Charles Schulz Net Worth 2024

Charles Schultz Net Worth

How much was Charles Schulz net worth at the time of his death?

Net Worth $500 Million
Profession Professional Cartoonist, Author
Birth Date 16 November 1922
Origin America
Height 1.82 m
Last Updated 2022

Embark on a nostalgic journey through the life and legacy of Charles Schulz, the creative genius behind the beloved comic strip “Peanuts.”

With his endearing characters and poignant humor, Schulz captured the hearts of readers around the world and became one of the most influential cartoonists of all time.

On NetWorthPlanet, we pay homage to the remarkable career of Charles Schulz, exploring how his wit and wisdom not only brought joy to millions but also amassed a significant fortune.

As we delve into the enduring impact of his work, from the daily strips to the holiday specials that became cultural touchstones, we’ll examine the various revenue streams that contributed to his net worth.

Whether you’re a lifelong fan of Charlie Brown and Snoopy, an aspiring artist, or simply curious about the financial success of iconic authors.

This profile offers a comprehensive look at the wealth and lasting influence of Charles Schulz, a man whose simple drawings spoke volumes and whose legacy continues to inspire generations.

Early Life

Charles Schulz was born on November 26, 1922 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, US. He was only the one and only child of his parents. Charles’ father’s name was Carl Schultz who was German born while his mother’s name was Dena Halverson who was an American citizen.

Charles’ nickname was Sparky given by his uncle after the first week of his birth. By this nickname, Charles’ friends and family used to call him. Moreover Carl, his father, was a hardworking man running a barber shop. And his mother was a housewife who was very outstanding at cooking. But for a fact, she didn’t like to meet people except for her relatives.

Schultz attended Richard Gordon Elementary School in St. Paul. Charles did know that his intelligence level and skills of growing in life were not to be admired by any of his mates and family members. So he kept this hide.

Career Status When Peanut Was Born

When ‘Li’l Folks’ was just about to be released, another strip by some other person came out with the same name. So he was told to change the name of his strip. In this regard, Charles suggested two names, either ‘Charlie Brown’ or ‘Good ol’ Charlie Brown’.

Schultz was so tense at this point while the UFS’s executives suggested him a name ‘Peanuts’. This name was in regard to a kid who used to sit in a peanut gallery, as the section of the cinema has the cheapest seats. But Charles hated the new name due to its origin but it got stuck now on everyone’s head.

The first ever Peanut strip was out on 2nd of October 1950 in like 7 to 8 newspapers. The popularity of this comic strip was increasing year after year.

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Later in 1952, Peanuts was published in almost 42 newspapers around the US. And in 1958, this emerging comic was published in around 355 newspapers of the US and also in the same year, it was published in more than 40 international newspapers.

Later the fame of this comic strip reached over 75 countries with publications in over 2600 newspapers around the globe. This was all the result of his work that was done all alone. It was an ability of Charles to work alone and better at the same time.

When the first version of the strip was out in 1950, Charles got a cheque of $90. But in 1956, the strip made its way to peak and Schultz was able to get $4000 a month. To add more, he was able to make $12.5 a month by 1971 just because of this comic strip called Peanuts.

When he was on death bed, Charles Schulz net worth was about $500 Million.


Charles Schulz got a heart attack in July 1981. Though he survived and had quick bypass surgery in September of the following year. Later he got back to his work after the recovery time. Later in 1999, he fell again and was admitted to the hospital for two months. Death news of the great artist came on February 12, 2000.

Earning $500 Million
Earning Source Professional Cartoonist
Monthly Income $12.5 Million (March 1971)
Still Alive Died (2000)

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