The 20 Richest eSports Gamers In The World 2024

20 Richest eSports Gamers

Esports, once a niche hobby, has exploded into a global phenomenon, with professional gamers achieving levels of fame and fortune that rival traditional sports stars.

The rise of competitive gaming has paved the way for a new breed of athletes, ones who possess lightning-fast reflexes, strategic minds, and unparalleled dedication to their craft.

These elite individuals have not only earned the adoration of millions of fans but have also accumulated substantial wealth through prize winnings, sponsorships, and brand endorsements.

The 20 richest esports gamers represent the pinnacle of this lucrative and fast-paced industry. Their stories are as diverse as the games they dominate, ranging from strategic warfare in “Dota 2” to the virtual soccer fields of “FIFA.”

This article takes you on a journey through the lives and bank accounts of the top earners in esports, showcasing the massive potential for success in the digital arena.

Join us as we delve into the world of competitive gaming, where skill meets strategy, and discover how these trailblazers have turned their passion for video games into impressive fortunes.

20- Gustav Magnusson Net Worth- Gustav “s4” Magnusson

Gustav “s4” Magnusson was born on 1 April 1992. Now he was 28 years old.

A young man who is earning a lot of money from a gaming competition. His birthplace is Stockholm, Sweden. He is a Swedish nationalist. 

20 Richest eSports Gamers

Magnusson played on the Alliance team. He is known as the best player for the Dota 2 game.

He joined the Alliance team for 1 year from 2013-2014. Then Joined Team Secret for one year. Then move back to Alliance in 2015.

From 2016 to 2019 he was part of OG and Evil Geniuses. Again, he is part of Alliance and playing from their side. He won a lot of prizes and awards from esports games and from Dota 2. 

In his total career, he won 2 awards 

  • The International Champion in 2013
  • Dota 2 Major Champion in Boston, Kiev

Also known as “s4”, started his career from Dot 2 in 2012. Played at Dreamhack Summer 2012 with his team The Tough Bananas. Now he is the captain and offlaner in the Alliance Team.

S4 has a total net worth of $1,591,973.48 USD Dollar. In 2012 he was awarded the professional player award known as Team Liquid The Biggest Play Award.

19- Clement Ivanov Net Worth- Clement “Puppey” Ivanov

Puppey was the best professional gamer in the world. He also earned a lot of money through this competition.

Clement “Puppey” Ivanov was born on March 6, 1990. Now he is 30 years old and a young man. Belonging to Tartu, the Estonian nationalist. 

Clement “Puppey” Ivanov Net Worth

He started his career in 2007 and still he is the best player in history. Current playing in the team “Team Secret”.

Best gaming player of Dota and Dota 2. having a great grip on both games and a champion of these games. Role as a supporter. 

First, he joined the team “Xero Skill”, then KingSurf.International, Nirvana.International, Team.GG, Natus Vincere and now he is part of Team Secret.

Last winning awards are The International Champion in 2011 and Dota Major Champion played in Shanghai.

Puppey has a unique role that he is playing in every role of a game. This quality-made him the best gamer amongst others.

This gamer has a total net worth of $1,648,161.43 which he earned by winning different prizes and awards.

Puppey began his initial steps into the DotA 2 serious scene with Natus Vincere among players, for example, Dendi and Artstyle, as they contended in The International 2011.

They went undefeated all through the entire competition, winning the then-large $1,000,000 USD excellent prize.

They additionally won the Electronic Sports World Cup 2011 and brought home $12,000 USD. In both of these competitions.

He exhibited an awesome forecast with the saint Chen’s capacity to send his partners back to base. Puppey became Natus Vincere’s Captain after ArtStyle’s takeoff from the group in October 2011.

18- Zeng Hongda Net Worth – Zeng “Faith” Hongda

Faith was born on February 6, 1992, and is 28 years old, an energetic boy. The best player among others. Belongs to China.

He is still playing for his team. But banned for two competitions Valve and Imba TV banned him.

