George Eads Net Worth

George Eads Net Worth

George Eads is a famous American actor and Voice actor. Even he was an international salesperson. He becomes famous in the cast crew of CSI series, and later, he continued his work another Tv series called MacGyver. We discussed George Eads Net Worth and career achievements. 

In his professional career life, he takes a lot of roles but his famous role as Nick Stokes on the CBS police drama CSI, which is the Crime Scene Investigation series. Also, he becomes stared as Jack Dalton on the CBS action-adventure series and played on MacGyver channel for three seasons. 

Today we will talk about his career achievements, career developments, source of income, and early life. Similarly, we allow finding another detail about his professional career and exciting facts. 

Early Life/Biography

On March 1, 1967, George Coleman Eads III was born in Fort Worth, Texas, (United States). Her parents are Arthur Coleman Eads and Vivian Baker. He was always pleased because of his parents supportive of becoming a high profile personality. 

He raised with his family in Texas, where he was born and survive life. His nickname Cappy which earned from his professional career life. In the starting career, he works as a district attorney in the town and who was the successful work of his career. 

His mother is very supportive because he has a tremendous and good connection with her. Even his mother works as a Superintendent of Schools in eduction. His sister name Angela Eads who is married Tekell. Similarly, Burnie Burns and Kristin Davis earn money because at an early age become a famous actor. 

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In 1985 he attended the Belton High School, where he passed the graduation degree. One time his school very nice and always he remembers his memories. He does immensely enjoy in science class. Julia Taylor and Dove Cameron earn a lot of skill because at an early age they got studied at the biggest University. 

When he finished high school, then he decided to enroll in college and entered Texas Tech University. So in 1990, he makes a graduate of class. So when he passed the graduation degree, then he does study in a degree in Mass communication. 

Similarly, he gained a degree in Marketing at Texas Tech University, where he passed the graduation degree. Later he starts his career life as a first Aid seller, but he did not sell the products. So he decides to start his acting career and become a famous man. 

George Eads Net Worth 2022 and Income/Salary

George is an estimated net worth 13 million dollars because most of the income came from his career life. Similarly, He becomes a famous actor and voice actor. He passed the graduation and marketing degree from Texas Tech University.

George Eads Net Worth: $ 13 Million USD
George was the most famous actor because, at an early age, he becomes an actor. At the starting career life, he works as a salesperson, but later, he leaves this job and wants to become an actor. George acts a lot of roles, but George was famous for Nick Stokes on the CBS police drama CSI(Crime Scene Investigation). So he appeared in television shows and movies which causes his estimated net worth 13 million dollars.

So, Helen Hunt and Wentworth Miller survive happy life. In his personal life, he was pleased because he achieves a lot of skills. Even with career life, he takes an interest in motorbike racing, which causes he was the biggest fan of motorcycles. He has two bikes, both Harley Davidsons.

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In 2011 he married Monika Casey and stayed within 2014. In the same year, they born daughter later got divorced. He became one of the best actors and participated in CSI and other series. Melvin Gregg and Ted Danson participated in various drama series and movies. 


When he decides to moves Los Angels, then he finds new work in the acting field. He starts his job career as a salesperson, but he did not agree with this job. Later he gains a lot of opportunities to develop his career life. 


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He started his acting career as an actor in Soap Opera called Savannah, which is the most significant success for his career. So he was very excited and wants to become the richest actor in the world. Yandy Smith and Linda Cardellini become the richest actors because they act in various roles. 

From 1996 to 1997, he produced the because he got a lot of training then provide Aaron Spelling. Also, he starred in the pilot episode, but later, he moves to the drama series. He becomes a well-played actor. 

In 1997 he appeared in a lot of series, but he famous for Tv series “ER,” which is the most significant success for his career and famous for Medical thematics. Later, George appeared in Tv movie “Crowned and Dangerous “as a character. 

So in 1996, he appeared in “The Ultimate Lie”. Even in 2000, he becomes stared because he acts the famous role of Nick Stokes. He serves as a lead role character in the police series “CSI” Crime Scene Investigation. 

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From 2010 to 2012, he becomes a voice actor because he acts a lot of voice character roles and one of the famous characters of Flash in five-episode, which us an animated Tv series “Young Justice.” Also, he appeared in Michael Jackson’s Halloween in 2017. 

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