Top 20 Richest Doctors In The World By Net Worth And Their Revenue

Dr. Robert Rey Net Worth

After a hard study and work of 5 years in MBBS and later on specialization doctor are allowed to become the richest. Becoming a doctor is not an easy thing but nowadays the coming of a huge student in the field it like a piece of cake. Here are the top 20 richest doctors in the World who have a huge net worth according to their career. They are mastered in their fields that they earn a lot. It is not that true after graduation doctor gets huge worth but after some time, they get paid a lot.

20. Dr. Sanjay Gupta:  Sanjay Net Worth : $ 4.5 Million USD

He is a neurosurgeon and reporter born on 23 October 1969 with a net worth of $ 4.5 Million. Sanjay server in “Grady Memorial Hospital” as a neurosurgeon in Atlanta Georgia. He is a mostly known as a medical correspondent for CNN. Sanjay got an offer of a job as a “US Surgeon General” from President Barack Obama. In “Emory University School of Medicine” he is the assistant professor.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta Net Worth

19. Dr. Ron Paul:  Ron Net Worth : $ 5 Million USD

Ronald Ernest “Ron” Paul has a gross of $5 Million. Mostly famous as an American politician and author but he is also a physician specialist in gynecology and obstetrics. He is a member of the U.S. representatives from Texas 22nd district. Paul also has a political party named as Libertarian. Got his early education from Gettysburg College and then graduated from the Duke University. Such gross lead his name in the list of the 20 richest doctors around the world.

Dr. Ron Paul Net Worth

18. Dr. Travis Stork:  Travis Net Worth : $ 8 Million USD

He born on 9 March 1972. Travis Lane Stork is an American emergency physician. Strok having a net worth of $ 8 Million USD.  Such gross lead his name in the list of the 20 richest doctor around the world.He is also a television personality best known for appearing on “The Bachelor”. Stork also famous in the public as the host of the syndicated daytime talk show “The Doctors”. Stork got his medical degree from the “University of Virginia”. He is also the member of “Alpha Omega Alpha”.

Dr. Travis Stork Net Worth

17. Dr. Ben Carson:  Ben Net Worth : $ 10 Million USD

The full name Benjamin Solomon Carson Sr. born on 18 September 1951 in Benjamin Solomon Carson. Ben gross is $10 Milion. He is also the seventeen United State Secretary of urban and housing development. Ben is a neurosurgeon, author, and politician. He works for the administration of Donal Trump. Ben is also the candidate of the President of United States in 2016.

Dr. Ben Carson Net Worth

16. Dr. Mehmet Oz:  Mehmat Net Worth : $ 14 Million USD

He is better known as Dr.Oz. who has a gross of $ 14 Million? Oz is an American Turkish cardiothoracic surgeon, pseudoscience promoter, author, and television personality. Mehmet is also a Columbia University professor. He came to general prominence with appearances on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” beginning in 2004 and “Larry King Live”. Mehmet is a perfect example of a health expert. He opened his first episode on the 14 September 2009.

Dr. Mehmet Oz Net Worth

15. Dr. Paul Nassif:  Paul Net Worth : $ 14 Million USD

He is an American plastic surgeon and television personality. Paul had a worth of $ 14 Million. He is best known for creating the perfect nose however how big the problem is. Paul specialization is in facial surgery “Rhinoplasty” and he is also the member of American Society for “Aesthetic Plastic”. According to television, he is best known for the reality show “Botched”.

Dr. Paul Nassif Net Worth

14. Dr. Garth Fisher:  Grath Net Worth : $ 15 Million USD

One of the best plastic surgeon of various parts of the body in Beverly Hills with a gross of $ 15 Million. He is known as the first doctor to that chosen from the ABC  television show “Extrem Makeover”. He is also a celebrity and business executive and specializes in plastic surgery. Such gross lead his name in the list of the 20 richest doctor around the world.