Now he is playing for the Newbee Team. Faith has an alternate id is WAQAT. Role of playing as a Support person and a Captain. 

He has three signature heroes that are Ancient Apparition, Rubick, and Shadow Shaman.

Zeng “Faith” Hongda Net Worth

Faith won The International Champions continuously

  • In 2011, team Natus Vincere
  • In 2012, team Invictus Gaming
  • In 2013, team Alliance
  • In 2014, Newbee
  • In 2015, Evil geniuses
  • In 2016, Wing gaming
  • In 2017, Team Liquid
  • In 2018 and 2019 with OG

In 2012, he played in a team with the best players that are Chuan, Faith, Ferrari 430, YYF, and Zhou.

He earned a total net worth of $1,758,817 USD dollars by winning different competitions.

In 2018 he got the first position in ESL One Genting 2019 tournament from Team Newbee with a result of 3:2 and won a prize of $160,000.

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17- Chen Zhihao Net Worth – Chen “Hao” Zhihao

Chen was born on July 28 in 1990. The active team was the Old Boys. Signature heroes are Gyrocopter, Spectre, and Weaver.Chen “Hao” Zhihao Net Worth

Earned a total net worth of $1,748,197 USD dollar. The last winning prize was $100,610 in dollars from Nanyang Dota 2 Championships Season 2 in 2016.

Hao, nicknamed General Hao by the Chinese people group, is known to be quite possibly the most forceful part in the scene.

Having joined groups, for example, Nirvana, TyLoo, Pandaria, TongFu, Invictus Gaming, Newbee, and Vici Gaming, Hao is no more abnormal to LAN rivalries and is additionally known to be amazingly intense during matches. As a convey player.

He has the desire to kill which can be found in games where he plunges on many occasions for murders.

His dangerous plays characterize his character, and the polarizing prizes or mishaps from the result of his animosity can represent the moment of truth for the group that he plays in. 

Hao has played in each International, in 2011 with TyLoo (Placed 9-twelfth), in 2012 (Placed 7-eighth) and 2013 with TongFu (Placed fourth), in 2014 with Newbee (Placed first), in 2015 with Vici Gaming (Placed fourth), and in 2016 with Newbee.

Chen was born on July 28 in 1990. The active team was the Old Boys.

Signature heroes are Gyrocopter, Spectre, and Weaver. Earned a total net worth of $1,748,197 USD dollar. The last winning prize was $100,610 in dollar iN Nanyang Dota 2 Championships Season 2 in 2016.

16- Zhang Ning Net Worth – Zhang “xiao8” Ning

The best player ever in the gaming zone is Zhang. Known as Xiao8, he was a Chinese Dota 2 gaming player. Currently the coach of PSG.LGD.20 Richest eSports Gamers

Born on January 11, 1989. Still playing and the team player of PSG, LGD is also known as Director 8.

His major role is coaching and as an offlaner. Signature Heros are Doom, Nature’s Prophet, and Beastmaster. Earned a total net worth of $1,831,266.

Top Rich List in the world

The last winning tournament is Chian Dota 2 Prop Cup Season 1 and earns a prize of $40,000 with a result of 3:0.

Also a champion player of G-1 Championship League with LGD Gaming in Season 4 and Alliance Season 5. Season 4 played with his team included DD, DDC, Sylar, and Yao.

In 2011, he moved Invictus Gaming alongside his colleagues, impelled by an arrangement worth $6,000,000.

During 2011 and 2012, he played an offlaner and solo mid-job. By 2014, Newbee procured Zhang.

It was his 2014 group that won The International 2014. In 2016 alone, Zhang played in 10 competitions and won $162,332.23 in prize cash.

Features for Zhang in 2016 remembered playing Dota 2 for different classes

. A couple of Zhang’s prize-winning features for 2016 are The Boston Major 2016-winning $25,000.

The International 2016: Dota 2 Championship-winning $62,311.40, and The Manila Major 2016-winning $51,000.

