Maggie Stiefvater Net Worth 2024

Maggie Stiefvater NET WORTH

How much is Maggie Stiefvater’s net worth? How much does she earn?

Net Worth $9 Million
Age 39
Birth Date November 18, 1981
Country The United States of America
Profession Author, Writer
Last Updated 2022

Venture into the imaginative world of Maggie Stiefvater, an author whose spellbinding narratives have enchanted readers across the globe.

With a pen that weaves the mystical with the mundane, Stiefvater has become a vanguard in the realm of young adult fiction, captivating audiences with her bestselling series and standalone novels.

On NetWorthPlanet, we delve into the literary career of Maggie Stiefvater, tracing the creative odyssey that has not only garnered her critical acclaim but also translated into substantial financial success.

As we explore the various elements that have contributed to her net worth, from book sales and film rights to speaking engagements and fan merchandise, we’ll uncover the story of a writer whose passion for storytelling is matched by her entrepreneurial spirit.

Whether you’re a dedicated fan of her work, an aspiring author, or simply intrigued by the economics of the publishing industry, this profile provides a comprehensive look at the financial landscape of one of today’s most prolific and prosperous authors.

Early Life and Biography

Margeret Stiefvater was brought into the world on November 18, 1981, in Harrisonburg, Virginia. She depicted herself as a “restless kid with numerous phobias.” As a youngster, she dreamed to be a military pilot and race-car driver and was an insatiable reader who delighted to be a writer.

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By age 16, she was submitting compositions to distributors. In the wake of being self-taught from 6th grade on, Stiefvater went to Mary Washington College, graduating with a B.A. ever.

When she had entered school, she had effectively composed more than 30 books, including four spine chillers about the Irish Republican Army, a recorded barricade sprinter novel, and a high-dream novel about “energetic conjurer battling among common agitation.”

At 16, she lawfully changed her first name from Heidi to Margaret. Her family name was Hummel. Subsequent to graduating, she functioned as a picture craftsman, spending significant time in equestrian workmanship.

In 2010, she gave a TEDx Talk for NASA named “How Bad Teens Become Famous People”, in which she ponders her childhood as a “Bad Teen” and what those years have meant for her.

Why Is Maggie Stiefvater So Famous?

Stiefvater composed her first novel, Lament, in 2008. Before Lament had been delivered, she offered the rights to Ballad, the continuation of Lament, and to Shiver, the principal book in the trilogy The Wolves of Mercy Falls.

A shiver went through over 40 weeks on The New York Times Best Seller list. There are over 1.7 million copies of The Wolves of Mercy Falls series on paper and more than 36 versions have been authorized.


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In 2011, Stiefvater distributed The Scorpio Races, which got 5 featured audits and was named a Michael L. Printz Award Honor Book.

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Stiefvater has been extremely open with regard to sharing her procedures and strategies when composing. She has a progression of blog entries named “how I write” portraying her various methodologies and sharing guidance.

In 2018 and 2019, Maggie Stiefvater gave composing courses entitled Portraits and Dreams:

Writing with Maggie Stiefvater. It incorporated a talk and a Q&A. Maggie gave this talk in

Edinburgh, New York City, Austin, Brooklyn, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, and Los Angeles.

Stiefvater plays different musical instruments. She recorded unique arrangements for the audiobooks of The Scorpio Races and The Raven Cycle.

She has a SoundCloud account where she delivers her unique tracks. She is extremely associated with music and has composed playlists for a portion of her books of tunes she paid attention to while composing.

Prior to going to compose full-time, Stiefvater was an expert representation craftsman, working in shaded pencil. She presently has her own Etsy page and Society6 page where she sells her unique art.


Maggie has also written many short stories as well. She greatly enjoys fast cars and also attended and completed stunt driving classes and also worked as a journalist of automotive. She promoted her novels by using her passion for vehicles. Once she drove her Mitsubishi in a race with her fellow author on Princeton speedway.

Maggie shares her life events in her personal blogs. She’s a pet lover, having four dogs, nine goats, and a horse. She married a straight husband and had two children. Maggie Stiefvater net worth is estimated to be $9 Million as of 2022.

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