Judy Travis Net Worth 2024

Judy Travis net worth

How much is Judy Travis worth? How much does he earn?

NET WORTH $1.5 Million
Full name Judith “Judy” Gutierrez Travis
Date of Birth February 2, 1986
Place of Birth San Diego, California, United States
Parents N/A
Siblings N/A
Spouse Benji Travis
Profession YouTuber
Height 5 ft. 2 inches
Weight 43 Kg

Judy Travis is an influential social media personality and vlogger who has captured the hearts of millions through her YouTube channels, which document her life as a mother, beauty enthusiast, and entrepreneur.

Known for her genuine personality and relatable content, Travis has turned her passion for sharing her daily experiences into a thriving online brand.

This article offers a look into Judy Travis’ net worth, examining how digital content creation can translate into financial success in the ever-evolving landscape of social media.

As we delve into Travis’ journey from a beauty vlogger to a lifestyle influencer, we will explore the milestones that have marked her ascent in the digital world, including the growth of her YouTube channels, her brand collaborations, and her ventures beyond the platform.

Her story is one of leveraging the power of the internet to build a personal brand and a business model that resonates with a global audience.

Join us as we explore the net worth of Judy Travis, a YouTube pioneer whose savvy approach to content creation has not only established her as a leader in the vlogging community but also paved the way for financial prosperity through her online presence.

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Early Life and Biography

Judy was born on February 2, 1986, in Seattle, Washington, US. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius. She grew up in Seattle along with her parents and siblings.

During her studies days, she attended the University of Washington and completed a degree in Psychology. After finishing her bachelor’s, she started to upload fashion and makeup videos on her YouTube channel.

As she gave wonderful content, so she was able to get a large audience in a very short span of time. She is such a famous YouTube star that she earned over one million dollars through her YouTube channel.

According to the information about her parents, it is concluded that her parents are from the Philippines and her father came to America as a sailor in the U.S. Navy.

After coming to America, he decided to stay there and start a family. It was not until she enrolled herself in college, that there was any information about her other life.

While she became interested in posting videos of her while putting makeup on, she was studying at the University of Washington.

At that time, she also decided to go with the most famous social platform back then.

As she possessed positive energy. so she became very famous in the public within a very short span of time.

Awards and Achievements

The name of her YouTube channel is “Itsjudytime”. The main job is to make beauty tutorials by posting her honest impression on a bunch of new cosmetics and other beauty items.

Her two other channels are the following: “Itsjudylife” which is her daily vlog channel, and “itsMommysLife” in which she shares all the mum stuff with other moms.

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Although all the channels are very successful and famous, her channel in the beauty niche was always the most famous one in the eyes of the public, and it was all due to its content.

After being inspired by Selena Gomez, she started her make-up looks. Owing to the popularity of this American singer, those are extremely viewed and clicked.

She has also signed an important contract with Driver Digital in order to represent “itsJudysLife” and “ItsJudyTime”. It was for media and product launches in 2014.

She also has a special partnership with Rescue Freedom. She also collected the money for helping the victims of any kind of slavery including sex slavery. Nowadays, she is fighting for a better world for her girls to live in.

How did Judy Become So Famous and How to Make Net Worth?

As she has less than 2 million subscribers, so according to this data it is estimated that Judy Travis net worth is around $1.5 million, as of 2022.

This net worth is also a bit average for a beauty YouTuber. On her daily blog channel named “ItsJudyLife”, she has almost 1.1 million subscribers and over 400 million views.

She is also known as the human trafficking fighter and she has raised her voice against human trafficking.

In 2014, she worked with “Rescue Freedom” and raised #113000 to fight against human trafficking and sex slavery.

What makes it so successful?

It is estimated that her annual salary is around $2.5 thousand. There is not any controversial scandal of her on social media. She has a very personal life.


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In 2008, she uploaded her first-ever video named “Hair Tutorial: Beachy Waves w/a flat iron”. The video got over 900k views as of now.

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She is the most famous fashion, makeup, lifestyle YouTuber, and social media celebrity. Also, he is known as the founder of The JMK, and a photography brand. According to the sources, it concluded that Black and Pink are her favourite colours.

Her favourite holiday destinations are Australia and Japan. She belongs to Filpino and American descent. As she is a very generous person, so she is much involved in charity work.

Every year, she puts on a fundraiser in December and raises funds for some cause. It is called “December”. It is interesting information to know that she ranked in the top 1% of “Beauty” and “Family and Children’s Interests” by YouTube.

She is the proud mother of three children: Julianna, Miyako, and Keira. Benji Travis is her husband. They both are living happy and romantic life.

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