15- Zhou Yang Net Worth – Zhou “bLink” Yang

Zhou Yang is also a Chinese player born on July 31, 1992. Playing from the team You Know Who.Zhou “bLink” Yang Net Worth

As the main role of Solo Middle and Coach. Signature heroes are Shadow Fiend, Invoker, and Timbersaw. Earned a total net worth of $1,962,248.

While playing in the Chinese matchmaking workers, bLink was playing with an online group and Speed Gaming’s prosperity at MLG Columbus 2013, the association chose to get a Chinese team.

BLink’s group was chosen to frame Speed Gaming.

He was first played in the WPC 2014 Qualifiers yet neglected to meet all requirements for the headliner.

He likewise joined Chinese stalwart Team DK as a substitute for WPC 2014.

He later joined Wings Gaming after Speed Gaming chose to rearrange their program.

In December 2015, Wings acquired their first top four situations at WCA 2015. 

Regardless of a helpless beginning to 2016, the group had the option to show their unimaginable science and annihilation Team Liquid 3-0 in the stupendous finals of ESL One Manila 2016.

This was the main competition win for bLink just as Wings Gaming as an organization.

Despite an average presentation at the Manila Major 2016, the group kept on discovering achievement, completing second at the Nanyang Dota 2 Championships S2 and setting forth at DPL Season 1.

Wings would proceed to win The International 2016 in spite of just posting an 8-6 record in the gathering stage, crushing Digital Chaos 3-1 in the stupendous finals.

Last winning prize of $48,000 dollar from the tournament Northern Arena BEAT Invitational with the result of 2:0 in 2016.

In 2017, he was in place between 9th-16th in the Kyiv Major 2017 tournament with the result of 1:2 won a prize of $62,500. At that time his team was “Team Random”.

14- Chu Zeyu Net Worth – Chu “Shadow” Zeyu

Chu Zeyu is also a Chinese player. He is the best and intelligent player in the gaming zone. The alternate id is YsimIvViVi and shadow.Chu “Shadow” Zeyu Net Worth

Playing the role of a Carry. His best signature heroes are Lifestealer, Slark, and Drow Ranger.

His total net worth of $1,971,064. He won the last competition in 2016 in the Northern Arena BEAT Invitational with a result of 2:0 and won a prize of $48,000.

His team was Team Wings Gaming against Team NP.

In 2016 he earned $9,139,002 dollars of the amount by winning a tournament named The International 2016 with a result of 3:0.

He is also The International Champions who played from different teams from 2011 to 2019.

In 2016, he played in a team in Wings Gaming members are Shadow, bLink, Faith_bain, Innocence, and iceice.

13- Zhang Ruida Net Worth –  Zhang “Faith_bian” Ruida

Faith_bain is also a Chinese player. He is a player of Dota 2 and now he is a coach of PSG.LGD team. He was born on March 21, 1998.Zhang “Faith_bian” Ruida Net Worth

Officially known as Zhang Ruida still playing with his great talent and skill. Won a prize of $40,000 dollars iN China Dota 2 Pro Cup Season 1 with the result of 3:0.

His official team is PSG.LGD and play the role of Offlaner. His alternative ID is Zrd.

Faith_bain signature heroes are Beastmaster, Batrider, and Clockwerk. Earned a total net worth of $2,090,261.

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He is also won awards from The International Champions with different teams Natus Vincere in 2011, Invictus Gaming in 2012, Alliance in 2013, Newbee in 2014, Evil Geniuses in 2015, Wings Gaming in 2016 Team Liquid in 2017, OG in 2018-2019.

In 2016 from Wings Gaming team members included Shadow, bLink, Faith_bian, Innocence, and iceice.

12- Zhang Yiming Net Worth –  Zhang “Y.’” Yiping

Zhang Yiping is positioned #2 in his nation of origin China. He was brought into the world in 1998. To bring in the current complete prize cash, he took an interest in 23 Tournaments.Zhang “Y.’” Yiping Net Worth

He’s played for groups Speed Gaming. Wings Gaming (where he was the Captain of Team Wings), Team Random, and EHOME. His present parts in group EHOME are Support and Captain. 

