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Danny Duncan Net Worth

Danny Duncan NET WORTH

How much does Danny Duncan have Net Worth?

Net Worth: $5 million
Real Name: Garry Winthrope
Date of Birth: July 27, 1992
Place of Birth: Eaglewood, Florida, United States
Height: 1.78m
Weight: 68kg
Views on YouTube: 1.37+ billion
Subscribers on YouTube: 6.33+ million
Revenue per Day on YouTube: 4.5k dollars
Revenue per Week on YouTube: 32k dollars
Revenue per Month on YouTube: 127.5k dollars
Revenue per Year on YouTube: 1.53 million dollars
Net Worth from YouTube: $ 4.75 million
Profession: YouTuber and Social media personality

In the contemporary world, on social media platforms, making money online has become a new form of self-employment. Also this is a worthwhile business, and people are getting rich out of it. A famous and popular YouTube content creator who posts videos on YouTube Vlog in order to make people laugh is Danny Duncan.

The net worth of social media celebrity Danny Duncan is 5 million dollars. The YouTube channel of this awesome personality has risen consistently over the years. This also led to increase in his followers and subscribers. He has millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel.

The real name of this celebrity is Garry Winthrope. He is professionally known as Danny Duncan. The profession of this amazing YouTube personality of the United States is actor, comedian, and musician. Moreover, their YouTube channel career of Duncan started in the year 2014.

However, its channel of Danny has more than 6.3 million of subscribers. This makes him one of the most successful YouTubers of the planet. The reason behind hid popularity is the funny and charismatic attitude. He also believes strongly that the best platform to show talent is YouTube.

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Early Life and Biography

On July 27, 1992, the birth of Danny Duncan took place in Eagle Wood, Florida, United States. He was raised by his mother because his parents had separated. The name of his mother is Sue Duncan. Also he has a sister and a stepbrother named Matthew.

However, his mother faced many struggles while raising him. This led him to work very hard. He started educational career by joining Lemon Bay High School in Eaglewood, Florida. After completing high school education he started his first job.

The time, at which he was growing up, he thought that he would become an athlete. After the creation of his YouTube channel and uploaded his first video, he came to know from it that all he wanted was to just follow his desire for music.

In the start, he worked for Walgreen. After some time, he resigned the job. Later he started to train an actor named Jason Lee. This was job on the basis of contract. However, Danny decided to show his talent on YouTube but on the other hand Jason Lee suggested he become an actor.

Danny Duncan Social Network

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Professional Career and Rise of Fame

After the completion of his high school education, he began to work at Walgreens. With this job, he did not fall in love. This was the reason that he had to resign the job. After that he trained an actor for short period of time.

On March 6, 2014, he joined YouTube. A very popular YouTuber known as Сhrіѕtорhеr Сhаn and at the start Danny Duncan began working with him. Moreover, he started to make prank videos in his early journey of YouTube.


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Within a few years, he achieved too much and huge popularity. The one of his most viewed videos is “Danny Duncan | Best of 2019”. The video became so popular and attained the views of more than 20 million in fact.

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The fantastic thing that Dаnnу Duncan maintains is a good relationship with his family. Moreover, he even featured his family members in several videos on his YouTube channel. Also the mother and sister of Danny Duncan have been featured in his channel.

In the year 2019, Danny Duncan started his own merchandise apart from making videos as well as pranks. Though, he is a die-heart traveller who has toured to most of the famous cities of the United States. After getting advice from Jason, he immediately teamed up with fellow vlogger Christopher Chan.

On his YouTube channel, he created lots of prank videos and posted them. The first video named Falling with 30,000 Pennies was posted by Duncan in the year 2016. This video got viral and lots of views. More than views of 30 million has since garnered by the video and remains the most-watched video on the channel.

Moreover, Danny Duncan is also a musician and aspiring actor in addition to his successful vlogging career. However, he has released a lone music track and apparently has a couple more on the way.

Duncan’s most watched videos on the channel

Uploaded four years ago, Falling with 30,000 Pennies got more than 30 million views.

One year ago, Danny Duncan/Best of 2019 got more than 20 million views.

Two year ago, Danny Duncan/Best of 2018 got more than 14 million views.

Uploaded three year ago, Surprising My Sister with a New Car! got more than 12 million views.

Uploaded three year ago, Grocery Shopping with Danny Duncan 4 got more than 10 million views.

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Danny Duncan has all other major social networking platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram besides YouTube.

How much does Danny Duncan earn?

The revenue of YouTubers after 1 thousand views on a video is an average between 3 to 7 dollars. The followers of Danny Duncan often ask the same question that is how much does Danny Duncan earn?

The channels of YouTube that are monetized collect revenue by playing ads for every thousand views on a single video. The YouTube channel of Danny Duncan achieves about viewers of 14.13 million in each month and also more than views of 470.89k each day.

Moreover, for YouTuber channels, it is infrequent to depend on a single basis of income. The other sources for revenue include sponsorships, affiliate contracts, product sales and speaking engagements may create much more income than the ads.

We can estimate that the Danny Duncan YouTube channel makes over 56.51 thousand dollars in a month by ad revenue and more than 847.61 thousand dollars in a year with the help of these statistics. In one year, an estimated receiving of Danny Duncan is about 847.61 thousand dollars.

At present Danny Duncan channel acquires the revenue of 4.5k dollars per day, 32k dollars per week, 127.5k dollars per month, and 1.53 million dollars per year. Yet, some of the YouTube channels obtain even more than 7 dollars for thousand views on a video.

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