Dr. Garth Fisher Net Worth

13. Dr. Robert Rey:  Robert Net Worth : $ 15 Million USD

Roberto Miguel Rey Junior is a Plastic surgeon specialist and Brazilian politician. He features on the reality series “Dr. 90210”. In 2015 he became 3rd Vice President of the “National Ecologic Party (PEN)”. He is currently in a private practice in Beverly Hills and to worth over $ 15 million. Such gross lead his name in the list of the 20 richest doctor around the world.

Dr. Robert Rey Net Worth

12. Dr. David Drew Pinsky:  David Net Worth : $ 20 Million USD

He is commonly known as Dr.Drew with a gross of $ 20 Million. Such gross lead his name in the list of the 20 richest doctor around the world. Drew is an American celebrity doctor. He is a certified internist, medicine specialist, and media personality. He is mostly known for his radio call and television and shows, including the hugely popular “Loveline”. Pinsky is Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the “Keck School of Medicine” at “University of Southern California”.

Dr. David Drew Pinsky Net Worth

11. Dr. Leonard Hochstein:  Leonard Net Worth : $ 20 Million USD

Dr. Leonard Hochstein having a gross of $ 20 Million.  Such gross lead his name in the list of the 20 richest doctor around the world. His career started straight out of high school. When he was able to apply to medical school as a scholar high school student. Those who want to improve the condition of their breasts consult him. He is well known in Miami as one of the top doctors who give quality services when it comes to plastic surgery.

Dr. Leonard Hochstein Net Worth

10. Dr. Terry Dubrow:  Terry Net Worth : $ 30 Million USD

Terry J. Dubrow M.D. born on 14 September 1958. He is a plastic surgeon and television personality which have a gross of $ 30 Million. Terry is known for his work on “The Swan” and for hosting “Botched”. He gained massive fame after making an appearance in the series “Real Housewives of Orange County”. Dubrow also performed the plastic surgery procedures on “Bridalplasty”. Such gross lead his name in the list of the 20 richest doctor around the world.

Dr. Terry Dubrow Net Worth

9. Dr. James Andrews:  James Net Worth : $ 100 Million USD

He well knows of taking care of injuries which held to athletes. James has a tremendous gross of $ 100 Million. Such gross lead his name in the list of the 20 richest doctor around the world. He is an American orthopedic surgeon(surgeon for the knee, elbow, and shoulder injuries). Dr. James is the lead surgeon at the famous Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Centre. He also is the team doctor for the Alabama Crimson Tide, Tampa Bay Rays, Auburn University Tigers, and Washington Redskins.

Dr. James Andrews Net Worth

8. Dr. Phil:  Phill Net Worth : $ 400 Million USD

An American psychologist, television personality, author, and the host of the television show “Dr. Phil” which debuted in 2002. He is $400 Million rich and still going on. A well-known name and need no introduction to those who watch reality shows. Phil is listed to be $70 Million earing for a year and become a 15th richest celebrity.

Dr. Phil Net Worth

7. Dr. Katie Rodan:  Katie Net Worth : $ 550 Million USD

She is an American dermatologist, entrepreneur, and author. Katie is the creator of the acne management system “Proactiv” with a worth of $ 550 Million. She is also the founder of anti-aging skincare company “Rodan + Fields” and operates a private cosmetic dermatology practice in Oakland, California. In 2008, Katie name came in top doctor in “The East Bay” by Oakland Magazine. Such gross lead her name in the list of the 20 richest doctor around the world.

Dr. Katie Rodan Net Worth

6. Dr. Kathy Fields:  Kathy Net Worth : $ 650 Million USD

She is a dermatologist in San Francisco, California and is affiliated with California Pacific Medical Center with a worth of $ 650 Million in rich list. Kathy received her medical degree from University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years. She is one of 40 doctors at California Pacific Medical Center who specialize in Dermatology. With such gross she is included in the list of the 20 richest doctor around the world.