Yiping says that every competition has been an alternate encounter for him, with numerous sorts of stresses, energy, and development to every occasion.

As the games have been refreshed and various renditions have been made, he and his colleagues have attempted to improve their play.

He and his colleagues appreciate giving different monikers to their companions and individual gamers.

They once gave another gamer the name of “Dimwitted Fish” since he’d been grouchy.

Total net worth of $2,108,761. He is a member of team PSG.LGD. As a Support and Captain role.

The last winning tournament was China Dota 2 Prop Cup Season 1 with a result of 3:0 and won a prize of $40,000.

11-  Kurtis Aui Net Worth – Kurtis “Aui_2000” Ling

He was born in 1992 and a Canadian Nationalist still performing in CR4ZY. He is a player of Dota 2 from Vancouver in British Columbia.20 Richest eSports Gamers

Role as a Captain and support. His signature heroes were Visage, Chen, and Enchantress.

Kurtis Daniel Ling is a Dota 2 player from Canada, where he’s positioned #1. He’s played for 14 distinct groups, and right now plays for Animal Planet.

At the point when he initially started playing DotA, he was only nine years of age.

He, at last, turned out to be important for the University of British Columbia’s Starcraft club, and that was his first serious experience.

He found out about The International’s $1.6 million prize pool, and that started his advantage in Dota 2 gaming.

Despite the fact that he was a human science major at college, he maintained two sources of income to keep in school.

He was a general store stocker and a preschool janitor. He cultivated a great deal during his residency as an expert gamer.

Creature Planet was endorsed by Iceberg Esports in January 2018, and Ling and his partners are progressing nicely.

He is the only player who won The International Champion awards iN Canada. The last winning tournament was The International 2015 with the prize of $6.634,661 result of 3:1 in 2015.

10- Li Peng Net Worth – Li “iceice” Peng

Li Peng was his official name belong to China. Still playing in a team You know Who role as a Support person. Total earning is $2,003,450. Was born in 1995.Li “iceice” Peng Net Worth

The last winning tournament was Northern Arena BEAT Invitational by the result of 2:0 earned a prize of 448,000.

He is also a winner of The International Champions from 2011 to 2019 with different teams.

He is the best player in China and earned different prizes from the tournaments and won many awards on the basis of the game Dota 2.

A notable pub star, iceice was brought into the expert scene by xiao8 as a feature of the group Big God. Following two months of playing with Big God, he joined Wings Gaming.

He quickly discovered accomplishment with the group as they won ESL One Manila 2016, proceeding to win The Summit 5 and Valve’s 6th International, The International 2016.

09- Clinton Loomis Net Worth – Clinton “Fear” Loomis

Clinton “Fear” Loomis is an American player from Medford, Oregon.Clinton “Fear” Loomis Net Worth

Fear is one of the most storied Dota players and is widely regarded as one of the greatest players to emerge from the North American region.

Fear’s versatility and ability to play every position have enabled him to remain at the forefront of the competitive scene for many years.

The total net worth of $2,542,385 his alternate id is FearDarkness located in the United States. Born in 1998.

His signature Heros are Bane, Rubick, and Shadow Shaman. Clinton’s last achievement was a prize of $110,000 in GESC: Indonesia Dota 2 Minor with the result of 2:0 and placed in 1st position in the tournament. 

08- Maroun Merhej Net Worth – Maroun “GH” Merhej

Maroun known as GH belongs to Lebanon. He is the best gaming player of Dota 2. Currently playing for team Enigma. He was born on June 17, 1995. Officially known as Maroun Merhej.

Maroun “GH” Merhej Net Worth

His alternate id is GH-GOD, Gh. His role in the team as a support person.

Maroun’s signature heroes are Io and Tusk and Keeper of the Light. He took part in different competitions and earned a lot of income.

