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Jenn Im Net Worth

Jenn Im Net Worth

How much is Jenn Im net worth? How much does she earn?

NET WORTH $900,000
Full name Jenn Im
Date of Birth September 22. 1990
Place of Birth Los Angeles
Parents N/A
Siblings James (Brother)
Spouse Ben Jolliffe
Profession YouTuber
Height 1.55 m
Weight 49kg

Who is Jenn Im? What do people know about Jenn Im net worth? What makes it so successful? In this article, we are going to answer these questions. Various people might know that Jenn Im is a very famous Korean-American fashion and beauty icon.

Due to the prevalence of different beauty trends in this world, different companies have been doing work for the popularity of beauty products.

Jenn is also well-known because of his vlogs which she uploads on the YouTube channel. All these vlogs are uploaded on the channel under the name of “ClothesEncounters”. These days, it has become a trend to gain popularity because of making a YouTube channel.

All the different personalities are becoming more and more famous through the use of the YouTube channel. Now, let’s talk about Jenn Im net worth in a very precise and detailed manner.

Early Life and Biography

Jenn Im was born on Spetember 22. 1990, Los Angeles, and she is the youngest in the family. She has one older brother whose name is James, and she has always been very thankful to him because he has always been at her back.

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He never left her alone in the daily affairs of life. Along with her close friend named Sarah Chu, she created her YouTube channel in 2010. their friendship has always been very good, and due to their same interests, they decided to create a YouTube channel.

When she started her channel, then she saw a big audience coming towards her channel, and then she decided to do something regarding high-fashion clothing items which can be used in everyday clothes for everyone.

Jenn also worked at Baskin Roberts, but she mostly decided to focus on her YouTube channel, thus she spent most of her time vlogging. Her true and big dream was to attract a large audience that would love her and she will be loved by the big audience and she proved it verily.

Awards and Achievements

When she moved to Northern Califonia, then the “Clothes Encounters” became hers, and she relocated herself to the University of California, Davis. While she was making videos, she was also uploading some make-up tutorials, beauty lifestyle, and giving advice to her fans.

These types of videos attracted a large audience, and she also widened her work by giving quality to the audience. It is really hard to study and work at the same time, but Jenn handled it very elegantly and she did not leave any chance for the audience to point out her any fault.

Being a very good human with full energy and a simple personality, she always attracted her audience very good. It is said about her that she is always full of energy and beauty. Thus she is being loved by the majority of the audience.

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She graduated in 2013 and got her degree in Communications Studies. In 2017, she reached an unexpected audience and it was 2 million.

When different well-known magazines and sites collaborated with her then she had a great impact on the audience.

She collaborated with “Teen Vogue”, “Refinery”, and “Thread Sence”. Because she was a beauty icon, thus she decided to launch her own brand and it was about lip and eye products line sponsored by “Colourpop” which was under the name called “Jenn Ne Sais Quoi”.

When did Jenn Become So Famous and How to make Net Worth?

After being inspired by her Korean heritage, Jenn launched her own clothing line called “Eggie” and it was launched in 2017 which was like by the majority of the audience.

In 2016, she engaged Ben Jolliffe. He is a very famous drummer of a band called “Young Guns”.

Due to a very healthy relationship between them, they try to spend much time together. She used to say that balance between professional life and marriage life is the hardest thing in life. The estimated idea about Jenn Im net worth is around $900,000, as of 2022.

What makes it So Successful?

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, Jenn Im is a very famous Korean-American fashion icon and a vlogger, who became very famous after the popularity of her YouTube channel. From the sources, it is estimated that she is a very big fan of cheese of all sorts.

During her videos, she wears contact lenses, but this routine is also very common in the normal daily routine.

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At the age of 12, she started learning piano but she was not interested in it, and thus she decided to quit this learning.

After this, she mostly diverted her attention towards the YouTube channel and it gained her much respect and popularity.

Although she likes all fruits and vegetables, one most important and favourite fruit is watermelon. It is clear that from an early age she practised very healthy food, and this routine is still common in her daily life.

Annual Salary $135.43 thousand
Earning Point YouTube Ad Revenue
Working in Industry 2010
Still Alive Yes

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