram Star. She is very famous on YouTube and she posts comic videos on YouTube on a regular basis.


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There is a very strong relationship between Faze and Alissa. The relationship started in the summer, 2017, and today it has become stronger than the previous status.

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His YouTube channel has a video named ‘My New Girlfriend’ and it is all about Alissa. He is not married yet, and so he does not have any children.

We have already told you that there is not much information about his personal life and we also do not know about the origin of his parents.

One information says that his parents came from Florida, but it is also not totally confirmed. The present residence of Faze in Los Angeles, California.

He lives in ‘Clout House’, and in the same house, there are also some other members related to his work field.

One of the neighbours of Faze is a famous rap singer who is famous as 21 Savage. Today, it has become possible for him to have more than 5.4 million subscribers on his channel.

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