At that time he is the owner of a total net worth of $4,187,544.

His last winning event was China Dota 2 Supermajor and won a prize of $555,000 with a result ratio of 3:2. This has happened in 2018. Also took part in The International Champions.

In 2017 he played with Team Liquid, team members are MATUMBAMAN, Miracle, MindD_ContRoL, GH & Kuroky.

He continuously played games from 2011 to 2020 and further, he is the best player in his country. 

07- Peter Dager Net Worth – Peter “ppd” Dager

The American player in the Dota game is from Fort Wayne, United State. Born on November 2, 1991. The real name is Peter Dager. He is currently playing for the Sadboys.

Peter “ppd” Dager Net Worth

The alternate id is Peterpandam, Peter, and Franzzii.

Basically, his role is to support people in the team. His signature heroes are Treant Protector, Bane, and Crystal Maiden.

Ppd played in many competitions and won a huge amount of prizes from them. His total net worth is $2,999,257.

Peter won the last competition in 2015 and got a prize of $6.634,661 from The International 2015 with a result of 3:1.

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He won three competitions in 2015. In 2014, he won 2 main competitions which included the World Esport Championship 2014 and got a prize of $97,702.

In 2015 his team was Evil Geniuses in which Fear, SumaiL, UNiVeRsE, Aui_2000, and Peter were the team members.

06- Sumail Hassan Net Worth – Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan

Syed Sumail Hassan is the best player representing his country “Pakistan”.Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan Net Worth

He was born on February 13, 1999. He has dual nationality as well as American nationalists. He is still performing well and played many games for his country.

Alternate id was D3mOn, Suma1l, B-rabbit, Mr.S and SumaiL-. The basic role is Solo Middle and Carry in his team.

Signature heroes were Storm Spirit, Ember Spirit, and Puck. Through his competition-winning game, he earned a lot of income.

Now he is the owner of $3,608,750 US dollars of total net worth.

His last winning game was The Manila Masters competition in which he earned a prize of $125,000 in 2017.

Before this, in 2016 he earned a prize of $112,500 from Mars Dota 2 League 2016 Autumn.

He is also a team member with Fear, SumaiL, Universe, Aui_2000, and ppd in the 2015 Evil Geniuses team.

05- Lasse Urpalainen Net Worth- Lasse “Matumbaman” Urpalainen

Matumbaman belongs to Finland. He is the best player ever in the history of Finland.

Born on March 3, 1995. The official name is Lase Aukusti Urpalainen. His team is Team Secret.

Lasse “Matumbaman” Urpalainen Net Worth

Lasse alternate id is URPALAINEN, MASTURBAMAN. The basic role of carrying and Solo Middle. 

Matumbaman’s signature heroes are Lone Druid, Lycan, and Broodmother.

Through his winning competition, he generated a handsome net worth of $3,767,278.

In 2020, he earned a prize of $200,000 from OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division with a result of 3:0.

In 2017 he joined Team Liquid in which Miracle-, MinD_ContRoL, GH & Kuroky were his team members.

04- Ivan Borislavov Ivanov Net Worth – Ivan “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov

MinD_ContRol is a Bulgarian nationalist. He is a professional gamer in the state. Born on January 20, 1995. Team member of Team Nigma. The basic role is Offlaner.

20 Richest eSports Gamers

The alternate id is Mind Control, MindControl, and MC.

Romanized Name is Ivan Borislavov Ivanov. His signature heroes are Dark Seer, Nature’s Prophet, and Beastmaster.

He earned a good net worth of $4,580,493. From different competitions, he earned huge prizes.

In 2018 he won a game competition China Dota 2 Supermajor and earned an amount of $555,000 dollars with a result of 3:2.

In 2017 he is was part of Team Liquid with other team members included MATUMBAMAN, Miracle-, MinD-ContRoL, GH & Kuroky. 

03- Saahil Arora Net Worth – Saahil “UNiVeRsE” Arora

Saahil is an American nationalist and a good professional player with strong skills. Known as a Universe. The real name was Saahi Arora born on 11 October 1989.