Dr. Kathy Fields Net Worth

5. Dr. Gary Michelson:  Gray Net Worth : $ 1.75 Billion USD

He is a renowned orthopedic surgeon who invented orthopedic devices and inventor, and philanthropist. Dr. Michelson is worth $ 1.75 Billion and is revered for committing $ 300 million to various sectors including medical research, animal welfare, online textbooks and tropical rainforest. With such gross he is include in the list of the 20 richest doctor around the world. The United States of American person who lives in Los Angeles. He is currently in search of a surgery-free sterilization mechanism for domestic animals at the Michelson Prize center.

Dr. Gary Michelson Net Worth

4. Dr. Wu Yiling:  Yiling Net Worth : $ 4 Billion USD

He is known as “Goh Lean Tuck” and “Ng Leen Tuck” in Minnan and Cantonese transliteration respectively. He is running a pharmaceutical company which establishes in 1992. A Malayan-born Chinese doctor and the first medical student of Chinese descent to study at “University of Cambridge”. His company houses sundry herbal medicines that cure a myriad of diseases. He estimated to worth $ 4 Billion. With such gross he is include in the list of the 20 richest doctor around the world.

Dr. Wu Yiling Net Worth

3. Dr. Philip Frost:   Philip Net Worth : $ 7.4 Billion USD

His successful career started when he worked as a Lieutenant commander at “The National Cancer Institute” of the US Public Health Service. He had a gross of $4.4 Billion. Frost and Michael Jaharis bought the Key Pharmaceuticals Inc. in 1972. The company was later acquired by Schering-Plough for $ 600 million. Dr. Frost starts a pharmaceutical company which he named “Ivax”. The company performed exceptionally well after which it was sold at an estimated $ 7.4 Billion.

Dr. Philip Frost Net Worth

2. Dr. Thomas Frist:  Thomas Net Worth : $ 8.7 Billion USD

He born on 12 August 1938 at Thomas Fearn Frist Jr. and living in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S. Thomas is is an American physician, businessman, and philanthropist. He is also co-founder of the Hospital “Corporation of America”. He is the wealthiest person in Tennessee with the worth of  $ 8.7 Billion annually. Thomas is an Air Force surgeon who joins hand with his dad and establishes a hospital network. His company now amasses over $ 29 Billion annually. With such gross he is include in the list of the 20 richest doctor around the world.

Dr. Thomas Frist Net Worth

The Richest Doctor Around The World Is?

Dr. Patrick Soon Shiong Net Worth : $ 12 Billion USD
Dr. Patrick Soon Shiong tops our list with an estimated gross of $ 12 Billion. He is not only a doctor but also an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He is well renowned for his fight against cancer and his commitment to funding the children hospitals. Patrick is also fame for solving health care charges. He is also executive director of the “Wireless Health Institute” at the “University of California at Los Angeles”. Dr. Soon-Shiong has 230 issued USA and international glaring, 138 international and 92 in the United States. He is chairman of the Chan Soon-Shiong Family Foundation. Patrick is also chairman and CEO of the Chan Soon-Shiong Institute for “Advanced Health, National LambdaRail, and the Healthcare Transformation Institute”. With such gross he is include in the list of the 20 richest doctor around the world.

Dr. Patrick Soon Shiong Net Worth

Quick Facts About 20 Most Richest Doctors In The World

20 Richest Doctorsdoc Net Worth In Million
Sanjay Gupta $4.5 M
Ron Paul $5 M
Travis Stork $8 M
Ben Carson $10 M
Mehmet Oz $14 M
Paul Nassif $14 M
Garth Fisher $15 M
Robert Rey $15 M
David Drew Pinsky $20 M
Leonard Hochstein $20 M
Terry Dubrow $30 M
James Andrews $100 M
Phil $400 M
Katie Rodan $550 M
Kathy Fields $650 M
Gary Michelson $1.75 B
Wu Yiling $4 B
Philip Frost $7.4 B
Thomas Frist $8.7 B
Patrick Soon Shiong $12 B

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