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Travis Scott Net Worth

Travis Scott Net Worth

How much does Travis Scott worth?

Net worth$4 million
Full nameJcquest Webster Jr.
Date of BirthApril 30, 1998
Place of BirthTexas
Height178 cm
Weight67 kg

Most people are very interested in music. When people are interested in music then they want to know about the best musicians. There are a lot of questions being asked about Travis Scott net worth and some amazing facts about his life and career. The expected idea about Travis Scott net worth is around $4 million, as of 2021.

In 2016, he began to focus on being a producer in the genre of hip-hop. After finding a few partners, he began to get a few collaborations. One of his best partners was Chris Holloway, and they both together became The Graduates.

Early Life and Biography

The full name of Travis Scott is “Jcquest Webster Jr.”, who was born on April 30, 1998, in Texas. The childhood was spent in Missouri City, which is a Houston neighbourhood. During his age from 1 year to 6 years, he used to live with his grandmother.

There is a talk about the good hospitality of his grandmother, and he used to say that he has a lot of nice memories of his life back then.

When his mother got a job in Apple and his father was running a company, then he had to move. After moving from the previous place, he used to remember the good days that were spent with his grandmother.

He also used to go to the University of Texas, but he was not interested in pursuing this degree. After quitting this degree, he started to chase his dreams in the music industry.

Awards and Achievements

With Chris Holloway, he became The Graduate. In 2008, they decided to release their music and they really did so on Myspace. In the next year, he paired up with another one of his friends, this time was OG Chess.

There was no doubt that they both were classmates and therefore the group was called The Classmates. They started a few projects in 2009 and 2010. There is a talk that they could not earn much from these projects, therefore, they ended up with these projects.


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The first solo mix-tape was “Owl Pharaoh”, and he used to say that it was a free piece of art. Big Kanye West re-made this mix-tape. The remix also released called “Blocka La Flame” and it was produced in the hands of GOOD Music.

The next was called “Blocka” and it was released by Young Chop. There was also a music video called “Quintana”, which was released in 2013. The production was made by Scott and Mike Dean. There was a big honor for him to get involved in the Freshmen Class of 2013. Through this platform, most people were being recognized as the best musicians by the media.

How much is Travis Scott net worth?

The entire net worth is due to the best performances that he made in his career. The expected idea about Travis Scott net worth is around $4 million, as of 2021. In 2013, he started to premiere a trailer for his single called “Upper Echelon”.

The beauty of this trailer was that it featured two big rappers: 2 Chainz and T.I. The production was in May and it was very popular among his fans.

Eminem and Lil Boosie earn money from their rapper career. Currently, both are very famous rappers in the world.

What makes it so successful?

Most influences came from Kid Cudi and Kanye West. When he used to work with Kanye, then he said that he was very happy to work with such an elegant personality.

He used to say that Kanye West was his role model. There is a talk about his girlfriend who was Kylie Jenner. They used to post pictures on social media about their lives.

When he was bankrupt, then he sacrificed his bed to buy music equipment. Travis says that he used to sleep in a chair.

There is a lot of interest in activities, and he likes fistfights at his concerts. He has two siblings and he never spends much of his time with them because he is very busy in his career life.

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