Saahil “UNiVeRsE” Arora Net Worth

He is no more a game player. Retired from Dota gaming competition on April 23rd, 2020.

His alternate id is UNiVeRsE. Played as an Offlaner and Support man.

Earned a net worth of $3,063,415. Universe’s signature heroes are Dark Seer, Faceless Void, and Tidehunter.

The last winning tournament was The Manila Masters in which he earned the prize of $125,0000 dollars with a result of 3:1 in 2017.

In 2015, Evil Geniuses was his team with Fear, SumaiL, UniVeRsE, Aui_2000, and ppd are co-players.

02- Miracle Net Worth- Amer “Miracle” Al-Barqawi

Amer Barqawi is from Amman, Jordan. He’s an expert gamer with explicit group duties. He handles the mid-lane position, and he can convey in-game also.

He right now rivals Team Liquid Dota 2. Group Liquid’s base camp is in The Netherlands, and its units are the absolute most persuasive presently playing in eSports.

Barqawi has been a critical player for Team Liquid. He won the 2016 Esports Rookie of the Year grant.

He additionally arrived at 9000 MMR and has the title of the main Dota player to do as such.

Amer “Miracle” Al-Barqawi Net Worth

He needed to pass Aliwi “W33” Omar to do it; which was enormous.

Barqawi began gaming when he was twelve. He took cues from his sibling, playing Defense of the Ancients 1. His total net worth is $4,793,035.

 He played so well that he began to win. His gaming ID came from his companions, who called him “The Miracle Boy”. Along with Team Liquid, Barqawi won the International 7 Dota Championship $10.8 million prize.

Barqawi is as of now positioned #2 on the planet, and #1 in his nation of origin.

01- Kuro Salehi Takhasomi Net Worth- Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi

Kuro Takhasomi is from Berlin, Germany, and he’s a devoted Dota 2 player. He was a previous DotA: Allstars player.

He’s considered by numerous individuals to be one of the Top 5 Dota players ever. He started playing seriously when he was youthful; only four years of age.

20 Richest eSports Gamers

He began playing Nintendo. The total net worth that he earned is 45,200,716.

Some portion of his extraordinary centre started when his legs got impaired.

Playing computer games incredibly very much was something he delighted in.

His affection for playing advanced into his expert enthusiasm, and he has made a broad income record which includes over 10 years.

He has consistently expanded his rewards every year that he has played. He was not at this point 18 years of age in 2008, however, he won his first monetary rewards from a solitary competition.

From 2008, when he procured $123.34 until 2017 when he acquired $2,436,667.40, his playing profession has been heavenly.

He’s been the Champion in 36 Tournaments, a Runner-up in 12 Tournaments, and third Place/Semis in 16 Tournaments.

He’s right now the most elevated acquiring player from Germany and positioned #1 in most noteworthy by and large income.

Kuroky is likewise important for Team Liquid, which is an association of nine groups representing considerable authority in various games.

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Finally, here’s a quick recap of the Top 20 Richest eSports Gamers in the world in 2021:

  1. Gustav Magnusson Net Worth
  2. Clement Ivanov Net Worth
  3. Zeng Hongda Net Worth
  4. Chen Zhihao Net Worth
  5. Zhang Ning Net Worth
  6. Zhou Yang Net Worth
  7. Chu Zeyu Net Worth
  8. Zhang Ruida Net Worth
  9. Zhang Yiming Net Worth
  10. Kurtis Aui Net Worth
  11. Li Peng Net Worth
  12. Clinton Loomis Net Worth
  13. Maroun Merhej Net Worth
  14. Peter Dager Net Worth
  15. Sumail Hassan Net Worth
  16. Lasse Urpalainen Net Worth
  17. Ivan Borislavov Ivanov Net Worth
  18. Saahil Arora Net Worth
  19. Miracle Net Worth
  20. Kuro Salehi Takhasomi Net Worth

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