Dave Canterbury Net Worth

Dave Canterbury Net Worth
Age 57 years
Gender Male
Profession Actor
Nationality United States of America


Dave Canterbury is famous for a TV show on Discovery Channel, called Dual Survival, and as a survival expert.

He was born on 19 September 1963. David Michael Canterbury his full name. He was interested in outdoor games when he was a kid, and also much interested in adrenaline.

After completing school, he wants to join US Army. He had a true patriotic emotion, and always had a true feeling for his country.


In 1981, Dave joined the US army. He serves as a sergeant in the beginning till 1987. He was passionate about his work, he grew very soon because he show his talent in the field.

On the farm of reptiles his doing his first job, to do something wild, he enjoyed a lot. He is a hard worker and honest with his work.

Sometimes he was driving, sometimes he is was a fisherman. He tried to find himself but he couldn’t.

In Ohio, he works in a factory, and at the time he lives a hard life. Doing a job in a factory he decided to apply on a TV addition, on a Discovery Channel called Dual Survival. In the addition, he shows the skills which he received in the army.

In Ohio, he owns the Pathfinder school, and also serves as an instructor in the school, along with he own his YouTube channel where he gives techniques and instruction.

He gives 5 C-s titled to his survival strategy. It includes tools like, Cover, Cutting, a Combustion device, Container, and Cordage. Dave loves the crowd but he lasted only for two seasons.

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In 2010 and 2011 show aired.  He give some false facts in the time of addition, the show was canceled. Dave again comes on TV as a star of the reality series Dirty Rotten Survives in 2015, on the National Geographic Channel.

Dave also wrote three books that were very successful and best sellers about survival. In 2011, he published his first book and the title is Survivability for the common man.

In 2014, he published his second book Beechcraft 101. He published his Book Advanced Bushcraft in 2015.

Personal life

With Luis Canterbury, Dave got married, and he lived his life happily. He has two kids Skylar and Ombre.


Dave was born on 19 September 1963. He loves the things which are adrenaline. 1981 to 1987 he served in the US Army as a sergeant. He doing his first job in reptiles. When he was in a factory in Ohio he decided to apply for TV series on Discovery Channel along with Cody Lundin.

He runs a YouTube channel where his Give techniques, and also he is the owner of the Pathfinder School in Ohio.

He published three-book, Survivability of common man, Bushcraft 101, and advance Bushcraft.

He live his life with his wife Lois Canterbury and two kids Skylar, and Ombre.

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