Alfie Deyes net worth

Alfie Deyes NET WORTH

How much does Alfie Deyes have Net Worth?

NET WORTH $3 Million
Full name Alfred Sydney Deyes
Date of Birth September 17, 1993
Place of Birth UK, London
Parents Nick and Amanda
Siblings Poppy (sister)
Spouse N/A
Profession YouTuber
Height 6.4″
Weight 71 Kg

The use of technology has made some personalities more famous than others. Some personalities have got such opportunities which could not be expected for the previous generation, and it is all due to the best advancement in the arena of technology.

Technology has made the entire world a global village. Thus all the people are getting chances to gain as much benefit as they can from the use of the internet and several other platforms like social media.

In this article, we are going to present some new information about Alfie Deyes net worth and some amazing information about his life and career.

Alfie Deyes is a famous and well-known blogger from the UK, and his most famous blog is ‘PointlessBlog’ which is a very well-known book in the entire world. Being a famous and sincere blogger, he is getting more and more money by his talent.

The estimated idea about Alfie Deyes net worth is around $4.5 million, as of 2022. Back in 2009, Alfie created his blog, and he could not expect that his blog would attain such prosperity. It is said that he is one of those ‘Old School’ YouTubers.

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Early Life and Biography

The entire real name of Alfie is ‘Alfred Sydney Deyes” who was born on September 17, 1993, in the capital of the UK, London. After passing some days in that place, his family decided to move to Brighton, and finally, they moved to that place and started living there.

His parent’ names are Nick who was his father and Amanda who was his mother, and it is collected from the data that they both used to take care of Alfie. Thus Alfie was brought up in a very cozy environment.

Alfie attended the Varndean School, and he did not use to like school because he wanted to be a famous player on social media, which was in boom at that time. His sister’s name is ‘Poppy’ and they both have a very friendly relationship with each other.

Therefore, Poppy also comes with him in some of his videos. There were not any financial disturbances for him, because he had a very prosperous childhood. When he got his own computer, then he used to spend most his time in playing video games with his friends.

From the beginning of his life, Alfie used to follow his most favorite bloggers, and he became amazed when he noticed the amount they are earning from YouTube. He, however, decided to start his career in this field.

Awards and Achievements

During his studies in high school, he began to find his sponsors. Once he decided to go to University, but later he canceled his plan because he wanted to pursue his career as a YouTuber.

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There is also a photoshoot, which was clicked with many other famous YouTubers who were invited by him for a photoshoot. The photoshoot was for a magazine by the name ‘Company’.

Some famous YouTubers, who were his friends, include Troye Sivan, Joe Sugg, and Lois Cole. They all got popularity from their own YouTube channels.

When Alfie collaborated with an American mega-star named ‘Ariana Grande’, then he began to feel proud of his abilities. “Your Generation” was the name of the video over which they both collaborated and they got numerous views from the entire public.

Currently, he is working with “Style Haul” and they also have a YouTube series by the name “The Crew”. The series has become so much famous that it got the attention of a famous website called and it mainly focused on teenagers and their interests.

His girlfriend’s name is “Zoe Sugg” and she also has her own channel by the name “Zoella”, with over 11 million subscribers.

How did Alfie become so famous and How to make net worth?

Alfie also made a sequel to the book called “The Pointless Book 2” followed by “The Pointless Book 3”, in 2015 and 2017 respectively. He likes to share his own life story with the generation, and he also likes to encourage young people to create their own.

It is estimated that the overall idea about Alfie Deyes net worth is around $5 million, as of 2022. Alfie had also been on the BBC Radio Breakfast Show which was hosted by Nick Grimshaw.

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It is also collected from the sources that Alfie and Zoe had been the first YouTubers who got their wax figures in the Madame Tussauds Museum, in London. It all happened in 2015.

What makes it so successful?

Back in 2012, Zoe and Alfie started their relationship. Moreover, they are together since 2012. They both met at the event named “Summer In the City”.

After this gathering, they both began to text each other, and they became very close to each other. Both also liked to collaborate in videos, and they used to come together in most videos. One of those famous videos is “Zoella Does My Makeup”.


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In 2013, they both confirmed their relationship, and before that, there were only rumors about the confirmation of their relationship.

After spending a year, they both started to move together, because they had understood each other. They thought they would make more progress when they are together than individually.

In 2015, there happened an incident, their address got popular and fans began to visit them, just to get autographs.

After that, Zoe began to be worried and they both relocated themselves because the address became popular over the internet too. Alfie is an atheist and he does not want to share his thoughts with the public. His favourite dish is chicken and pasta.

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