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Agnes Hailstone Net Worth

Agnes Hailstone NET WORTH

How much does Agnes Hailstone have Net Worth?

Net Worth: $100,000
Age: 49 years old
Date of Birth: June 14, 1972
Place of Birth: Noorvik, Alaska, United States
Height: 1.61 m
Weight: 55 kg
Name of Husband: Edward. V Hailstone (Chip)
Occupation: Hunter, Reality Television Personality
Colour of Eye: Blue
Colour of Hair: Black
Full Name: Agnes Hailstone

An American lady star Agnes Hailstone is a being presented in the famous and popular show of National Geographic Channel whose name was Life Below Zero, this channel is also simply called Nat Geo. Now Agnes Hailstone Net Worth is $100,000 USD

A person who is the husband of this celebrity is the second star of the show and his name is Chip Hailstone. In this show, both husband and wife do several activities which are considered to be wild.

This beautiful girl is too much amazing due to her survival in a very extreme and dangerous environment that many broadcasting TV channels invited her to come to their shows and she is one of the stars of a series of reality TV shows.

Both of the couples are hunters, trappers, and reality television shows celebrities by profession. Both have a great interest in living in wild and dangerous places. This is the common thing which is found in both of the couples.

However similar to her husband she also takes interest in hunting wild animals and also eating the meat that they get from hunting. The life which she spends with her husband is a very interesting one because there are no women who like and agree to live her life in the wild and dangerous regions.

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The lifestyle of the modern age is so much advanced due to modern technology that even if we have to live a single day far away from the digital world it is impossible for us and also behind our imaginations.

Early Life and Biography

The day on which this very pretty girl was born was June 14, 1972, and the place of her birth was Noorvik, Alaska in the United States of America.

The sign of her birth is Gemini and also, she has the nationality of America. This genuine personality became popular after coming to shows on different TV channels that made her a star.

The fact behind her name Agnes was because of the great Hurricane that came to the United States and the name of that Hurricane was also Agnes so she was given this name.

The family to which she was belonging was the family of hunters because both her father and mother were living in the very cold weather of Alaska and they were fighting for survival at that wilder and dangerous Alaskan place and working very hard to live and stay there alive.

At that difficult place, Agnes Hailstone learned how to catch and kill wild animals and at that time she was very young. This is very important for both the boys and the girls that are living in such a wild and dangerous place like Alaska.

From the home school she got her early education and after passing tests, obtained her High School diploma in the year 1990. The first person whom she was the wife was Carter and he was the first husband of Agnes.

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This beautiful couple gave birth to two children whose names were Douglas Doug Carter and Jon Hailstone.

After a few years, they divorced each other because of the wish Carter to travel far from Alaska. In 1988 she met Chip Hailstone and also, they got married in the same year. They have five daughters and one son whose names were Iriqtaq, Quitman, Caroline, Mary, Tinmiaq, and Jon Hailstone.

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On May 19, 2013, she got her identification on the TV shows after becoming a star in the reality TV series that got viral on National Geographic Channel named Life Below Zero.

The fact behind the name of this show is that only those persons who lived in the regions where the temperature is too cold and below zero degrees.

Most of the persons that are presented in this show are those who are living in the distant places of Alaska, surviving in very harsh weather conditions.

The source of food for them is hunting. Moreover, these people depend on themselves and their resources. The name of the major characters of the show is Sui Aikens, Agnes, Chip, and Glen Villeneuve.

The estimated net worth of Agnes Hailstone is about a hundred thousand dollars. There is no other source of her income main except this show and this show adds too much credibility and reputation to her successful career.

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