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Bryce Hall Net Worth

Bryce Hall NET WORTH

How much does Bryce Hall have Net Worth?

Net Worth: $3 million
Full Name: Bryce Michael Hall
Date of Birth: August 14, 1999
Place of Birth: Ellicott City, Maryland, United States
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 71kg
Girl Friend: Addison Rae
Views on YouTube: 3.79+ billion
Subscribers on YouTube: 3.56+ million
Revenue per Day on YouTube: 927 dollars
Revenue per Week on YouTube: 7,047 dollars
Revenue per Month on YouTube: 28.19k dollars
Revenue per Year on YouTube: 338.3k million dollars
Net Worth from YouTube: $ 1.05 million
Profession: Social media celebrity

An American social media personality is Bryce Hall. The complete name of this famous and well-known celebrity is Bryce Michael Hall.

For his Tik Tok and YouTube videos, he is most specifically known. Since 2014, he has been active. On Instagram, he also has millions of followers.

Bryce Hall has a net worth of 3 million dollars. On his YouTube channel, he shares vlogs on the regular basis.

On his TikTok account, he has more than 20 million followers. Similarly, on his YouTube account, he has over 3.6 million subscribers. Moreover, he is also a member of Sway House in Los Angeles.

Biography and Early Life

On August 14, 1999, the birth of Bryce Hall took place in Ellicott City, Maryland, United States. In an upper-class family, he was brought up.

Moreover, he has not shared much information concerning his early life and background in general.

The name of his mother that was shared by him is to be Lisa. At a young age of fifteen, he started his career. He was obsessed with coming out to the limelight while growing up.

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On TikTok, he uploads many different videos and this led to rise of his fame. For being a TikTok comedian, he gained the precious badge because his videos are always funny and interesting.

Professional Career and Rise of Fame

When he was just 15 years old, Hall began off his career on YouTube. After he was bullied, he started live streaming to make friends. He rose to fame after attaining fame on the social media platform Vine and in the year 2014.

In the year 2016, on Vine he had over 30,000 followers before it was shut down. However, Hall moved from his home in Maryland to Los Angeles after passing two years.

Moreover, he was one of the most well-known social media actors that were presented in the documentary Jawline in the year 2019.

With the help of his former manager, it detailed his career beginnings and his legal scandals. He along with five other social media personalities travelled into the Sway House in 2020.

A very famous TalentX Entertainment was the owner of the house. In this house, they create content for many different social media platforms.

Moreover, he has also been a boxing career apart from his YouTube career. In the same year, he had a Twitter beef with Austin McBroom. A match was book between them.

On March 18, 2021, the undercard of the match was changed into an event titled YouTubers vs. Tiktokers.

In this competition, Bryce Hall was representing TikTokers. A fight between McBroom and Hall broke out on the stage at the press conference for the event. On June 12, 2021, in a match, McBroom defeated Hall by way of TKO.

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Personal Life

This amazing celebrity is yet to be married. However, he has dated several girls. In 2019, he began to date a beautiful lady named Elle Danjean. After one year, he started dating with another gorgeous girl named Eliza Minor.

After some time, the relation went to an end. He then began dating a Tik Tok star named Addison Rae. Before their separation, they had earlier dated from 2019 to 2020.

On October 13, 2020, it was Addison who established that they were back together.


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A post shared by Bryce Hall (@brycehall)

However, it was considered that their relationship was as fake as Hall was seen dangling out with Tana Morneau and Addison with Dixie D’Amelio.

They officially divided and even unfollowed one another on social media in March 2021. In May 2015, he was convoluted in an argument after he respondent fellow members of Hype House of having stolen money from members.

Where Petrou was proposing they should resolve their fighting, he even shared screenshot messages between them.

For violating COVID-19 safety measures, he has to face legal issues. The Mayor of Los Angeles named Eric Garcetti ordered the department of water and power to shut Hall’s home utility services.

This was done because for violating social distancing for the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Lee County, Texas, he along with his Tik Tok star fellow Jaden Hossler was arrested on drug charges.

Amazing Information about Bryce Hall

He is a lover of pet animals and also has one pet dog whose name is Cici. He was fighting with the disease of anxiety and even went forward to pursue therapy to help with the matter.

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He has his own set of merchandise online. He along with Josh Richards own an energy drink company named Ani Energy which was launched in July 2020.

How much does Bryce Hall earn?

The YouTube channel obtains about viewers of 3.13 million in each month and also more than views of 104.41 thousand each day.

The channels of YouTube that are monetized collect income by playing ads for every thousand views on a single video.

The earning of YouTubers after 1 thousand views on a video is an average of between 3 to 7 dollars. The followers of Bryce Hall often ask the same question that is how much does Bryce Hall earn?

We can estimate that the Bryce Hall YouTube channel makes over 12.53 thousand dollars in a month by ad revenue and more than 187.94 thousand dollars in a year with the help of these statistics. In one year, an estimated receiving of Bryce Hall is about 187.94 thousand dollars.

Furthermore, for YouTuber channels, it is rare to depend on a single basis of income.

The other sources for revenue include sponsorships, affiliate contracts, product sales and speaking engagements may create much more income than the ads.

Though, some of the YouTube channels obtain even more than 7 dollars for thousand views on a video.

In reality, the Bryce Hall channel could earn as much as 338.3 thousand dollars in a year. Currently, the Bryce Hall channel obtains revenue of 927 dollars per day, 7,047 dollars per week, 28.19 thousand dollars per month, and 338.3 thousand dollars per year.

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