Black Rob Net Worth

Black Rob Net Worth

How much does Black Rob have Net Worth?

Net worth $ 1 million
Real name Black Rob
Date of birth July 21, 1976
Birthplace New York
Profession Rapper and songwriter
Age 45 years
Country New York

Rico Recklezz is a very famous and popular big name in the rapping industry. Soon, he became a very famous rapper of America. This boy becomes famous through a single song which is sung and written by him.

Rob is also known for illegal guns. There are legal charges on it. This increase is popular in the whole country. This boy become the number 1 rapper of his Chicago and his name was written in top rappers of America.

As he become more famous Black Rob’s net worth increased regularly. This talented rapper recognizes for his music skills and talents. His fans like his sweet voice so he becomes so famous.

He has a very Hugh fan following as some people like his voice and some want to make their lifestyle like his lifestyle

The name which he always uses is Black Rob and his real name is Robert Ross. This lucky name was given to him when he was born by his parents.

In this article, we write all the information about his personal life, biography, height, weight, career and we also write many interesting facts about his life and wrote about Rico Recklezz’s net worth. We write all the information about his life and his lifestyle.

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Early Life and Biography     

A very cute and charming boy who was born on July 12, 1976, in East Harlem, New York is Black Rob. The age of this amazing rapper is about 45 years as he was born in 1976.

His zodiac sign is cancer. The weight of this popular rapper is about 76 kg and his height is about 5 feet 11 inches.

Height 76 kg
Weight 5 feet 11 inches
Age 45 years
Eye colour Black
Hair colour Black

He took admission from common school for his early education in Harlem. Later, he completes his high education at this school.

He was born in a very amazing city of New York and he always represents his born city in his videos. His look was very amazing because of his body measurement and which is attractive for his fan.

His nationality is American. Their parents grew him up in Chicago and he belongs to an African Christian family.

This famous rapper aimed to become an author in future but he cannot fulfil his goal and he became a famous rapper of America.

After this, he started his career in rapping and work hard to complete his aim. He is also a good songwriter which makes him so famous person.

What makes it so famous?

He started his musical career with his friend Bad boy. Later, he posted many songs like “what about us” and 24 hours To Live and many others songs.

In the year 1997, Cru appointed Rob on DA Dirt 30. Later, many TV shows invite him to their shows which make him more popular on TV.


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He accepts many invitations from many TV shows like Channel Live, Tony Touch and many others. After this, he posted his music album and the title of his album is a life story.

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He releases his first song which becomes so hit and the name of this song is Whoa in the year 2000. This song makes him famous in the rapping industry.

This made his name in the rapping industry by his voice and by TV shows which are very impressive for the public. In 2010, he leave the bad boy group and join in a very popular group name Duck down Records.

This increased its popularity in America. Later, he release new albums which are very famous and hit albums like Game Tasted in 2011.

Now, we write Millie b net worth and about his YouTube income per month and also tell you his interest in shopping or saving. How much money does he spend in a month and write about his source of income and his total net worth?

Earning and saving:

The black Rob net worth is about $ 1 million. He earns $40 thousand per month. This amazing rapper saves his half income for the future and spends half his income on shopping.

Earning $ 1 million
Earning point Rapping industry
Working industry Since 1999
Still active Yes

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