Katt Williams Net Worth

Katt Williams Net Worth

How much does Katt Williams worth?

Net Worth $9 Million
Real Name Micah S. Katt Williams
Date of Birth September 2, 1971
Birth Place Cincinnati, OH
American actress
Age 49 Years Old
Height 1.65 m
Nationality American

In the world, if we found the best comedy actors, then we see Katt Williams. Katt is a well known American comedian, actor, screenwriter, and television producer.

He was one of the most famous names in the American standup comedy. Now we talk about Katt Williams Net Worth and career achievements. 

Now, he was the most prominent standup comedian. In life, he got a lot of success. Katt is the best Mystery in comedy because he became a standup comedian at an early age. That’s why he is the International man of the Mystery. 

Now in this article, we give them opportunities to find the best personality because we talk about Katt. You see his success in life, career achievements, earning source, income, salary, bio, profession, and net worth.

Early Life/Biography

On September 2, 1971, Kett Williams was born in Cincinnati, Ohio (United States). At an old age, Katt wants to become a popular and famous actor in America.

Now when he was younger, then take an interest in acting and soon become a renowned actor. 

Similarly, his family very supportive of his career because all family members educated.

Even his family very active in politics, and his father become a member of the Black Panther Party. So, Pauly Shore and Carter sharer played in many series and movies. 

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In his childhood life, he was very famous because, in school, he was a brighter student. There is no much news about his childhood life since his parents are independent and face a lot of problems. 

When Kett was born, then his parents face a lot of poor financial problems. So when he was younger, that time decides to become a standup comedian and actor.

In his career, he makes every effort to become an actor but soon becomes a good personality. 

Similarly, when he makes a standup comedian then decides to be an actor, which causes him to push his career life. The 20 richest actor acts many roles in series and television movies.

He acted a lot of roles, made the movies, and does works on the television. He becomes a screenwriter, singer, and famous rapper. 

Mother Name Under Review
Father Name Under Review
Siblings Under Review
Martial Status Married
Spouse Eboni Gray
Son Name
Micah Williams
Daughter Name Leanne Williams

How Did Katt Williams Become So Famous and How To Make Net worth it?

Katt is an estimated net worth 10 million dollars, which is coming most of the income from his career life. He was an American actor, stand up comedian, Tv personality, screenwriter, film writer, and singer. Likewise, he earned money a lot of sources. 

Katt Williams Net Worth: $ 10 Million USD
Katt Willims is a prominent actor, rapper, and singer because at an early age starts the career life. In the starting career life, he becomes a standup comedian and later become an American actor.

In the TV shows, he gives an outstanding performance, which causes decides to make the movies. So he makes movies such as Friday After Next, The Pimp Chronicles, and more. Katt earns money is an estimated 10 million dollars.

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Even Colin Jost and Zoe Kravitz become a professional actor because at an early age earn money from various sources. Now, in the teens’ age, he does the married, but his married lifetime very short.

In 1990 he born a baby named Micah, but a few years later, he gives the divorce his wife and lives along. Then he decides to adopt the ex-wife with seven children.

Also, 20 richest actress faces a lot of problems at an early age but earn money and achieve a lot of success. 

In 2010 he married Eboni Gray and survived the most comfortable life. Now he was the most controversial American celebrity because, in his career, he got a lot of success.

Similarly, at an early age, he eas a very talented boy because a lot of opportunities got and gained the skills.

Physical Appearance

Height 1.65 m
Weight 145.5 lbs
Chest Size Will Update
Waist Size Will Update
Biceps Will Update

What Makes It So Successful?

At an early age, Katt starts his career life as a standup comedian, but later, he performs te skills in the clubs from Oklahoma to Oakland. Now he got a lot of success at an early age which causes decide to gain more skills. 


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During career life, Dove Cameron played various drama series and movies which causes make a richest actress.

In 2002 Katt had his acting in the many clubs but one of the best acting breakthroughs on NYPD Blue. Now he acted the role such as Wild’ out, side by side, and more. 

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In 2006 he started the comedian career and earned a lot of people’s attraction because, on social platforms, he was very active.

In the next year 2007 very important for his job because that year he got a lot of success. Similarly, 20 richest youtube actors earn money because a lot of videos uploaded on the youtube channels.

Willims starred in American hustle and made a lot of movies. Now in 2008, he acted the second HBO comedy show on the political subject. As causes, he becomes a famous and outstanding performer in the world.

In 2012 he took the break-in to stand up comedy because, after four years, he acted the Pimpin’ Pimpin show. During a break from stand up comedy, he records the music album because he was a famous singer and rapper. 

Following these incidents, he announced that he leaves the standup comedy career and starts the singing carer.

In 2013 he got a retirement from the standup comedy and began singing songs. Similarly, In the same year, he released the song. 

After the standup comedy, he announced the Conspiracy Theory in 2015 but faced a lot of problems and legal issues.

So in his career life, he got a lot of skills like singing, comedy, acting, and television producing.

Annual Salary Under Review
Earning Point Comedian, Acting
Working in Industry Since 2002
Still Alive Yes

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